Patchwork Quilts, Cats & Peace

This morning my thoughts are on patchwork quilts, cats, and the peace I now have in my life.

What more could one need?

In Patchwork Quilts, Cats & Peace, this is a quilt hanging on my living room wall

Have you suddenly noticed that patchwork quilts are appearing everywhere?

Maybe it’s the cottagecore aesthetic that became popular during the pandemic when people focused on everything about their homes. It was their safe haven.

It’s always been the safest of havens to me.

When you see patchwork quilts and pillows at Pottery Barn, you know it’s a hot topic.

But then, quilts have always, ALWAYS been in style for me. And they will never go out of style in my home.

Viewing the image above, it’s abundantly clear that Ivy loves a stack of quilts to lay on.

Below is a blue and white quilt from the Martha Stewart collection at Macy’s online.

And then there are a number of patchwork quilts that you can find at Garnet Hill. These quilts are more subtle in color. has a new line called “Cozy Line Home Fashion.”

This one is called floral plaid country farmhouse.

In Patchwork Quilts, Cats & Peace, these quilts come from Amazon

And the one below would be perfect for a little boy who loves dinosaurs.

A patchwork quilt in blues and browns and whites with dinosaurs on the back

Patchwork quilts are the epitome of cozy. You can curl up in one and read a book or watch a movie. It’s like a warm hug of color.

Nothing says “home” like a faded patchwork quilt. Quilts handed down from generation to generation. Or Christmas stockings made from old, worn quilts.

It’s almost as if you can feel the hands that created it in the warm cloak of a quilt.

As a child, I thought a quilt made great forts.

And as an adult, I knew I wanted to sew them, enjoy them, and hand them down to my children. Then their children.

Ivy staring out the patio door in my living room


Ivy is staring out the living room patio door. Maybe she’s looking at the reflection of herself. She seems intent. A squirrel or bird or rabbit will grab her attention soon.

Living here has provided Ivy with all sorts of places to look outside. The living room and bedroom patio doors, then the living room window, are great places for her to scope out critters.

I’m so glad we moved to a place that gives her so much viewing joy.

Peace In My Life:

This time last year, as summer was coming to a close and fall was looming ahead, I didn’t have as much peace in my life.

Mostly my peace was threatened by the apartment complex where I lived for 8 years. It was nicer when I first moved there. But then things quickly went downhill.

Now I no longer worry about snakes falling from the ceiling vents. I recall lying and bed and thinking: Please don’t let a snake fall on me in my bed.

Can you imagine?

Feeling Grateful:

We have to be grateful for what we have; not unhappy about what we don’t have.

I see fancy homes and cars and vacations as luxuries in life. Not things that are automatically given. I’m sure people who enjoy fancy things work very hard to have them.

Those things are not important to me. I just want a cozy home and to live in an area that is safe.

To provide Ivy with a home where she can look out at the wildlife to her heart’s content.

I’ve never been fancy. I wear simple clothing.

As a child we were poor but we never went hungry. I guess that’s where my measuring stick of success comes from. Along with my idea of need versus want.

My needs are cared for and my wants are fulfilled.

“In your life, the people become like a patchwork quilt. Some leave with you a piece that is bigger than you wanted and others smaller than you thought you needed. Some are that annoying itchy square in the corner, and others that piece of worn flannel. You leave pieces with some and they leave their pieces with you. All the while each and every square makes up a part of what is you. Be okay with the squares people leave you. For life is too short to expect from people what they do not have to give, or were not called to give you.”
― Anna M. Aquino



  1. The quote at the end was the perfect way to tie your story of quilts with your current state of mind. I’m not a quilt collector, but I appreciate the coziness they convey. It makes me happy to read how at peace you and Ivy are in your new home.

  2. My grandmother’s king size quilt was just passed down to me. She was born in the early 1900’s and I when I was little I always thought she was so exotic because she had a king sized bed (her husband was a large man). She passed 25 years ago and it’s been stored since then. I’m using it daily on my bed, just like she did. It was 100% completely hand stitched by her. I treasure it as the gift it truly is.

  3. Love quilts…hope to get back to doing some one of these days.
    The quote explains a great deal of life, doesn’t it?

  4. Brenda, I, too, love quilts, although I am not a quilt-maker. I did once make a small doll quilt but that is all. I’ve tho’t about making a large one but just haven’t gotten around to it. Right now I don’t really have a place to sew, so that does hamper me.

    I have always thought that a patchwork quilt is sort of a metaphor for Life. Some squares or pieces you like the color or design of and others you aren’t so fond of, but taken all together they
    form a thing of beauty. It’s like that with the experiences and people that make up our life, isn’t it?

    Hugs to you and pats for Ivy.

  5. I haven’t noticed that patchwork quilts are a “thing” again, but I’ve always loved quilts and am not a trend follower. I have an authentic antique quilt on the guest room bed. An elderly man at the church I used to go to, slept under it as a child at his aunt’s house. He gave the quilt to my mom to give to me. It is amazingly soft and still in excellent condition. My mom has a big stack of authentic antique quilts, all from estate sales and antique shops.

    I am definitely grateful for what I have, especially my humble home. Like you, I don’t want anything fancy and am satisfied with what I have. We have never had the desire to “keep up with the Jones’ “. We’ve lived in this house for 32 years; never wanted bigger, even when raising our boys. We drive our cars until they “die”. I’ve never been a “fancy” person either. I try to dress up a little bit when I have to, but otherwise, I basically live in tshirts and shorts in the summer. And tshirts, hoodies and lounge pants in the cold months. Comfort is what is important to me.

  6. I love watching Jordan Fabrics website where she’s always showing how to sew a quilt step by step. I love having my quilts out for the spring and summer. In the winter I want my cozy blankets out!

  7. Quilts will never go out of style for me either. I wish someone in our family made them but I am happy with the ones I have. Our daughter and I accidentally stumbled upon the Hobby Lobby 90 percent off sale today. They had a huge assortment and we got some really nice things that I would have never treated myself to at full price. At that price I got somethings to share. It was a once in a blue moon fun day!

  8. I know subdued and neutral colors are fashionable but I love seeing your bright quilts on the walls. on tables, chairs and couches. All along it was much of that that kept drawing me to your posts. The uplifting colors, the reminders of home and your musings about whatever was crossing your mind.
    Thanks for being you, Brenda.
    It is a joy to hear the happiness and peace in you now.

  9. I’ve always enjoyed seeing your quilts. And the picture of Ivy resting on them is beautiful. Little to our cats and dogs know how spoiled they are. I have a quilt from Cottonplant, Arkansas I picked up on a road trip. I’d love to hang it but it’s pretty heavy. Do you just tack some of them up?

  10. My grandmother did quilting and would get scraps from my mother since she made all my clothes. This made her quilts so special because I would see a special dress or other item such as a skirt or blouse in her designs on our beds. Special memories for sure!!!

  11. Do you still keep in touch with your former neighbors from your previous apartment complex? Do you know how things are going for them?

  12. I just printed out that saying….so lovely. I have a similar one, posted in my kitchen from Dr. Wayne Dyer:

    “Your life is like a play with several acts.
    Some of the characters who enter have short roles to play, others, much larger.
    Some are villains, and others are good guys.
    But all of them are necessary; otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the play.
    Embrace them all, and move on to the next act. Dr Wayne Dyer.

    So very true. Have a wonderful day.

  13. I join many other readers in sensing your contentment from the moment you moved into this safe haven for yourself and Ivy. Your comments remind me of the People magazine articles I read during my monthly hair appointments. Actors who seem to have it all….fame, fortune, looks, talent, and all the accoutrements that go with it….homes, clothes, vacations, financial security….yet their stories are full of discontent. Marital cheating and serial divorcing abound. No patience to work with a spouse to iron out temporary issues like long distance work separation. Just grab a lawyer and end it….move on to the next relationship as if it’s a new table top centerpiece! No one will ever convince me that those people are as content as you and I are, Brenda….safely at home with our pets, our quilts, friendly neighbors, and well loved children and grandchildren close at hand.

      1. I feel the same way! My husband passed away six years ago and I am enjoying my freedom to do as I wish! I have several quilts from
        my mother-in-law and aunt which mean so much to me! I thought it was so sweet that Marley made her brother one!

  14. I will say again that you sound happy despite your long recovery from surgery. How long do you think it will continue.
    Today’s post has a beautiful message for us. Thank you.
    How are the repairs to the leak in your floors progressing?
    I could have missed that.

    1. The leak in the kitchen floor is fixed. The cement had to be jack hammered through to get to the broken pipe. My doctor told me it would take a year for full recovery, if that happens.

  15. Hi loved your post I think my measuring stick was somewhat like yours and I loved the concern and care for ivy and her needs they are family and should be treated as such your pictures of your home always makes me feel warm and happy beautiful 💜💜 gloria

  16. Brenda, your quilts are beautiful. What a labor of love they must be. I never learned how to quilt or to crochet. I did cross stitch. I made mostly smaller projects like Christmas ornaments to give to friends and family. I own a couple of quilts that I purchased, and I love them. I love how colorful yours are, and I really love seeing Ivy enjoying a nap on them. She looks so comphy and cozy. Can you show us all your quilts, and maybe give us a little history on them? For instance… Why you choose those patterns, did you make them with someone, any special memories they evoked, who taught you to quilt, and do you have a favorite one and why? That kind of stuff. I would really love to see all your quilts. By the way, I love your dining room chairs. I agree with one of the other readers who commented that you probably wouldn’t have been happy with only two chairs. I’m glad you got all 4. I’m looking forward to seeing your table all dressed up for Fall. I’m actually just excited for Fall in general. This summer has been so hot!! The cooler temps will be refreshing.

    1. I only made a couple of quilts that are from any form of pattern. I tended to just keep adding strips or squares until I felt it was big enough because it was hard for me to read patterns. Or any directions for that matter. Someone showed me the quilting stitch and I got going with it. I’ll try to do a post as you asked for when I can gather all the quilts up. My daughters have some of them.

  17. I know how you feel about Ivy having different places to watch what is going on outdoors.
    We moved from our big house, that had a lot of windows, and several patio doors, and Cleatus always had places to look out at the yard around us. She, like Ivy, and our previous cats were always indoor cats.
    When we down sized, we had the mobile home custom built, so we had many choices, in the interior. Besides flooring, counter tops, cupboards, placement of the rooms, bath tubs or showers, size of doors, all of that and more, we also increased the size of the window sills, from 4 inches to 6inches, so Cleatus had a place to sit. The screen doors, and the front door were ordered with glass panels on the fronts, so she would be able to look out, when we were on the front or back decks.
    Cats are family members, and we do what we must for them…

    1. I don’t know why, but your comment really made me smile. Not only does your house sound lovely, but it’s so nice that you thought of your sweet kitty when you were customizing all the details. I can just see her sitting on ther oversized windowsill, enjoying the views. What a lovely image.

    2. I actually had a dream last night that I moved to a mobile home. I’ve always liked them. A small mobile home was my very first home of my own and it cost $900.

  18. A heartwarming post this morning, Brenda! Thank you so much. I could talk about quilts all day.
    I love “my needs are cared for, and my wants are fulfilled” – describes my life and makes me smile.
    Beautiful stacks of quilts!
    Thank you for touching my heart this morning, Brenda.

  19. Wow – that floral plaid country quilt is calling my name! I love the colors and I’ve always been a sucker for a good floral pattern, maybe because I’ve always been attracted to the classic old English Country style and floral chintz fabrics were used in abundance in that type of design. That quilt speaks to me of that design esthetic.

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