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  1. I’m so glad you have little Ivy to brighten your days, Brenda. I’m, so sorry I wasn’t around when sweet Abi passed on. She truly was a doll.


  2. I do throw my head back & laugh with antics of Ivy, & Charlie perking up does NOT surprise me at all. IMHO, most species of mammals are happier with another non-threatening mammal, either their own or other species. If I see a lone horse in a pasture day after day, I feel deeply for it. Safe companionship is security.

    The neighbor behind me has a horse that would stand at my back fence so my Jack Russells could give it attention. She had no problem with 3 loud little dogs barking & jumping at the fence. Sometimes they’d spill out the door already excited to sprint to the fence. She’d hurry over, running up & down, bucking, spinning & rearing to the joy of the dogs. I don’t know who got more out of it, but I think it was the mare.

    The pasture is now in the beginning stages of being built on, so it’s no longer a grazing option for the horse. I see her in the much smaller enclosure of the owner’s farm, with no animals nearby for her to be happy with. I am an anthropomorphic thinker, so it just kills me to see her now…

  3. Your photos are beautiful! I love these stories…they are so entertaining. I haven’t had a cat in the house in years. We had one growing up and I remember he was always into something…constantly. I would love to know what goes on inside their heads and what they find so entertaining about a pumpkin stem or a tieback! And why the bathtub??!! If only she could talk! 🙂

    1. I’m glad Ivy’s needs are simple. She is entertained by very ordinary things.

  4. So glad that Charlie feels more comfortable with you leaving him since Ivy came to live with the two of you. That gives you more peace of mind when you want to or have to go out I imagine.

    I’d love to see more photos of your excursion to the park.

    Didn’t get time to do any more gardening and planting today. I had to take our Rhoda kitty to the vet. When my older daughter was here the last time she said she tho’t Rhoda’s left eye looked misshapen–a little rounder than the right eye. And she was telling me about them having to put one of their kittys down as she had a tumor behind her eye which looked similar in the beginning. I guess there was no surgery that would remedy the condition. She suggested I have the vet take a look at Rhoda’s eye so I took her in today. She was NOT happy to be stuffed into that carrier. She howeled a good part of the trip and then pooed, too. Not a pleasant smell to ride with! But we finally got there and the vet looked at her eye and into it with her little flash lite. She said that she really didn’t think there was anything wrong with it because it was dilating normally which wouldn’t be the case if she had a tumor behind it. She trimmed her nails, gave her her rabies shot, weighed her and said she tho’t for a cat of her age–15-16 yrs.–she seemed very healthy. Then we came home. So that was one thing I can check off my list! What a relief! Now I should take the other kitty in but not til my funds increase a little. It’s expensive to care for the medical needs of your pets.

    Ivy sure is a lively one! Wish I had half her energy. Well, good nite to you all. Hugs and pats.

    1. I’m glad the cat’s eye was okay. It is such a worry when we don’t know whether they’re sick or not. Ivy has endless energy it seems.

  5. I feel such relief in your voice that you can go out for a couple hours and know the babies are just fine keeping each other company. Charlie is probably feeling protective of Ivy now cause he’s the older seasoned home owner!
    And thanks for the wonderful font to view. It’s really perfect.

    1. I was just gone a few hours and did not worry about Charlie. Well, not much. I hate the blogs that have teeny tiny fonts too. Can’t read them!

  6. It’s good to hear the laughter in your ‘voice’ as you write about Charlie & Ivy ~

  7. Love the new blog look. Very bright and easy to read your post. My mom’s cat does the same thing with the bath tub. He runs in there and hides sometimes. I think they like the smooth surface and that they can hide. Happy Thursday.

    1. Maybe that’s the story with the bath tub. She drags everything in there.

  8. I love your new format!
    Easier to read, & I can see your photos much better on my cell phone! I love them!

    I love reading about Ivy kitty’s antics, and how Charlie has perked up! It’s so wonderful how you both have a new companion.
    I think Ivy has become Charlie’s hero since he is a fly monster!

    When my old 2nd cat died, Oliver kitty didnt seem to miss a beat.
    The two cats had tolerated each other, but weren’t close.
    I adopted an 8 month old Shihpoo, named Jazzy. After his initial horrified reaction, Oliver & Jazzy were fascinated by each other. They mess with each other in between naps. The cat even let’s Jazzy drag him by the leg! He could easily avoid him, but he eggs him on.
    Oliver is 15yo, but I swear Jazzy has added months, maybe years to his life! It is so cute!
    I never see them cuddle together, but they are buddies, & keep each other company when I am gone. They each play in different ways, but find a happy medium together.

    I wish for Ivy & Charlie this kind of companionship. It sure makes life more interesting!

    P.S. I dont see a way for me to post pics for you to see. That would be nice!

    1. Send photos to my email address.

      1. Debbie Chapman says:

        I don’t see your email address.
        What is it?

  9. Delaine Gabriel says:

    I REALLY like your new format! It’s so much easier and a cleaner look! Thanks!

    1. I’m glad you like it. I was trying to get the content closer to the top, and my aim was simplicity.

  10. The leaves are already falling off the trees here. It rain alittle yesterday and today it’s cold! On the radio when they say what the weather will be for the next couple of days, they are saying flurries! Yuck! Too soon!

    1. Wow. You’re way ahead of us here.

  11. Once again – LOVE reading Ivy ‘n Charlie stories in your charming narrative!
    So far, it seems that Ivy is not into pushing items off shelves. Well, I have a couple stories for you!
    One Christmas eve, when my daughters were in their early 20s, we sat in front of the fireplace enjoying the tree and glasses of wine. One of our cats hopped up on the mantel and strolled along, systematically pushing my nice German nutcrackers off one at a time. Due to the flow of wine, we roared with laughter and encouraged him. Not so funny the next day when, sober, I inspected the damage! Missing arms and weapons, plus dents in heads from striking the hearth ledge below on descent! To this day we cherish those bumps and bruises, though. They are a reminder of that cozy night together – safe and warm (and tipsy!) surrounded by love – and pets we would never abandon over damage to material things! To this day, however, I hot glue anything I place on the mantel that’s breakable – even though our original little culprit has been in cat heaven for a decade.
    Finally, my daughter just sent me a video of grandpa stooping to pick up Lego bricks and place them on the table, only to be followed (behind his back) by one of the cats, knocking them off again, one by one!

    1. That’s wonderful that you saw it for what it was, and even laughed about it. Neither would I abandon pets over material things. They are just that: material things. The pets are priceless.

  12. Happy you can worry less about leaving Charlie as he has Ivy for company as well as entertainment. It’s cute that he perked up when she went to the window! Your pictures as usual are charming.

    1. He’s definitely more animated.

  13. Brenda, it sounds to me as if Ivy is the life of the party at your house. I can only imaging how many times a day you laugh out loud or smile at her antics. You are so blessed to have found her and she you and Charlie.

    1. Or how many times a day she runs in front of me and nearly trips me!

  14. I’m sure I’m not the only one telling you this, but I just love hearing about Ivy’s antics and Charlie’s reaction to them and her!! You are tempting me to add a cat to the mix….but I shall refrain as that would be the end of all my houseplants, wouldn’t it? 🙂 Plus, my vet bills are quite high enough with three dogs, believe me!!

    1. Some cats don’t bother the house plants, I’ve heard. But Ivy was on them in a heartbeat.

      1. we had a cat who just had to ‘taste’ every plant in the house. I started putting them up high on my hutch and bookcase. He couldn’t get them there. Try high places if you can.

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