Well, the other two chairs were delivered and I have a new look for the dining space. And as you can see, I managed to get them all assembled yesterday.

Boy, am I glad that job is behind me. Arthritis and small parts do not work well together.

But now my dining table with the new chairs assembled is complete.

In New Look For The Dining Space, this is my new dining chairs I ordered.

Ron called me from his apartment and told me that the FedEx man had just walked down the sidewalk. And he thought that the box might contain my other two chairs.

He was right.

If these chairs had been any bigger, they would not have fit around this table, as you can see.

I do like the more neutral look. Neutral furniture is just easier to decorate around. You can add any combination of colors you want to style your space.

Distressed French Country dining chairs in my apartment dining space.

Assembling The Chairs:

With the walking boot on, the way I found most comfortable assembling the chairs was actually sitting in my recliner in the reclined position.

I put the screws and washers in a bowl to keep Ivy from taking off with them.

Then I pulled each part of the chair up to my lap and added the screws to hold the parts together.

After much trial and error, each consecutive chair was a little bit easier to assemble.

Ivy tearing cardboard with her teeth

Ivy Stripping Paper From Cardboard:

Ivy entertained herself by stripping pieces of paper off of a piece of cardboard that was inside the box of chairs.

She positioned herself on the long piece of cardboard to hold it down to make it easier to rip up.

I don’t know what it is about stripping paper that Ivy so loves. She has all kinds of strange habits.

Steve tells me that his cat Skippy mostly eats and sleeps. Skippy is a lap kitty.

Steve says if he sits down Skippy is immediately in his lap. Sounds like a pretty normal cat to me.

Ivy is not a lap kitty. She will sleep at the end of my recliner though. Or next to me when I’m in bed reading.

The Dough Bowl Centerpiece:

I put this dough bowl on the table for a centerpiece and filled it with faux plants, succulents, and three candles.

In New Look For The Dining Space, this is the centerpiece I created with faux plants and candles

I already had the Lamb’s Ear garland and I’d ordered the package of faux succulents a few months ago from Amazon.

Make This Dough Bowl Centerpiece:

  • Dough bowl
  • Faux Lamb’s Ear garland (or any other plant garland)
  • Candles of your choice
  • Faux succulents


Place the candles in the dough bowl.

Wrap your faux vine garland around the bowl and between the candles. I had sprigs of the garland that had either broken off or I’d snipped off at some point. So I placed them in the bare spots.

Using faux succulent plants, work them into the dough bowl centerpiece to fill up the space.

French Country style dining chairs I put together for my dining space.

What do you think of the new neutral look for the dining room in my relatively new apartment?

Do you think they look okay with the dining table I already had?

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  1. Brenda, I love the way you have put this new home of yours together. I have been along for all the different color schemes and they have all been reflective of the different parts of your personality. (even the orange door!) I think this decor speaks well of the peace you seem to be finding in your life. It is truly lovely! Blessings to you.
    My cat chews up paper,cardboard, corners of books! There’s no accounting for their choice of activities!

  2. Your new chairs look so nice with your table. You always manage to get everything to match so beautifully. I look forward to your next decorating project, and the healing progress with your ankle. I am so glad that you have such a nice apartment now and the good neighbors that are now your friends. They make a big difference in life. Have a very good day.

  3. I love how you staged the dough bowl with the greenery. It’s all so very warm and inviting. A perfect place to relax and have a cup of tea.

  4. It looks welcoming and inviting!! LOVELY…so glad they f i n a l l y got around to delivering the other 2 chairs!!

  5. I like those chairs with that table – it looks to me like it came as a complete set! Also, I prefer upholstered chairs. And round gives no sharp edges or corners.

    1. The dining space would probably be easier to get around if it was a round table. But I like my rectangular one. At least it’s all wood, unlike so many these days.

  6. Hello Brenda
    Your chairs look so nice with your table. The legs are rounded and compliment each other perfectly. Great job! Your home looks so soft and cozy. Great choices you’ve made decorating. I read your blog everyday and glad you are healing from surgery. You’ll get there.

  7. Your dining area is BEAUTIFUL!! Your apartment so homey. Happy you can furnish like you like it. You are deserve happiness ,beauty, and comfort.

  8. That dough bowl is so subtle yet eye-catching. I love it. The chairs are elegant but homey. A very lovely addition!

    Since I will be moving soon, too, I am looking for decorating inspiration. I won’t be buying much just working on creative reuse! I have a small bird quilt I haven’t used in a long time. Maybe I’ll hang that up!

    Happy Sunday to you & Ivy!

  9. Yes! The table and chairs look like they were bought as a set! Looks great! Good job on putting the chairs together!

  10. The chairs look beautiful. They really dress up the look of the dining area! I love the dough bowl with the faux plants!

  11. The chairs and table look so well together that you would never know that they weren’t sold as a set. The chairs are good looking and look comfortable. Really a nice look. I also like the way you use quilts in your home.
    Ivy is a different cat but just like people, everyone has a little different personality. I think she is a hoot the way she takes anything and claims it, runs off with it like you got it just for her!

    1. Excellent choice,looks great!!!!!
      My cats are little weirdos,no boxes,no bags but both of them will eat paper…go figure!
      I think Fall is sneaking in here in NYS,the cool nights are heavenly!
      I’m not a heat & humidity fan.
      I envision lots of lunches with your girls and maybe a holiday open house with your new neighbors with your beautiful table decorated in your impeccable style!

  12. You are changing. Compare your new apartment to the changes in your ankle and health to your former one.
    Your neighbors have been supportive. Community is good for you? What are the plans for your mantle this fall?

  13. Oh my gosh the chairs are perfect for the table. I can envision you putting them together with determination all
    over your face!! I ordered a big desk from World Market and it was slight assembly required! By the time I sorted all the pieces out and for the one side done it was a piece of cake. And my daughter just assembled our latest day bed! I’ve taught her well.

    I am so happy for you. The apartment is just lovely and you have the “magic” touch❣️

    1. World Market has some beautiful desks. Maybe when I’m walking I can go back in there and look around. It’s only a mile or so from me.

  14. Ooooh Brenda!
    So charming! Your chairs and table finishes (?) harmonize lovely together. I studied the last picture to see what caught my eye the most; and the quilt on the back of the sofa seems to be the bridge with its subtle colors woven through the rooms. Then of course, the fireplace mantle with the cottage (feels English) floral paintings. A warm, cozy, pretty, inviting room! I love your style!
    That Ivy has some interesting quirks. My cats, love brown paper bags and boxes to hide in.
    Hubby just said that he likes your rooms; they have a happy vibe…

  15. Well, here again is another of your Architectural Digest cover million buck looks for pennies on the dollar! So subtle and classy! I agree on neutral backdropping. It allows seasonal decor to take center stage.

  16. Beautiful dining room. Glad you got all 4 chairs to complete the look. So cute how you and Ivy each found a way to get your jobs done.

  17. I like the new neutral look for your dining area. Those chairs are perfect.

    I don’t know what it is about cats and cardboard. My cat loves playing with cardboard more than any cat toy.

  18. Your dining area looks calm and inviting. It is beautiful. Ivy is like my female cat, Kali. Kali loves to shred any and all paper products. Kali also does not want to be held, but will lay close.

  19. Yes, the chairs look good with the table! They give the place a stylish decorator vibe without being too much. You made a wise choice getting them, in my estimation!

  20. I’m so glad the chairs arrived, hooray! I love those chairs, they are just soooo beautiful. They coordinate very well with your current table in color tones and the turned legs on both table and chairs are similar in style although not identical. I think they’re a perfect pairing. The Country French style of the chairs is one of my favorites. The only thing that could enhance the total look is to maybe add a light touch of whitewash accents to the table finish. The centerpiece you put together with the faux plants, candles and wood dough bowl is the perfect finishing touch, IMO.

  21. I love the chairs and the dough bowl. You are a better person than I am tackling putting the chairs together. Have a good day.

  22. Brenda I sure think you hit the target with these chairs. I really like them, they look so comfortable and inviting and their neutral shade is perfect. They make the other colors pop in the apartment. You should consider doing interior design work!!! You have a true talent!

  23. The chairs look lovely with all your art and other furnishings…and the dough bowl is especially pretty…glad your ankle is slowly improving…your family pics were heart warming…we are having a fall day here in Wi.💕

  24. Hi! New here! I think your dining table and chairs is lovely. After living with heavy dark furniture for eons I really appreciate a lighter look these days. Very nice!

    1. I’ve been toning down all the colors. The quilts bring in a lot of color at once. I just wanted a neutral dining table and chairs as a backdrop.

      1. 😊 You did real nice Brenda! Everything is looking beautiful ,,,,, AND cozy/comfortable!!
        Ivy is adorable!!! She knows how much you love ❤️ her. Many catties do not like to be hugged & squeezed.
        That’s their personality.
        Have wonderful lunches ,,,,, all kind of fun celebrations
        🍾 🍷 🥂 🍸
        with your new 😉chairs!!!
        E N J O Y!!!

  25. The chairs are beautiful, Brenda. I think they look wonderful with your table. Adding the dough bowl centerpiece gives it simple elegance.
    Definitely a lovely and cozy home!

    Enjoy your day!

  26. I really like your new chairs . I’ve always preferred neutral tans,browns,and beige. My living room is all those colors . I think the color comes from , plants, artwork, throws and pillows . Your dining area is beautiful!

  27. Your new chairs look very nice with your table. And your apartment has such a cozy, inviting look to it! I know you are enjoying it.

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