The red ceramic bakeware I ordered arrived the other day.

You aren’t supposed to cook with glass in a convection toaster oven, and that’s what I had from when I used to cook in an oven.

A view of my new red ceramic bakeware on the lower shelf of my open kitchen cabinets.

I’d been cooking with the CasaWare 3pc Toaster Oven Bakeware I purchased last year. It’s just that the CasaWare bakeware isn’t big enough for some of the casserole recipes I want to try out. It’s great for everything else.

I might even do more baking. I’m more interested in cooking when I have the size of bakeware necessary for larger dishes.

I thought I could fit the largest piece in my toaster/convection oven, but I must have miscalculated on the handles.

The open shelves in my apartment kitchen showing the new red ceramic bakeware

Oh well, if I ever get to move to one of those 55+ apartments I’m on waiting lists to move to, I can probably use it then.

I had to do some rearranging of my open cabinets to make room for the bakeware. There are 3 and I wanted them where I could reach them easily because they’re heavy.

Ivy & Gracie:

Here’s Ivy laying on the couch and licking Gracie’s head. They’ve come a long way since the early days when Ivy didn’t want to be around her.

Ivy licking Gracie's head

They can both be on the couch together now without Ivy spitting and batting at Gracie.

Ivy and Gracie together on the couch

As you can see Gracie is about to nod off.

What I’m Reading:

I’m reading my first James Patterson book. It is called “Summer House.”

I find that I do like his writing style. His fast-moving narrative keeps me turning the pages.

In my red ceramic bakeware post, I'm reading the book Summer House by James Patterson.

Book Summary:

When seven murder victims are found in a small town, the homicide investigation shakes a small-town sheriff to her core.

In a once luxurious summer house in Georgia, seven murder victims are found. The youngest was only a toddler.

Eyewitnesses point to four Army Rangers, known as the Night Ninjas. They’ve recently returned from Afghanistan.

The Army sends Major Jeremiah Cook, a veteran, and former NYPD cop, to investigate. He and his team arrive in Georgia and immediately see that the townspeople clearly don’t want them there. They are stonewalled at every turn.

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  1. I LOVE your red and white kitchen, Brenda! Aw, I’m glad the kitties are becoming besties! I remember when my older cat would lick the younger one – so sweet!

  2. I didn’t know you couldn’t use glass in a toaster oven. I do use my ramekins in them occasionally but thankfully I have a good variety of cast iron. I use that the most.

  3. You have such a knack for putting things together and making everything look great! I have followed your blog for years and have tried to create areas in my home the way you do. You certainly know how to make things “cozy” for sure!

  4. I wouldn’t bother with an air fryer or instant pot, neither one is particularly useful. I think you’ll get a call for a new place soon.

  5. I’m sorry the handles made them too big to use. Have you considered an air fryer? They seem to be very popular. Or perhaps an instant pot? I know you can make desserts in them too. Ivy is so sweet grooming Gracie. It was just a matter of time for these two sweet girls to become best of friends!

    1. Just the biggest one was too big. I’ve already cooked a casserole in the middle one. Yes, I’ve thought of getting the air fryer or instant pot. Don’t know where I’d put them though.

  6. Ohhhh ,,,,,, ❤ pictures of Ivy & Gracie made my weekend!!!
    They are so 😊 adorable together.
    Nice for you Brenda ,,,,, lovely company. Fun also!!!
    In the process of making Thanksgiving menu.
    Gonna keep me busy for sure.

  7. You have the “touch” – your open cabinets look gorgeous. I’ve seen other attempts by people removing their cabinet doors to try for the “open cabinets” look and they just don’t look very nice. Yours are lovely. Maybe it’s the red dishes and cookware, red is one of my favorite colors. Maybe it’s the great white paint job as a background, and that you erased any signs of the former hardware on the frames. Looks great! I saw the black and white kitty again this morning – sighting #2. This time she/he was coming up my driveway headed around the row of arborvitaes that separate my driveway from my neighbor to the south’s backyard. I know the next store neighbors in that house don’t have any pets, and since this is only the second time I’ve seen the cat, and the sightings have been within a few days of each other, I think the cat must belong to somebody new to the neighborhood who bought a house down the block, or perhaps on 73rd Street, and the cat has found a way through the yards from 73rd to 74th Street, which is the one I live on. The cat looks at me when I make my sound of surprise of “Oh!” and then goes on its way, like saying to me “nothing to see here.” LOL! The black and white cat reminds me of Ivy with the black and white coat.

  8. I have run into the same issues with handles on bakeware preventing a dish fitting into my countertop oven. ( a Breville, like your previous oven).
    It’s getting to be a problem now for me as my regular oven isn’t working properly and will not keep an even temperature. Guess it’s the crockpot
    Or electric pressure cooker (also a Breville) for cooking now for a while. The bakeware you gotis so pretty and goes well with your other kitchen decor.
    I knew Ivy and Gracie would adjust to each other fine. They are just like my cats. One minute they will be curled up sleeping together or grooming each other, and the next spitting fire and smacking/chasing the other. Just like human kids!

  9. That books sounds good. Did you get it thru Amazon or the Book Club? I am so happy to see the kitties have bonded. It is good for Ivy.

  10. Look at Ivy and Gracie. What a precious picture of the two of them.
    Brenda, I just finished the book “Maid” that you had recommended, and I loved it. Here’s a great book that I read, and I think you may like, called “Tin Camp Road” by Ellen Airgood. I loved it. She lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and she writes great books. This one happens to be my favorite.

  11. Your new bakeware is so pretty Brenda. I have one piece like that, probably the medium size that I picked up at a garage sale and I love using it. Ivy and Gracie look so content on that cozy gold blanket and I love the mattelasse cover you have on the couch now. Love your style. Your home has so much more warmth than other blogs I see with white, on white, on white. No imagination required to copy everyone else. Have a great weekend.

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