Playing Musical Chairs With Plants

I let Charlie out and he started chasing a bird. A bird!

For some reason they’ve been flying low out on the patio lately, and Charlie took off like a rocket.

Which is good for him. Because he loves to eat. And he could use the exercise.

Neither of us can last long out there on that concrete patio. He chased that bird from one end to the other, and then he was panting and ready to come in.

Last night I finished reading “Wicked River” and will start another book today. When it’s too hot to go out and you just yearn for the quiet of home, a book is a good companion. Aside from a pet companion of course.


I wish they’d hurry up and get our attics insulated, because it’s so hard to keep these apartments cool in summer or warm in winter. And the air conditioner just stays on, trying to keep up with the rising temperatures.

There are many things I like about living here, but having inadequate insulation and windows is not one of them. I guess, being built back in the sixties, such things weren’t deemed as important.

Every day I’ve had to move plants. This time last year I had those two trees by the alley. This year is new territory for my patio plants with those trees not there to provide relief from the unrelenting heat.

Yesterday I noticed that some of Jade’s leaves were burned from the sun. Can’t have that.

So I took my chair out of the corner and moved Jade there to get a bit of tree overhang from the other yard.


Once I started looking at the cushions on those chairs, I saw that they were way past their prime. So I took them down to the trash. I still have the two wicker (outdoor wicker) chairs to sit in.

I don’t want to replace the seat and back cushions for the chairs I brought from Texas because it’s over $60 per chair to get those cushions. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen for them and I’ve got bills to pay off.

So I stacked the two chairs in a corner.

Besides the patio is getting pretty crowded from the plants I add every year. I can’t sit in four chairs. I can’t sit in two chairs. But I can sit in one so two is fine with me.

red hibiscus

I was sitting here on the couch and saw movement from the corner of my eye. I looked toward the patio.

There was a bird perched on the hibiscus (Abi’s red hibiscus). It was pecking at the leaves .

I thought of Abi and felt myself smile at the bird’s antics. Not only that, I didn’t cry. Tears stung my eyes but did not fall.

I thought of my sweet Abi.

And I didn’t cry.


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  1. Molly has been chasing moths lately, she’s so funny running across the garden after them! Crazy hot here too, so unusual for us. I hate it, I don’t get my outside chores done!

  2. I am glad you thought of Abi without sobbing and I am glad Charlie got a little exercise. I don’t know if you would want to invest in a small dehumidifier but it would make a world of difference in how cool your apartment feels and the air conditioner wouldn’t have to struggle so hard. I know Walmart carries them and I am sure you can order them online. We have a big one to keep up with the moisture in our house but a small one might work for you. xo Diana

  3. So glad “chunker” Charlie is getting some exercise. I agree that on a hot day, being inside in air conditioning with a good book and fur baby is a perfect day. I’m glad you had a pleasant memory of Abi with no tears. Have a great Sunday Brenda and Charlie.
    Carol and Molly

  4. Brenda, I haven’t commented on your blog before but I follow you every day. I live in Oklahoma also. I too have lost a beloved dog to renal failure. It’s been several years now. I can smile now and sometimes laugh at memories of him but also tear up at times.
    A suggestion for your shade problem. Look on Pinterest at Shade Sails. They are triangular shades that seem to be easily installed over your patio. They could be taken down during winter. This might solve your lack of shade problem. Best wishes to you and Charlie.

    1. I’ll look into that. My sister mentioned them to me as well. Thanks for reading!

  5. Hi Brenda. I’m glad you could think of Abi without crying. I will say that part of the reason could be because you just had a bit of exercise by moving the plants around. For me, getting some fresh air and exercise definitely improves my state of mind and makes me feel more positive, and I am less likely to have the sadness come over me. I’m glad you and Charlie had a nice afternoon in your pleasant garden.

  6. Brenda with all the beautiful plants and beautiful layered patio and pictures all your readers enjoy sharing; it might be possible for you to have an affiliate sponsor to provide you with the patio chairs and or cushions for a review of their product. I see this on many blogs I read. Worth the investigation? Glad you are having a bettr experience thinking of Abi.

    1. Maybe. I don’t have a big fancy house like many bloggers who get lots of offers from these kinds of sponsors.

  7. Good morning Brenda and Charlie,

    It sounds like Charlie is having a good time this summer. Your plants are in good hands with you moving them around the patio so they don;t get get burned or stressed. I am sure those two trees added a lot of shade to that side of your patio.

    I hope that you enjoy your weekend. Stay cool.

  8. Charlie and his morning workout! just the right sized workout for that little fellow!
    stay cool dearest bean! that heat now is not only irritatingly suppressing it’s downright dangerous. xo

    1. It is dangerous. I never let Charlie out that I’m not with him. We only stay out a few minutes.

  9. Living on the coast, I don’t get the extreme heat, but we’ll be in Sacramento visiting our grandson soon. The temps are over 100° regularly in July and I’ve learned that time indoors where it is cool is essential.

    Stay cool and enjoy each day.

    1. Oh, then I wish I lived on the coast. It’s 100 degrees by noon here and will be for months.

  10. I have thought of your loss lately and I came across this article of a Yorkie that became a bit of a war hero. The Yorkie’s name was Smoky. If you haven’t read about him, it’s quite interesting. Search Smoky on the internet. Just food for thought. Sincerely Melanie

  11. Well, well, Charlie chasing birds! I guess you don’t know what to expect anymore with the little guy. Keeps things interesting!

    I hope that yesterday’s post has helped you moved through your grief a little. I am sure that you will still cry from time to time but it seems you are beginning to heal. Maybe getting that new red plant, your reminder of Abi, was an even better idea than you imagined!

    Suffering from extreme heat here too. I’ll stay in and binge on Netflix!

    1. I haven’t ever watched Netflix. Does it have good shows? Yes, I think I’m a little better. Last weekend I kind of bottomed out. After that I started feeling better. I don’t cry every time I think of her anymore.

      1. I am so glad you are better 🙂
        I had to get rid of my cable 5 years ago but still have wireless internet and watch Netflix over a Roku device on my tv. There is a lot to choose from and some of the shows that are Netflix-produced are really good too. I tend to like “dark cerebral” dramas with plots that twist and turn. Right now I am watching “The Killing.” I think you can just go to and browse programs.

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