Paring Things Down

I got up yesterday morning and decided I wanted to simplify things around my apartment and put things away. I was in the mood to start paring things down around here.

Small space living:

When you live in a smallish space, the desire to pare things down sometimes overcomes your desire to pile on the pretties.

So I started changing things up on the walls and tables. It just depends on my mood on how I want things decorated.

I love all the old jars and bottles I’ve collected over time. And I also love the vintage boxes I have. So I left them out.

What the pupsters were doing:

Charlie laid on the ottoman and watched as I moved about the room. Abi was probably following me. 

Sometimes I step backwards and almost fall over her.


Cold weather coming:

We’re supposed to be getting some cold weather, and I feel ready for it. I’m sick of the heat, which is about six months out of the year now. I could never live in a really warm climate.

I switched up the living room wall. The grocery sign is one of the things I ordered from Kirklands, and the flea market sign was something I picked up last time I went to the antique mall. 

I seem to want to go from a whole lot of color to not much at all. And then sometimes I’m on more middle ground.

Changing up the dining space:

I even changed up the dining space. And switched out the wall decor. I had to move the blue cupboard from the back wall to the side. 
I was getting up from my chair at the table recently and backed into the cupboard and nearly knocked everything down. So I had to have more space behind my chair. Or I was going to be cleaning up a whole lot of glass.
Do you ever get in the mood to scale things down and put things away? I get in this mood from time to time. But the pendulum will swing back the other way at some point.
Do you have any weekend plans? Is it cold where you live yet?



  1. I like pretty decor, but I am sort of on the minimalist side. And I often times get the sudden urge to pare down too. Love seeing your cozy home and the decor updates.

  2. Brenda, I just realized that your blog dropped off my sidebar reading roster. I don't know how that happened but I fixed it and you are back in place. So weird. I was on Google Plus for a while (hated it) and when I switched back over I lost some things.

    Love how you 'freshened up' for Fall, Brenda.

    It is cold here – freezing tonight and it is spitting snow just north of us. UGH- I am NOT ready! xo Diana

  3. The last weather report I heard was forecasting snow flurries and a freeze for our area in Missouri. I was tired of the hot, hot fall, but snow flurries is not what I had in mind for this early in the season. Hopefully after the first frost we'll have a little Indian Summer weather, but I am kind of doubting that. I read other comments about it seeming like we have Summer and then Winter now. I was just saying that to my husband yesterday. I would like an extended stretch of crisp, cool, sunny fall days. It doesn't seem like that is going to happen this year.

    I tried to comment the other day about your Jade Butterfly ginko tree, but something in the system was being persnickety. I have an over 50 year old big, tall ginko tree in the backyard. My tree still has very green leaves today, and even early this evening, but every year it is very green until suddenly one cold autumn night the leaves all turn yellow, green one day, completely yellow the next, and that day they all just fall off–fluttering down like pouring rain. The tree is all bare by the next morning. Not a thing I have seen any other variety of tree do. I wonder if your little Jade Butterfly will do that since it is also a variety of ginko. If it does, don't worry, it's just the ginko way.

    1. I think that's much of the reason I haven't decorated for fall. It's such a short time it doesn't seem worth the trouble these days.

  4. Wow, this post couldn't be more spot on for me in my present situation. My daughter lives with me and last night we had a "discussion" about my "stuff" and how she doesn't like that I don't "pare down". I was annoyed at her to say the least but then I got up this morning and tho't, "She's right, of course. I do need to get going on sorting and getting rid of and storing the things I want to keep in a more organized manner." SO, I started in some small ways today and am going to do a little bit every day. I mean, this is an accumulation of over thirty years! But it's hard because I love so many of the things I own and attach meaning to them more than I should probably. I have decided, however, that I MUST do this and I don't want to have any more discussions with my daughter about it! Inwardly, I think she oversteps her bounds but since I know she is largely right, I will persist in my culling.

    Some of the stuff I have is decor and mostly I love every piece of it. I have certain things that I keep out in a particular place all the time. Then I have special stuff that I only bring out for various holidays–Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Then I pack them away for the rest of the year. I sometimes add to what I already have for a holiday. Probably do that more than I realize. Out of curiosity I'd like to see my house without much except the furniture. I know I would miss the things I am used to seeing every day. Spareness is just not in my genes!

    I'm with you, Brenda, on the subject of white couches. They do look lovely, but with two six-year-olds, a dog and two cats I think I would be nuts to have one even if it was slipcovered! I'd be washing it every week, probably. I don't think I'll ever get to a place in my life where a white couch would be practical!

    I do love to hear about your arranging and rearranging and decorating, though. Living vicariously and not expending any energy moving things!

    Hope your weekend is full of peace and joy and maybe a little fun, too! I'll be spending mine culling!

  5. Our weather is strange here in Southwestern PA/ much warmer than usual for this time of year. Very little foliage change / all of my flowers are still in bloom. I had to mow the grass the afternoon after a few days of rain. We are to get rain over the weekend and possibly a freeze.

    I've not even bothered pulling out any fall decor since for the most part, it looks like summer around here. Yes there are a few trees that are changing, but not many, and everyone's flowers are still in bloom, with new roses, daylilies etc COMING in to bloom.

    Climate Change deniers are clearly not gardeners 🙂

  6. Here in Florida we are living the cooler weather. Paring down some stuff from my home. My mom is having a garage sale and I am donating my stuff to her sale. She gets the proceeds, I get less stuff!

  7. Your apartment looks so cozy and warm Brenda. I wish I had your talent with decorating. Even when I clean house it just never looks that nice. It is starting to get cold here. I live in a suburb of Kansas City, Mo. and we are expecting our first freeze tonight. You can tell by watching the squirrels – they had been running and playing all day but now they are working hard to build up their nests. It is interesting to watch them carry sticks and leaves up the tree to the nest over and over. I wish I could help them but I don't think that would work out too good!

  8. I don't really have an abundance of decor items but I am slowly trying to rid my house of things I don't need or love like clothes I'll never wear again and kitchenware I don't use. And there is a junk drawer and a junk closet that stores all those things we think we can't live without but seldom use. But it's hard to throw out things, because as soon as I do, I just know I'll need it!
    It's turned very chilly today. Yesterday I wore capris and my Skecher flipflops and today I'm wearing warm sweatpamts/shirt. No big plans for the weekend. Hope you have a nice one!

    1. I need to purge some clothing, since I tend to wear the same things over and over again. I have many pairs of shoes I'll never wear due to my ankle. But there's enough money in them that I just hate to get rid of them.

  9. We've had a couple of freezing mornings here, but it is supposed to be 68* today ~ YAY!

    I cycle between minimalism and abundance, too. But I've stopped decorating for holidays; only changing out the decor for the seasons. So that seems to work for me as far as keeping things fresh.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I could be watching something on television and some idea will pop in my head and then I start moving things around…and before I know it, it is way past my bedtime! I really cannot move furniture around as my house is tiny. However, I do remove things off walls, putty holes, hang other stuff…and on it goes. I have been painting furniture and picture frames with chalk paint lately. This weekend I am going to plant a tree in my front yard and clean up all the walnuts that are falling in my backyard. Supposed to be in the 80's here. It is quite cold in the mornings and nights, but the afternoons are perfect.

    1. I'm a morning person. I'm either reading or watching TV at night. But yeah, I hang stuff, then tire of it. Take it down, then fill the holes.

  11. It is trying to cool down in Reno, but we still have had some pretty warm days this month, even though I got up one morning about a week ago to snow on the mountain tops.

    I have to giggle reading today's post. Last night I was ruminating about getting rid of more stuff. I really do have too many clothes, too many coats, and definitely too many decor items in totes taking up room. I resolved to pare down again. My fear is I will get rid of some of my decor and then realize I am sorry I did so LOL!

  12. I don't move furniture much as where things are in this small home is where they pretty much stay, but accessories…oh yes! Funny I'm in the paring down mood also but my storage space is limited so too much stays out. That does mean I have too much I know. Slowly working on it. Of course when Dec gets here I get all Red and Green and festive!

  13. There must be something in the air for I am pairing down also. I am backing away from color for a while. I love your new look. My car is full of boxes to donate to Salvation Army. Weekend plans include packing small totes of personal products (deodorant, wipes, toothbrush, ect) to be distributed to the homeless. Thank you for being such a good inspiration!

  14. Fall has definitely arrived here in New England! Chilly, but it feels right, rather than the weird too-warm fall we had till now. The colors have become a little more vivid too.

    This is my daughters 28th birthday weekend and we'll have a family dinner here.

  15. Yes it is getting colder here in southern Ontario Canada, last night I wrapped my potted autumn flowers in case there was a frost, but yesterday afternoon I still just went out in summer pants and top but did take a sweater with me.
    I used to buy a lot of things, especially from Homesense (I think this store is called Home Goods in the US) I still absolutely delight in going in to see what I can find but am a bit more restrained now. With my clothes if I buy something new something has to go to Goodwill. I really hate having a overstuffed closet. I do have a lot of jewelry but find I really don't like necklaces, I prefer earrings and bracelets. I have only been in this house for about 3 months so no clutter has accumulated yet!

  16. I am feeling the same way. I am getting rid of a lot of my stuff. Especially all the holiday decorations I have accumulated over the years. I feel too cluttered in my small condo. I too am tired of the hot weather. Here in Utah it has been sunny and in the sevenities. No rain for months. I want it to cooler and I want rain. We only have two seasons now, summer and winter. I prefer cool weather. I can't handle the heat. Have a nice weekend.

  17. I love moving things around and changing things up and yes, sometimes I want to pare down and other times I want to ramp up! lol! Your apartment looks so lovely and welcoming.

    It is starting to get cold here in Washington State. I giggled when I read your comment, "I could never live in a really warm climate"! I thought, sounds to me like you do already… compared to where I'm at anyway!


  18. Predicting snow here, and it's raining now. I cleaned half a flower bed yesterday and was hoping to finish today. I have a wheelbarrow full of manure to mix in and seven bags of daffodils ( half price at Walmart) to plant. I could not resist the low price. As far as downsizing goes, I am remiss there too. I just bought a cupboard to hold some of my quilt collection. So I am trying to incorporate a large piece into an already full space without parting with anything. I need an intervention.

  19. simple and uncluttered doesn't have to mean stark and soulless. and we are proof!
    I have very little in the way of 'things.' but I like to think I create coziness
    with textures and color. in the summer the pillows in my wicker chair and on the bed are cool lime green and aqua. in the fall and winter I replace them with throws in warm tartans that bring out a whole different feeling in the honey pine wood. it works for me and yet still there are few things around. simple. serene. cozy. time for a hot cup of something yummy! YES to finally much cooler weather! xo

  20. It's nice to change. I don't like to have "decorations" except at Christmas, and then they feel really special because they're such a switch from the usual. And it's almost a relief when we put them away and the house feels calm and uncluttered again.
    It is still quite warm here, but windy. I about got blown away on my walk today.

  21. I do that. My family jokes that my furniture needs to be on wheels, lol. About four times a year everything gets moved and cleaned around, but sometimes I just get the urge to change things around. It makes everything feel clean and fresh.

  22. Cool and drizzly weather is headed to central Kentucky. I don't mind at all. I seem to be more energetic when the weather gets cooler, and I like the muted fall colors during a rainy spell.

    What I've realized about myself is that I tend to pile on more décor when I'm not really happy about some larger aspect of a room, such as the wall color or placement of big pieces of furniture. I'll keep rearranging décor items to try to make up for this larger problem, and it just doesn't work. Then I finally have to deal with the big issue. I recently painted the kitchen, and I returned only a fraction of the décor items to the room because I now enjoy the paint color and don't need to try to cover it up with doodads!

    I like that straw basket holding the magazines. It's a nice shape.

  23. This morning it was cool out when I took Mazi to go potty. I am ready for the cool weather too.

    Sometimes I like to fluff my house and then after awhile it starts feeling complicated and so I end up simplifying again.

    Your leather furniture looks comfortable.

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