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  1. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I could look at pretty Christmas decor any time of year! And, OH, that FRENCH TOAST!!!!

  2. I’m not ready to look at Christmas anything just yet, lol.

    That cornbread dressing looks really yummy.

    Half Baked Harvest…Tieghan is one of my newer favorite cooks! I have tried many of her recipes and have never been disappointed. I follow her on Instagram and love watching her stories of her cooking the dishes she posts. I also have one of her cookbooks.

  3. Everything is so pretty. And I enjoyed Foodie Crush’ recipe for Turkey breast. It is such an easy alternative to that big old Turkey when there is just two of you.

  4. Loved the Christmas pictures!
    I have a Christmas decorating question. How do you decorate with 2 kitty cats in your home? First Christmas to have 2 kitty cats in my home and one of them climbs on everything.

    1. I’ve only decorated for Xmas with Ivy, and she didn’t bother anything. Not sure how I’ll decorate with a kitten like Gracie. She’s a bit more curious. Still trying to decide how I’ll do it.

      1. Please post as you figure out what to do. I refuse to hang a Christmas tree from the ceiling!

  5. Great reads and I love seeing all the pretty decor for the holidays. I start my decor early since my daughter does Thanksgiving. Lots of good inspiration. Happy Sunday.

  6. I think you’ve covered it all, Brenda – thank you for all the work you do here!

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