my dining room

I did a spring decorating refresh, lightening and brightening things up a bit. I switched up the dishes in the blue cupboard and my dining table has an Easter themed vignette.

This chalkboard was once a painting that I picked up at a thrift shop. I painted it with chalkboard paint some years ago. But I have yet to find my chalk. I’m sure I have white chalk somewhere around here.

my living room

I like to draw the eye throughout my apartment through color. When you come into my front door the chair with the blue quilt and pillow is what you first see. Then the light blue coffee table.

spring living room

Charlie is straddling the couch arm and there is Abi at the other end on the ottoman.

Charlie has to have a blankie to get under sometimes, which is why the gold throw is all bunched up there. I think he feels safer covered up.

This is reality, folks. My dogs are family and I indulge them rather than keep my home styled all the time. If they want a bunched up throw to sleep with, then that’s what they get.

my end table

Of course you’re going to see greenery in my home. My flowering house plants, like the anthurium and orchid, are blooming nicely right now.

yellow orchid

I have various shades of yellow/golds in my decor. I like to use various shades of the same color throughout my home. My basic colors are primary colors: Blue, green, red and yellow.

living room vignette

You will also see red accents scattered around my home. I like red as an accent color so it doesn’t overwhelm a small space home.

living room mirror

Mirrors are especially nice in a small home, reflecting light and adding virtual space. I like that this one picks up the quilt on my bedroom wall at the other end of my apartment.

living room tv

I changed up the wall above the TV a bit. Added a few things. I’ve had the Wanda Motor Oil sign since I was in my twenties. It was a gift from a great-aunt whose husband once worked for that company.

plants by tv

I have various shades of green in my apartment of course. From chartreuse to dark green. Once again, I’m using different shades of the same color.

Green is nature’s color and therefore very emblematic for me.

my spring bedroom

I lightened things up in my bedroom. I switched out the quilt and added two white embroidered pillow cases.

homemade pillow on my bed

I sewed these patchwork pillows at least 20 years ago. I don’t go crazy with arranging pillows on my couch or bed because it just isn’t very realistic with two pupsters. Or me for that matter.

It’s been raining, but spring is beckoning me outdoors too. Mother Nature is teasing me with warm weather during the day and cool weather at night.

Have you been freshening up your home for spring?


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  1. Brenda I could just say, me too, to all the above comments. I think you have created small space envy. I love your colors and the cozy, homey look of your place. Your blog is my favorite, I have stopped following some bloggers and plan to drop more.

  2. No matter how much you brighten/freshen up your home it always has a warm, cozy feeling….and that is one reason I love coming here. Your plants look SO healthy and pretty, too, Brenda.
    Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  3. Brenda, I adore all the color you have peppered about your home. It’s so fresh and inviting! I am waiting for color to pop back into the world outside my window. Getting tired of gray!

  4. It all looks homey and real-life pretty, Brenda! I’m curious about what the square footage of your apartment is? Am I correct in saying that you have a front and a back entrance/exit? Mostly I’ve seen your patio door, so I wasn’t sure. That is what I would want in an apartment.

    One thing I like a lot in your apartment are the terrariums. I’m seeing one in your living room and another in your bedroom, am I right?

    I will concur with several other readers that accommodating the four-leggeds that you share your home with is the thing to do! The pupsters are very entertaining. I love reading about them! I am still feeling very sad about the loss of my beloved Labradoodle, Tavi, last month. Having my daughter’s two cats just doesn’t make up for him not being with me. I take care of them faithfully and am kind to them, but it’s just not the same at all.

  5. Just beautiful….I love that you use a lot of red… My fav color in decor!!!! The pupsters are most certainly family…. and I am so glad that they are treated as such !!! Blankies and all !!!! lolol… Thank you for sharing!!

  6. I love the changes and it is fun to spruce things up for Spring. I’m doing a big purge again and have started in my bedroom. I’m doing one room at a time and getting really brutal about what to keep and what to let go. I think my health is finally where I can continue to work on this. It will take me awhile but I’m ok with that. Kitchen will be next and that is a huge task! Love the colors you choose!

  7. You have a terrific eye,Brenda,your place looks so loved and peaceful.
    My 2 furkids are kitties,Bella and Buddy and they rule the roost here too,wouldn’t have it any other way!
    I’ve always been a lover of fuschia,hot pink,whichever you prefer to call it,I’m dewintering by adding a few pops here and there and I’m loving it,your blog and pictures got me out of the everything has to match rut:)
    Its damp and dreary here in NY today,the snow is disappearing,just wish it would warm up faster.

  8. Hi Brenda, wonderful changes. Charlie is on alert in this picture. I’m with you about reality at times. I’m not a stager. People see my home decorated and this is how we live. We have two dachshund and they are our babies. They love their blankets too. If something gets in the shot, oh well.


  9. I love the picture of Charlie–obviously, he takes his job as Guard Dog very seriously. I always get an orchid now instead of cut flowers–they last months instead of days and are cheaper here ($9).

  10. One reason I so love your blog is that it is real life! Your home looks cozy, comfortable, and welcoming! Love pictures and stories about the pupsters, too.

  11. I think your little home is so pretty. You know I love color and plants! Yes, of course cater to those pups with blankets and such. I do the same with my cats! 🙂

  12. Very nice. I love all your plants. And thanks for not having oodles of pillows perfectly placed. It’s not real life. I love that you keep it real.

  13. Your apartment looks beautiful and ready for spring. I especially love that green cabinet your television sits on!

    1. I think that color is called Valspar Oregano something or other. I love it too and keep some around in case I want to use it. I painted the dresser and sideboard on either side of my bed with it too.

  14. I think all companion animals run the household, from where they eat, sleep and play. I love to see a house like that, then it is obvious they are well loved. Your house always looks lovely Brenda. I particularly like the different shades of green in your plants. I have always wanted a chalk board but never got around to buying one but your idea is the very best, thank you.

  15. Brenda, This is the first time I’ve commented on your blog, however I’ve been following it for about a year now. I’m not even sure how I came across it but it has become my no. 2 thing I do each morning. Sorry coffee co mes first. I moved from a house into a small apt. when I retired and when I read your thoughts on small space living, how to decorate these small spaces, be content with our life situations and of course some gardening I was hooked. When you were talking about apt. sizes I got out my trusty tape measure and found out that My apt. is 525 sq. ft. and it is actually a square and divided into a kitchen, dining/living room, bedroom, and bath with a small area where my furnace, hot water tank, and a washer/dryer are located. I never thought I would like to live in an apt. but I find myself very content here. I have a front and back door and am in an end apt. so I get to garden across the front, on the side and across the back. This is getting long and so I’ll just ask my question. In one of your pictures her you have a book in a basket that attracted my attention but I cannot see who the author is. Could you please give me her name, I would like to get it?

  16. I always look forward to seeing your changes and “refreshes.” I am in the process of serious decluttering and deep cleaning my very small house, but I have at least put my “summer” bedspread on and switched out my dresser-top decor with my milk glass collection. I too have two little “pupsters” and they run the show here; their comfort is important too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. I have too! Even though our temps are still TOO COLD for the end of March, I’ve got Spring all over the house. Simpler, though, this year. I’m drawn lately to declutter.

    You have a wonderful way with mixing various colors in your home space. Funny – what draws my eye into your living room first is the green hues throughout. Then the blue and the red splashes.

  18. When you “freshen up” your home, it doesn’t matter what you use, it always looks warm and inviting. I love everything you do and all your accessories.

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