New Favorite Food At Trader Joe’s

A couple of weeks ago I bought Trader Joe’s frozen frittatas and was instantly smitten. So much so that I now go in and pretty much buy them out.

I don’t put them in the microwave. Just don’t think they’d be nearly as tasty as being in the convection oven for about 15 minutes and coming out toasty and brown.

They are also RD-approved gluten-free. Though I have no idea what the RD means since I don’t have a problem with gluten.

My new favorite fast supper is to cook up two of these and eat a bowl of mixed fruit from Trader Joe’s with it.

Combined, both frittatas contain 270 calories. With 25 grams of protein, two frittatas with or without fruit should be nice and filling.

For $2.99 that’s a pretty cheap meal. Plus of course the cost of fruit. But then TJ’s has pretty cheap fruit as well.

The ingredients are eggs, onions, Swiss cheese and cauliflower. I’m not crazy about cauliflower; probably my least favorite vegetable. But I can’t even tell it’s in there.

So for a fast cheap meal this is my new go-to supper. With my back like it currently is, I tend to eat this meal quite a bit now.

The other night I had the two frittatas with a bowl of sliced mango, strawberries and pineapples. It was delicious.


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  1. I do shop TJs some…but one thing they often do…you find a product you really love…and before you know it, they quite selling it. I have been able to sometimes find it elsewhere, but not always…frustrating. And of course, this past year plus, has been no help at all…no matter where we shop!!

  2. My daughter has gluten issues which she discovered after being in Sri Lanka for a month volunteering and ate as a vegetarian for over a month. She came home and immediately started eating things with wheat and got sick again. So she’s been eating GF for over a year now and I too eat GF. It’s just easier due to the possibility of cross contamination. TJs has a print out of all their GF foods. Just ask for it at the Help desk. Luckily we have one in town and it is so helpful. I believe you can also get a print out for Kosher foods.

  3. YUM-O!!!!!!
    sadly,like the OP,my Trader Joes is about an hour and a half from me so not very feasible which makes me sad because just like you,by myself and they sound like a perfect meal with fresh fruit(( another favorite).

  4. Sounds so good. No Trader Joe’s here, but I plan to do an internet search for a similar recipe. The fruit combo sounds delicious – one I haven’t tried. Thanks for a delicious meal idea!

  5. Just like no Tuesday Morning, there is no Trader Joe’s near us either. In fact, I do not know where the closest store may be, if there is one. Your frittatas sound so tasty, I am going to check our grocery store to see if they might have something similar. Wish me luck, (grin)….Have a good weekend, hugs from WI.

  6. Here where I live in booneyville, sadly there is not a Trader Joes on the radar. The Frittata looks like a good find! I enjoy simple, quick meals, and that with fruit sounds just perfect! Have a great day! Hope your back feels better soon.

    1. I like that Gail, booneyville! I also live in booneyville, so no Trader Joes near me either!

      1. These are very easy to make yourself . You can control the vegetables you put in and it would be just one pan. Search online. So many possibilities. Cheaper than store bought also.

  7. Just added that to my TJs grocery list. We don’t go often, as it’s about a 30 minute drive there. Sounds like this would be worth a trip!

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