I decided to tack the little quilt to the wall in the living room. I love to gaze at these works of art. So tacking them on the wall makes them easier to see and enjoy.

I know not a lot of bloggers decorate with quilts on the wall. Actually I don’t know of any off hand. If you know of any, please let me know so I can visit them.

I know it isn’t the current trend, or a nod to sophistication, decorating with quilts. 

I know it is more acceptable to see them folded at the end of a bed, and certainly they are beautiful there too.

I’ll always have quilts displayed on the wall, covering tables, and folded up where I can see them. 

The small quilt you see on the wall was an eBay find a few weeks ago, as you probably remember. A $12 purchase that will give me immense joy.

I recall collecting Country Living magazines where quilts were front and center in homes and often used as decor. You don’t see that nowadays.

But I really think the way one decorates should be unique to you personally. 

If something makes you smile, if it makes you happy, then display it for all to see. And especially for you to see.

Quilts were originally made to keep folks warm. Old clothing was cut up and used to make scrappy quilts.

I just love seeing old quilts in antique shops or malls. I imagine the woman who made them, quilting by whatever light she could get. 

Or sitting with a group of woman around a quilt frame, all bent over the task at hand.

Whether I created them, or someone else did and I’m lucky enough to own them, I will always honor the works of art. Because that’s what they are to me.

So I suppose when you visit me here, you will always see quilts in my home, wherever that might be. And for now, that happens to be a one bedroom patio apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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  1. I love the fact that you display your quilts. I have two that were handed down to me and I have kept them in the closet for fear of messing them up, but I will be pullimg them out this winter. And who knows, maybe I'll just leave them out.

  2. I love that new little quilt on your wall! Since I make quilts, I also decorate with them on my walls. They're rotated with the seasons and my whims. I hang small curtain rods and then use those cafe curtain rings with clips to hang them. It works well and that way I don't have to attach a hanging sleeve. The ones I hang are smaller "wall quilts" on the order of your new one up to maybe 30 x 45 or so on the wall behind the sofa.

  3. I think it was Mary Emmerling, the famous Country decorator and author, who got the decorating with quilts and hanging them on a wall trend started. I remember seeing her NY apt featured in a magazine and seeing a quilt hanging over her bed and thinking it was so cool! I don't think quilts ever go out of style. Just classic!

  4. Every picture you have posted today is absolutely beautiful. I love how you are true to your heart in decorating your home Brenda. Sometimes I forget after reading decorating magazines or looking at Pinterest, how I try to decorate like they do instead of for myself. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. That sweet little quilt looks perfect on the wall. I know that hanging quilts on the wall has kind of gone out of style, but, as you say, you have to please yourself with how you decorate your home. If it gives you pleasure to see that quilt in that little corner, then that's where it should be. At least for now. I love the way you have decorated your little home, Brenda. If we lived closer, I'd have you over to help me decorate mine. Somehow this ranch house I live in has never been easy for me to decorate in a way that is really pleasing to my eye. I think I have too many large pieces of furniture for the space I have and it makes everything look jumbled. And most of them are family pieces that I've inherited and which I really like having, but they make it look cluttered. I just need a bigger house! Yeah, right!

  6. Thank you for visiting my place, Brenda, because that means I have been led to your gorgeous place. So happy to have happened upon your lovely blog. So much of this lovely post resonates with me. I love the idea of hanging a pretty quilt or indeed quilts on the wall. They are a beautiful work of art. Loved having a peep at the lovely vignettes of your home. I espied a pretty blue Hydrangea, reminding me of the beauty that will come in my garden in a few months. The Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers. I think I have found a kindred spirit in visiting your beautiful home. The way you have decorated with so many pretties has put a smile in my day.

  7. Brenda, I've loved for years how you use your quilts, and cherish and love your quilts, and that you made them! I've been a quilter since the 70's.. only making smaller things at first like pillow, wall hangings and table runners. Only in 2010 or so did I attempt a "real" quilt! I LOVE decorating with quilts and have one that was my mom's hanging on one wall, a "bought" one in our bedroom, and smaller ones here and there that I made. I also stack a few on top of a hutch. There are two well known quilters who decorate their homes with quilts. One is Nancy J. Martin and the other Lynette Jennings (Thimbleberries). Nancy Martin has TONS of books. You can get them on Amazon and I always get them used.. and they are in usually very good condition. I've bought a few too and I cherish them, and look through them just to look at her home and how it's got quilts EVERYWHERE! She has several books kind of dedicating to her decorating with them, one is Make Room for Quilts and the other is Make Room for Christmas Quilts. I have both. also is At Home with Quilts.. those 3 are lots of photos of her lovely home. I also have Patchwork Picnic which I love. Her patterns are very easy and "down home". Most of her best work was from the 90's and early 2000's. Lynette Jennings also decorates her home with her quilts and has beautiful books and patterns. I'm going to go check out that blog (bird nest on the ground) as sounds like a good one. If you just search for "decorating with quilts" blogs, I'm sure you'll find a ton. (of course you know that already!). Marilyn

  8. I have quilts and wallhangings all over my house. Not just on the beds or end of couches/loveseats. I spent a lot of hours, love and money on these works of art and I want to see them and enjoy them all of the time.

  9. Brenda, when you asked about bloggers who decorate with quilts, my first thought was of my very dear friend, Pat, at Bird Nest on the Ground (birdnestontheground.blogspot.com). She also happens to have introduced me to your delightful blog! Pat is a long time quilter and collector who decorates her home in a warm and unique way using her own quilts as well as those she has collected and in some cases restored. With her other endlessly varied collections and an amazing talent for fearlessly putting it all together (I'm trying not to use that overused word "curating," though that is what she does!), she has created a wonderfully timeless and personal nest. Hope you'll visit!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  10. I have one completed quilt my Grandmother made and a couple of her "tops" that need completion. When my mother-in-law died, I saved a quilt she had made from her husband's and 3 sons' coveralls and work pants. It was utilitarian, but beautiful. I've passed that one to her granddaughter. I can see those women who never had "spare time" putting their quilts together each night after a hard day's work. They are beautiful!! I love how your home says who you are instead of just the current trend. I enjoy your blog every day.

  11. I love all of your quilts. And the yellow one really speaks to me. They are so inviting. Just wish I could hop ever and have coffee with you on the patio.

  12. It may not be fashionable but I decorate with quilts. I currently have six hung on walls in my house. I agree wholeheartedly that you home decor should be what you like it to be. Being a slave to the latest fashions is the way to financial ruin! Besides, like you, I enjoy switching them out as I make them. It gives me a chance to show what I've been working on and for me it's easier than painting a room. I use neutral wall color and then switch out the quilts and pillows. Voila! Presto chango!

  13. Hi Brenda! I LOVE your post today! quilts are my favorite too just wish I knew how to make one lolI have many many many afghans I have crocheted but no quilts…but I have bought many~my favorite is a picture one my daughter had made for me…I treasure it! "have a happy Sunday!" and I love how you hung your quilt! it looks amazing!!! 🙂

  14. I love quilts, or individual quilt blocks, on walls. I don't care what the latest style is, if I like it that's what I'm going to do! I do like the little quilt on the wall, you can see it better. Enjoy all your quilts!

  15. As a quilter my home is filled to the brim with quilts…quilts on the beds, quilts on the back of the couch, quilts folded in the glass front cabinet that holds my TV, quilts on the wall… you can NEVER have too many quilts! Yours are displayed beautifully in your home! If you want to see some of mine check out my blog http://thepolkadotchicken.blogspot.com/

    I enjoy reading your blog every day…thanks for such lovely words and pictures!

  16. I love quilts too! I purchased a Bible Quilt years ago from one of the large department stores and I hung it on the walls in two homes. At Christmas, down came the quilt and up went a Christmas quilt. If its an old quilt, I think of the story behind it and the woman that created it too. My favorite memory of my Dad's grandmother is piecing quilt pieces as she rocked in her rocking chair and carried on a conversation at the same time with family. LOL Thanks for sharing your sweet quilt – I can't believe you only paid $12.00 for it.

  17. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt. My aunt was a master and had a room full of fabric waiting for her to work her magic on it. I love the look of them in a room as decor, over the table and on the wall. I have seen a few people do it in my travels, but you're right, it's not really in vogue right now. I think we should bring it back! One quilt at a time. 😉

  18. I have kept all my family quilts even though they have holes. I just fold them so you don't see them. So many of these quilts remind me of times with grandmother, greatgma, aunts and cousins. I have a girl friend in Dallas who has a pre or civil war quilt. Few remain as those were used to bury the soldiers. I covet your yellow quilt. . . Kinda like those beautiful polka dot dishes you tease me with!

    Someday, do a post on vignettes and layering. Your tabletops are unique and beautiful!

  19. I grew up in a rural farm family. My grandmother, great grandmother and elderly aunts came by quiltmaking as part of life. It was only later in the 70s & 80s that we learned they were valuable treasures and considered works of art. My grandparents had neighbors down the road who moved there from New York City and busily went about rehabbing the old farm. They asked if they could buy one of her handmade quilts from her. You can imagine her surprise months later when she stopped in to visit them and her quilt was hanging on the wall! we had a good laugh over that one. I am minimalist when it comes to bed linens. I use a mattress cover, top sheet and a quilt – I have 4 quilts that I rotate by the seasons as a top cover. I designed each one and had them made for me, after my divorce, when I needed something that represented just me.

  20. I have always decorated with quilts! they are so cozy and to me they make a bold and wonderful statement!
    I use them especially over the bed as a headboard.
    for a cozy minimalist they are the perfect answer. I don't have knick knacks everywhere… just a few green plants in large pots and lots of lamps with mellow light. and the quilts are striking and fulfill my need for color and texture. they're especially lovely with warm wood tones and the simplicity I love.
    I don't have a 'look' to my décor. it's just homey and yet minimal too. no hard edges and white… but with my quilts it's beautiful to me. like you say… that's what matters!

  21. I love your quilts and I love all your color! We are getting ready to paint our walls and we are lightening up everything. I keep watching your photo's, because I want a 'happy' look like yours. If you go to any quilter's blog, you'll see plenty of quilts hanging on walls. 😉

  22. I LOVE the little quilt on the wall. When you first got it, I made a comment that you would find so many places to put it, and sure enough, you have started coming up with new homes for it. You really are going to enjoy that little quilt. I think that the trend of hanging quilts on the wall for decoration was big in the '80s and into the '90s, and then faded away. You could be the one to get the look going again. I love going to quilt shows because the quilts are hung on walls and you can really see the designs well. I use quilts as bedspreads, but I don't have any quilts on the walls. I do have a place in my living room where I've been thinking that a quilt would look nice, but thinking about it is as far as I've gotten. Maybe I'll get motivated by this post! Thanks.

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