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garden art

Oh my, I’ve been having so much fun taking photos on my patio. Taking photos of blooming flowers really floats my boat.

I’ve been into photography for 20 years, and my love for it has never waned.

container plants

I don’t just get the enjoyment of planting plants and herbs and flowers and then gazing at them throughout the season. But I get another hit of joy every single time I take a photo of the way they evolve over time.

I guess you could say that I get drunk on gardening and nature.

lemon balm

I have a funny story. You know how I’ve questioned a plant that came up in my galvanized container garden that I just couldn’t figure out the identity of? I kept thinking it was either Black-eyed Susan or cone flower.

Well, yesterday I figured it out and it’s neither of those flowers. It is lemon balm.

I’d been rubbing the leaves between my fingers because it resembled lemon balm, but the scent wasn’t apparent until the leaves got a bit bigger.

Lemon balm was in the top galvanized container that sits on top of the other three. Sedum took over in that one and I felt a bit sad because it apparently crowded out the lemon balm that was there originally.

Maybe the lemon balm gave up fighting the encroaching sedum in that container and dropped to the ones below. I don’t know how that occurred, but I know I didn’t plant it there.

Isn’t it odd how things like that happen in a garden setting? Sometimes it is birds or squirrels that are the culprits.



Two of my vegetable plants are putting out flowers. I’ll be glad when my tomato plant starts putting out those delicious tomatoes I love.

Nothing better than a veggie burger with home grown sliced tomato.


I’m reading David Baldacci’s “The Fallen” from the Memory Man series.

I love this series of books and have read them all. I so enjoy Decker, the main protagonist, and all his exploits as he solves crimes with his FBI team.

Note to reader lindacrhodes: I tried twice to email you back yesterday about the plant food, but it keeps coming back to me as not being able to be sent to you. I tried copying and pasting into a new email and the same thing happened. The instructions for the plant food is at the link in the post, but here is the link again.


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  1. Beautiful! I love the close-ups, but I was wondering if you would show some wide angle shots of the patio so I could get a better idea of where you place things in relationship to each other. I am trying to plan a container garden on my deck, which I’ve not done in an extensive way before. I am cutting down on flower beds in my yard as it’s getting too hard to take care of them all. I want to have a really showy container garden this year instead. Like you have!

  2. I love your garden! And i love to go outside each morning and see how my plants are doing. I planted lettuce this year and it is doing so well I think in another 2 weeks I will be eating it.

    I hope your pup is feeling better.

  3. Thanks Brenda for replying to my comment and for letting us know what you think of the books you read. I can’t wait to start the Decker series. Your patio garden is lovely and the photos look as if you could reach out and touch the plants. sue

    1. I just bought a plug in for my book reviews that will make them more detailed. I’m currently trying to figure out how to use it!

  4. Wow, look at all those flowers!!!! We have a lovely warm day today with abundant sunshine…..I put a load of wash on the line before I went to work, and I plan on cooking on the grill this evening after a cocktail on the swing – happy dance! Perhaps a few of my daffodils might be blooming by the time I get home as well!! πŸ™‚

  5. I love your photography and your garden progress pictures, especially since growing things here in the Northeast are still mostly asleep. Gardening and photography are two of my favorite things too.

  6. Wow! Your patio garden has really taken off; the photos are just beautiful. I need to plant a few more herbs and I really like the lemon balm — not sure why I have not planted any here in St Augustine. But that is easily remedied with a trip to the garden center. And I do love visiting the garden center — both centers where I enjoy shopping have lots of cats that live there and you never know when you will encounter them. Sometimes they are lounging in the sun on the garden paths or dozing in the shady areas in the plant areas. Once in a while they are laying across the counter at checkout. They are always friendly (well as friendly as cats can be) and love to be stroked. Going to the garden center for me is a lot like going to a museum — I can spend an entire morning just walking through the different sections and looking at the new selections.

    Love the Decker series and David Baldacci.

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