It rained again last night. The plant pots are full to brimming and the tree branches are hanging low from the weight.

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.”
― Bill Watterson

And I agree. A cup of coffee or tea, a good book, rain falling and birds chirping in the trees. That’s about as perfect as it gets.

old bottles

At night, just after I turn the lamp off and Charlie settles at the end of the bed, I sing to him. I’ve made up this little song about how much I love him. And I sing it several times before we sleep.

It is part of our new routine. Our old one was gutted, and now we have had to scratch a new one into the surface of our lives.

I brush him and he is so still. Basking in the texture rubbed across his back.

I wonder if he is curious why Abi was here and now she is gone? I wonder if he understands, if he grieves too? I think he does, in his own quiet little way. My sweet Charlie boy.


People who don’t appreciate and cherish the love of a pet are missing out. The deep and unwavering bond. How full the quiet moments are.

When I was a child, we had lots of cats and dogs out in the country. I grew up accustomed to them. They were part of my life.

As they are now.


I fear how lonely I would be without a pet. I don’t feel lonely without people around. But I don’t think I could bear a home without a pet to share it with.

I don’t care about the muddy paws. Not having pristine white furniture or rugs. An antiseptic life without germs would be an empty one for me.

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”
― Colette

yellow pansies

Pets will not break your heart until they die, and that is not of their choosing. They will meet you at the door, eyes filled with love and happiness.

They will comfort you when you are sad. Quietly lay beside you and soak up your pain.

How many times have my tears fallen on the ears of a pet? Still they sit there, never to leave you when you need them.

People can take and take from you, but pets need only crumbs to be your best friend.

Oh what would I do without a pet to share my life with?

I think I speak for all of us…


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  1. I also would love it if Rainbow Bridge had visiting hours. What a lovely thought! I can’t imagine my life without a furry face…I hope that day never comes. I thought I was the only one who sang to my pets. I guess not! lol
    Have a good day.

    1. You’re not alone singing to your pets. I have a terrible voice, but I sing to him anyway. He doesn’t seem to mind. I love my Charlie so much.

  2. I have had 3 cats pass away and they have come back afterwards to say goodbye and I love you. I was really startled the first time, and it was only once. The second cat he visited me over and over until his buddy who had predeceased him showed up to get together. I have not felt either one of them since. I know my first cat has a special place in heaven and that the other two are probably there with him. But if not, they have each other. Charlie will be welcomed into the afterlife, when he goes, Abi will be there for him and he probably knows it.

    1. I thought by now the pain would have lessened a little bit. But I seem to cry at the smallest thing. Maybe I shouldn’t equate tears with pain. Maybe it is just a cleansing.

  3. Our two dogs, Lilly and Jake, both former shelter dogs, mean so much to us! We appreciate their eager faces and wagging tails, and they sleep on our bed, which helps me to settle down at night. They keep us healthy by telling us it is “walk time”! You and your sweet little Charlie are so bonded, I am sure that you are helping each other to enjoy life! Singing your dog to sleep probably helps you to relax, too, Brenda!

    Pam and Doug

  4. Oh, yes, if only we could cross the Rainbow Bridge and see them again, well and happy and excited to see us. Sadly for us that’s not the way it works. I wonder if they miss us as we miss them. Probably not because they have so many playmates and wonderful places to run and frolic. If I could get just one short glimpse of my sweet Tavi in that wonderful place across the Rainbow Bridge I think it would do me in with grief for my loss.

    Blessings to you and sweet Charlie.

    1. Yes, I know. But the memory of having seen them. To see if they’re okay; how wondrous that would be!

  5. What a poignant piece, Brenda. My granddaughter at age 3 assured me that there is a “pet heaven” and it is just down the road from “people heaven”…and that people could go visit the pets but the pets couldn’t come out of pet heaven to visit their people. She also said she was an “earth baby” but her friend in heaven had to stay there because she was a ‘heaven baby’….all this, uncoached, just after she turned 3. So…..someday……….

  6. “We wish the Rainbow Bridge had visiting hours”. . . .And with that, the tears started flowing. If only. . . . ..

    A beautiful thought. How we all wish it did.

    1. Oh, wouldn’t that be a miracle? What I would give to see my sweet Abi’s face! See her smile at me.

  7. What a wonderful, sweet posting Brenda. It draws many a tear.

    I grew up with the animals too and they were my only refuge many a day. When your upbringing is this way it may be part why you bond very deeply too. Sometimes I think you almost learn to speak the language of the animals. Oh yes … if only there were visiting hours …

    I think of that song Fiddler on the Roof often where Tevye says, “would it really spoil some vast eternal plan if I were a wealthy man”? How many times since my own loss have I said these very words excepting my wish is not for wealth at all … but only of 5 precious minutes …

    I had page turning last night. A strange occurrence as I sat and read a little. I caught a scent of my big boy, that wonderful sweet scent he could have that I knew so well. A scent that stayed for a good period of time. Funny thing was, the next chapter I was reading was titled … “I’m here”.

    A tear ran down my face.

    So many thoughts were coursing through my mind. I was also repeating one of my favourite verses, “Life is Fragile … Handle with prayer”. Funny thing was, I could feel as though a page was turning somehow and how befitting it was that my best friend, my once in a lifetime dog, seemed to be with me at this very juncture.

    I then I bowed my head to pray.

    And, for someone who’s barely had a single utterance for God since the loss of her most precious gift – it was indeed a page turning …a small mini miracle …

    They are not gone … and their message does live on.

  8. You are so right!! I didn’t realize, until our beloved Diasy died, how much of a dog person I am! I watched my mental health go downhill quickly, and stayed on Petfinder ’til we found another sweetie. Brought her home 12 days after we lost Daisy, and are grateful to this day that the Lord provided another loving, four-legged family member so fast!!

  9. I cannot imagine life without pets. They bring so much joy and companionship. I am always a little suspicious about people who do not care for animals. My little dogs are wherever I am in the house and are disappointed if they cannot go with me when I leave. And, oh, how they welcome me home! Even if I have only been gone 15 minutes, they are overjoyed to see me! I miss sweet little Abi, too.

  10. Your wise compassionate words should be hanging on a wall in a pet shelter to help all the patrons who walk in understand their life will be so enriched by having a new pet in it. I think there would be less mental health issues if more people learned how to take care of a pet, feel needed and have a purpose to come home and share love by stroking and combing their pet.

  11. I love animals, unfortunately my allergies have prevented me from having any since my kitties passed. It kind of stinks…

  12. How right you are. I live alone (well, without other people), as is my preference, but my pets bring me joy each day. They make me smile and laugh. All they ask for is a bit of food and kind words, and a loving touch. They give back so much more.

  13. Beautifully wriitten. I know I will have a dog in my life until I leave this earth. Animals feed the soul and I can’t imagine coming home from work and not having my Molly greet me at the door; she makes my day.
    What a perfect Sunday: the sound of rain, a good book, a cup of something yummy to drink and a fur baby by your side. It doesn’t get any better than that Brenda. Enjoy!
    Carol and Molly

  14. My new dog Lily is certainly adding a lot of joy as well as purpose to my life. House breaking her is not fun, but she is smart, loving, and tries to please me. Not sorry I got her, she adds a lot of happiness to my life.

  15. Mark Twain: “If you find a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. That is the difference between dogs and men.”

  16. Brenda, you are do right! Cancer took my sweet kitty a few years back, and it hit my very hard! She too, was at my chest with my tears flowing, never to leave. She suffered so, it tore my heart out!

    You’re so blessed to have your Charlie there with you, keep singing to him!

    God bless, lynn

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