Today I’m showing you something a bit different. It might not be a place where you would want to live in full time. Although I would happily live in this now 1000 square foot structure.

It is a 14-foot-round grain silo Amy Kleinwachter found right down the road from her La Grange, Texas home. A home that was built entirely out of salvaged materials.

Amy goes all over the world looking for unusual architectural salvage for her company, Old World Antieks.

The Silo Home:

When she came across this silo, she knew it would be the perfect guest house to place on her 10 acres of land.

The completed 1,000-square-foot structure now includes a front porch and a bed/bath extension.

Living Area:

An old champagne crate with a grain sack cushion is a footrest for a pair of mismatched leather chairs.

Office Area:

An office space has been created from an old vintage sign topped with glass. A vintage stool is there for seating.

The Bedroom:

The bedroom is somewhat feminine with its neutral bed linens. It is a small but adequate place for guests to stay overnight.


The bathroom is just as primitive in style as the rest of the guest house. Lots of distressed wood and scratched up architectural salvage.

Bathroom Wall Decor:

The bathroom wall decor is an old vintage sign. And the seating is a chair that would probably look just right in a cottage garden space.

Entryway/Living Space:

This little area serves as either an entryway or living space.

Metal Awnings:

Ornate Headers:

Front Porch:

The front porch allows entry into the silo house. A roof was added and provides a cozy theme to the primitive space.

Obviously chickens roam the land and possibly greet guests who come to stay there.

{Info for this post provided by details and photos from Country Living}

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  1. Brenda,
    I have this Country Living issue saved. Super charming house, as a guest house. To live there full time would trigger my OCD; while I love rustic, antiquated items, little goes a long way.

  2. They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure…this is a very clever way to use all these materials to make a most inviting place!! How cute!!

  3. I think it looks so cute and is a very creative idea, but I would be afraid to be inside of it if there was a storm.

  4. I, too, love everything about this house. I could definitely live in this delightful place.

  5. This is fantastic. What a fun get away to stay there. I love that you are featuring spaces once again.

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