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  1. I’m commenting on the Amazon post. I hope you will accept it Brenda. Just a quick observation. We are so incredibly divided and I believe we all would like to restore some sense of civility. Using Trump’s name as tRump is certainly not helping as I doubt Biden supporters enjoy hearing “Let’s Go Brandon”, knowing what it really means. We all complain about how uncivil we are all but continue to offend. Maybe think next time you decide to be rude.

  2. Great recipes and I love the pumpkin pillows. Went on her site to see how to make them and was very happy to see it was a no sew pillow!

  3. Good Monday morning Brenda! I hope you had a relaxing weekend! I love all of your notables this week, so many great ideas for baking and cooking, reading and decorating. Two Peas and a Pod and The Cookie Rookie always have delicious recipes and I have made many of them. Check out Cafe Sucre Farine and The View From Great Island, two fabulous blogs! Have a great week!

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