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  1. I enjoyed reading your perspective on creating a zen space with Buddha wall art and plants. For an authentic touch, I prefer using real plants as they add a natural element that enhances the overall sense of calmness. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I too miss your everyday blogs…a little addicted lol…just a special part of my day…wish we could tell google how special your blog is…we had a freak hail storm last week…oh boy…things took a hit…I am still going through my house and down sizing my decorating and cleaning as I go…what a good feeling…always enjoy your news💕

  3. I have been a follower of your blog for years. Somehow I no longer receive them. I have signed up again several times to be notified but with no results. Not sure what has happened, but I miss them and have always looked forward to them.

  4. Ivy at nine months — she definitely still had a sweet, kitten face.

  5. Do you know the pattern of the quilt on the wall behind your sofa? If you can, I’d really like it’s name. Thank you.

      1. I’m glad you knew the name of it. Because I made it up and didn’t use a pattern.

        1. I knew it looked familiar when I was quilting but had to look it up to be sure! 😀

  6. You are so sweet to bring Lisa a nice candle for a house warming/moving in gift, and the ice pack was brilliant! Totally necessary and appreciated. I never even thought of that. You think of everything! I’m so sorry to hear Steve’s girlfriend, Carol, broke her arm. What a way to put a damper on your trip. I hope they were able to have other enjoyable, special times to make their trip memorable. It’s nice that he’s in good enough shape that he can enjoy all the traveling. I love Ivy! I love hearing about all her funny stories and seeing all her adorable pictures! She’s so cute, how much she likes Steve! I laughed when you said he called to see if Ivy was taking visitors! How funny and cute! Sorry about your ant problem. I occasionally see them, the tiny black sugar ants, indoors, but mostly we get big ant hills outside. They have the nasty red ants that bite! At least they don’t come inside! I’ll usually put some ant killer on them. I don’t know if it really works, or if they just relocate, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something to get rid of them. I certainly don’t want to step in them, or have my sweet puppy step in them either. I miss your daily blogs, but if this every other day schedule is working out better for you, then I’m happy you’re happy. But I do miss you! ❤

    1. If Google doesn’t think your post is something instructive, you take a hit to your rankings. I want to keep you updated on things, but I don’t really have instructive posts most of the time. And when you take a hit, you will likely lose a bit of income too.

  7. Love seeing those photos of Ivy.
    Hope the ants will soon be “goners”. When dh sees an ant hill in our lawn, and there have been a few, he’s right on it with the “ant killer powder”. I would hate to have them invade our house. The mosquitos are another “pain in the butt” but we thankfully, don’t have floods, fires, and the intense heat, as some states are going through, so really shouldn’t complain.
    Stay cool Brenda, hugs to you and Ivy, from WI.

    1. Sometimes the ants come inside. But I’m quick to apply a line of cinnamon at the inside of the windows.

  8. I read an article this morning in The New York Times “Heat Affects Older People More. Here’s How to Stay Safe.” People 65 and older are more at risk as the body’s cooling mechanism don’t work as well as in younger people, causing one’s core temperature to increase to a dangerous level. Health issues such as heart problems and diabetes also can inhibit the body’s ability to cool, and some medications can also interfere with the body’s ability to respond to and cope with heat. Older people also tend not to drink as much water which can be especially dangerous in hot weather. And the temperature at which older people can be seriously affected by heat can be as “low” as 80 degrees F. Getting up at 5:30 a.m. to go out and garden is the norm now during summer, as the climate has definitely gotten hotter and much more humid here, especially noticeable over the past 30 years. The dew point today is 63 and the 82 degree F temperature feels like 100 and the sun feels like it’s burning my skin. The backyard grass needed to be cut but I waited until 8 a.m. to start up the lawn mower out of courtesy for neighbors. Whoever invented the shower was a genius, I desperately needed one when I finished cutting the grass an hour later. I’m inside now until 6:30 p.m. when the Sun sinks down low enough in the west for shade to return to my backyard. Ahh, the sofa is calling my name – naps are part of my summers.

    1. I’ve never been able to take naps. And I do notice that when I get hot, it affects me longer and it’s harder to recoup.

  9. Brian and I can’t wait until we can travel again. We can’t do so right now because of Clementine. As you know, we love cats. We’ve had them our entire 38+ years of marriage. But now that we’re empty nesters and still in good health, we need a break and time just for us. Not only do we want to visit our son in California, but there’s so many beautiful places in the US alone that we’d love to visit. Sorry, but I disagree with you about putting a price on travel. Travel is not something that “just lasts a week”. Traveling to new places is a life experience. It lasts forever. You cannot put a price on that. Some of my best memories – even from childhood – are from places we’ve traveled.

    Many years ago when our children were small and we didn’t have much money, we had saved for awhile to get new living room carpet. Then the opportunity came for me and the boys to go to Cancun with my dad. (My parents had a timeshare condo there.) We were encouraged by family and friends to take the boys and go. That we’d never forget the time we had in Cancun together – but if we got new carpet instead, that would just wear away again anyway. And carpet can always be replaced, just like any material item. Time and memories cannot.

    My father and oldest son are now gone from this world. The memories of our vacation together are something I will never forget. The old carpet? I don’t even remember what it looked like.

    1. Very true. One thing real old people always say they regret the most is not traveling enough. Buying more junk makes no sense. Memories last forever

      1. My memories of travel are filled with anxiety. It disrupts my routine, which is paramount in my life.

    2. I didn’t mean it was this way for others; it just is for me. I hate traveling, so it’s worthless to me. And I would never leave Ivy.

  10. Sorry to hear about Steve’s girlfriend. I used to travel by plane to visit my family in RI. I would be too nervous to fly now at 76. I’m perfectly happy to stay home and have them come to visit me now!

  11. How nice of you to take gifts to your new neighbor. I’m sure she appreciates them.

    It’s hot here and part of my planted wheel barrel is dying. And the sun is burning my mandeville. I think it’s time to drape it in shade cloth.

    Ivy knows who loves her and treat her good.

  12. Miss Ivy does rule the roost! Nice of you to welcome your new neighbor. Like you, I am content with being home but we will have to travel to see the grandsons. I was hoping never to have to fly again but it is what it is. I am glad we are able to go see them but it is way to hot and we will wait until Fall. I did a little weeding early this morning. Pulling weeds is one thing but unfortunately the grass has worked its way into the flower bed. My husband sprayed, I think it fertilized that grass and killed some flowers. Stay cool and well everyone.

  13. I’m sorry Steve’s girlfriend has broken her arm – big OUCH! In my younger days I didn’t mind a little traveling but for the most part it’s not my thing either.
    I think it’s cute that Ivy has forged such a sweet relationship with Steve.
    Have a great day.

  14. What a lovely community you have!! Yes, we have also reached the age that travel is not do-able anymore. We never went a great deal but did make 2 big trips when we could. We are glad we did, but now we are grateful for all those who go and put it up on youtube!! We have seen so many parts of the earth we would never see in person!!

  15. Oh Ivy! I never tire of pics of you or stories on your cute little antics!

    1. Ivy has become more of a mama’s girl in the past year. She stays close to me most of the time.

  16. She looks like she’s saying “You got a problem with me ?”

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