I have decorated the two terrariums I received from Bellacor. As you can see above, in the smaller one, I used two pots of English ivy and a bird statue.


In the larger terrarium, I added a pot of English ivy, a pot of grape ivy and a bird on a stand.

I then added vanilla candles and green moss among the plants. One pot is elevated by another empty terra cotta pot for height.


Both of these terrariums are in my living room.


I chose ivy plants because of the way they trail out the sides of the terrariums and curl around the wood roof.

I love ivy indoors and outdoors.



I also added vanilla candles to terra cotta pots for the larger terrarium vignette.

Making a terrarium is a lot of fun. It would also be a fun project with children. You could pick up miniature animals for them to place among the plants inside the terrarium.

I made one of these with an old fish aquarium when my children were small. I put a small mirror in the bottom to serve as a small lake and surrounded it with plants.

Then I covered the fish aquarium with a piece of glass cut to size.

This creates an environment conducive to a rain forest, as the plants inside will create their own humidity and it will appear to rain inside. No need for watering as long as you see the sides fogging up.

I like to add candles in a vignette with a terrarium. Stacked books beside your terrarium would be a good look as well.

A terrarium would also be a nice piece of decor on a console table in an entryway.

There are so many ways you can decorate your home with a terrarium. Pinterest would be a good place to start for inspiration.

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  1. Ooooohh, those terrariums are so chic, great to decorate with. You did incredible job dressing them up just so. Those will be item to do so many vignettes with anywhere, in or out, and with so many objects, lucky girl. Happy for you, awesome gift.
    Hope by now you’re over your cough. Due to erroneously being given penicillin in antibiotics have been one sick old lady. When antibiotics kill bad bacteria, they also kill the good, leaving system open to invasion by some really bad bacteria. yuk. Spent last week in bed close to bathroom, lost 11 lbs. the hard way. Finally got correct antibiotic and am on the mend but very slowly.. Was so weak from week in bathroom is taking me while. Was terribly dehydrated, kidneys were killing me, couldn’t eat much of anything that would stay down, no fun whatsoever. Sure hope this fixes it as has been dragging at me for months. Sorry to be a drag, really.
    Enjoy your very handsome terrariums.

  2. Beautiful! I love ivy but don’t have any in the house because I read it is toxic to cats and my Bella will try to eat anything she can get her little mouth on.

    1. I keep these plants away from the pupsters, though they’ve never eaten my plants indoors. They like to munch on herbs outdoors though.

  3. You have a great eye,Brenda,you can take the most mundane objects and add your touch,turning it into something adorable!

  4. I’ve always liked Bellacor and have gotten many of my home’s light fixtures from them. Everything I’ve gotten from them has been of high quality. I’m interested to see all the things they carry, other than lights.

  5. Love what you’ve done with the terrariums. The ivy will look lovely twining around the wooden structure. Wish I could have indoor plants but my kitty chews on anything that grows.

  6. Pretty!! For some reason I thought they were glass on the top as well….they wouldn’t do well for starting seeds after all, oh well! I have a metal one like this I leave outside all year – in the spring I have a pot that fits nicely in it that I fill with pansies. In the winter it just makes me happy to have something pretty out on the deck.

    1. I thought they were going to be glass on top as well. When you mentioned starting seeds in them, I realized once they arrived that I couldn’t do that.

  7. Those are really pretty. I have never used terrariums but I think I might now. Yours add so much texture to the setting.

    A neat find this morning: I was on the Hometalk website scrolling through the slides for Privacy without Curtains and I was oohing and aahing over the use of colorful bottles and linens in one of the slides. Guess who was credited for this idea/picture! Cozy Little House!

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