1. My problem is in having such a small place there’s very little room to store seasonal decorations. Where do they store all of these things off season?

  2. It looks like the residents have kept their decorations just right for the size of their areas. All look festive, we need happy when so much negativity and pettiness wear people down so it’s nice to see some joy in decorating. I get a kick out of all the costumes kids wear and sometimes adults too as we go to my sons in a village where they get hundreds of kids and it’s fun being outside handing them candy and talking to them in between groups. We think many drive their kids there but at least the kids get some fun with a safe neighborhood. I hope you share more pictures of decorating cause it’s fun to see how others do theirs.

  3. What types of goodies does John hand out for the 🎃 Trick or Treaters?
    At least he doesn’t have to go far to walk.
    We dislike Halloween.
    At one time, 10 or so years ago, it was enjoyable. No more.
    There are lots of greedies everywhere.
    Many will keep returning for more treats if they are good ones. Happened to us a lot.
    We always bought high quality candy. Even 2 ounce bags of chips, pretzels and similar treats. Cost a fortune.
    Usually we’d get 300+ kids.
    Our neighborhoods have so many children.
    But ,,,,, there were problems.
    It was well known parents from other communities would pack up their cars, drive to better areas to receive more expensive goodies.
    It took a toll on most of us here. Us for sure.
    Especially after 8 p.m.
    We were not enjoying it any longer. So, that was it.
    We gladly ended it all.
    Schools should have Halloween parties for any of the students that want to join in the fun.
    Older students can help out.
    Parents also!
    Hope everyone has a safe, 2022 Halloween. 🎃

  4. The yards are lovely! Your complex has such a lovely setting with all the mature trees and plantings. I don’t decorate for Halloween. I do kind of put some fall stuff out, but every year it’s less. I’m definitely not fond of clutter, and tend to go the opposite direction any more.

  5. I enjoy that most of your decorating ideas are good for most any time of year…not just for a day or week or something!! Thanks for sharing good ideas!! Never a big Halloween fan…hope you won’t decorate like your neighbors do for that!! Your plants have always been so beautiful and inspiring!!

  6. John’s yard looks great. I never really liked Halloween, even as a child!
    We have a few Halloween decorations out but mostly Fall decorations!

  7. Wow, your neighbors did a great job decorating for Halloween! The pictures were so fun to see. I had to zoom each one to look at all the little details. What a fun post this was, Brenda! I always enjoy seeing people’s houses all decorated for the holidays.

  8. I think John’s yard and patio look fabulous and it’s obvious he likes Halloween. Marie’s yard looks very nice, as well. Simple touches of the season. Enjoy their hard work from a distance and maybe next year you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space a bit more. It’s nice to see people enjoying their spaces/homes.

  9. I know your new yard (and your ankle) has been a challenge to you as a garden lover:) I was thinking that maybe a good project while you are healing this fall/winter might be to draw out some potential garden designs for your challenging little plot. I would say just to start, “don’t fight it” and “work with what you have”:) Sometimes challenging spaces, be it inside or outside the home, can turn out to be the most unique/creative spaces in the end! I would guess that between Google/YouTube/Pinterest/Instagram… there is probably a ton of garden inspo shared by others re their own challenging, uneven… garden spaces:) Also look to nature (pics of local trails, botanical gardens, forests) where land and conditions are far from “perfect” and yet native plants, trees and groundcovers still thrive. Speaking from experience of both doing and not doing a garden plan, a “formal” garden plan is really just a measured drawing of the plot with different areas marked out and lists of plants, shrubs etc that could be appropriate. The plan can also save you time and money to implement as purchases are researched in advance for your zone, exposure and the size of the areas that make up your yard:) Anyway, just a thought that it could be a fun project/challenge! Hope you have a lovely day:)

  10. John’s yard is great👻. You have certainly moved into a fantastic place. I bet it’s lovely this falls season with all
    the beautiful trees you have. Don’t fret over your yard just now. Maybe come spring you will have thought it out and you can have some fencing installed. Your neighbor’s yard is very nice though. My daughter has a 3’ tree she decorates for
    the seasons. And Halloween is one of
    her favorites with all
    the orange lights and such🧡🎃👻

  11. Ah yes, the neighborhood’s unspoken competition – the proverbial “Keeping up with the Joneses!” John put up a good decor, it will be tough for other neighbors to compete with him. I don’t excessively decorate for Halloween; I have ceramic pumpkins I put out, autumnal colored artificial flowers and stems that I add to my planters, my autumn wreath went up on the front door on September 1st, and for Trick or Treat in our neighborhood, which this year will be held on October 29 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., I put out several lanterns with battery operated candles plus put a bright orange bulb in the porch light so everybody can see where they’re walking – plus I have a street light at the end of my front lot so it’s a comfortably bright area for my front yard and the neighbors next store. I am crossing my fingers the weather will be dry and not too cold, so I can sit outside once again at a table (as I did last year, our first Halloween after it was skipped in 2020) and pass out pre-made up baggies of various chocolate treats plus a large bowl of small bags of Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, etc. that kids love. Sure beats opening and closing the front door dozens of times! Most of the younger married neighbors with children in the area (we got a new generation of them who bought homes between 2019 and 2021), compete with each other to see who can do the most elaborate Halloween displays, LOL! It’s a real hoot and I love walking around our small older part of the subdivision (basic single story ranch homes 3/1 built between 1954-1957) to see what the competitors have done. Each year they try to out-do each other. It’s so nice to have friendly and caring neighbors who take care of their properties and look out for each other – and a little masculine competition thrown in for entertainment 🙂 Today it’s beautiful, maybe our last day in the 70s for the season, but fingers crossed we still get some more late into the season. I am sitting our in my gazebo enjoying this possibly last beautifully warm day. Tomorrow when the temperature is expected to drop into the 50s and rain coming, I will start taking down the drapes in the gazebo and put away the furniture and decorations in the garage until next year.

  12. I love Halloween outdoor decorating the best especially when my daughters were young. Now that I have a granddaughter I need to get back into it.

  13. I love John’s yard the best! Very effective and tasteful! Some yards I see around here look like an explosion in the Halloween aisle at Walmart!
    What’s so nice about your neighborhood is the loving pride everyone has about their space. (YOU, too!) The areas are a manageable size and owners have the time and creativity to do things well.

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