I went out yesterday to run errands and thought I was going to faint in the heat. My word, it’s hot and damp and awful. I hate the heat. Give me a cold day and I’ll curl up in a quilt.

I went to the grocery store. They have a little restaurant in there and I decided to have a meal first. I needed sustenance before shopping and then going out to brave the heat again.

I had meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Sure was good.

Charlie has acupuncture at 9:45. His appointment was at noon, but I called them and said I was taking an antibiotic that made me feel sick in the heat, so they switched it.

I came home to find that Ivy had dug a little bit of dirt out of my prayer plant. It’s possible for her to barely reach it but she didn’t do much damage. I don’t worry about her with this plant because it is not toxic to animals.

There are lots of house plants you can get that are not toxic to your pets. Click this link to read about some here and here.

And then as I was putting groceries away I saw her pawing at the top of one of the new air purifiers that is in the living room. (The other one is in the bedroom). She was pawing at it like she does when she can’t get to one of her toys.

I sure hope she didn’t put one of her toys in there. But she loves to get a toy like one of her plastic swirlies and place them somewhere, then play with it. For instance she will get one in her mouth and place it on the coffee table. Then bat it around.

Maybe she’s just interested in the cool air that comes out the top of the air purifier. It blows her fur back and she looks kind of like a dog with its head stuck out the car window. She seems to like it.

Last night just before bed I heard this scratching noise. I paused to get my bearings on where it was coming from. I quickly realized it was Charlie scratching the floor.

Whenever he sees a flying insect that’s what he does. He hides in some corner under something and furiously scratches the floor like he’s trying to dig a hole to China.

I let him be. I knew that before long Ivy would figure out there was a bug inside and she’d get it.

Sometimes I see her kill it and eat it. If it isn’t all the way dead when she picks it up with her mouth, she will bat it around on the floor till it’s still.

Then she eats it. I sure hope it’s protein. Hate to think of her eating a bug for nothing.

There were some things I read this week that I thought might interest you.

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  1. I’m glad you treated yourself to a meal at the store. Small pleasures like meatloaf and mashed potatoes mean alot, and nice to be able to enjoy an oven dish without having to cook (and heat up your kitchen)!

  2. Summer! Not one of my favorite times of the year: buggy, sunburned, itchy, exhausting, sweating summer! I used to like it when I was younger (and skinnier), but not anymore. Like you, our summer really doesn’t end until the latter part of October. Here in the south, I call it the real “winter” of our year: you can’t spend much time outside and the utility bills are shocking.

    I always get a little sad, too, when I finish a series on Netflix. Here’s some ideas on series I’ve enjoyed lately: Jane the Virgin, Stranger Things, Call the Midwife, Lost in Space (remake), Jessica Jones, Merlin, The Crown, Sherlock, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Brain on Fire, Mad Men, Wormwood, Continuum, just to name a few! Can you tell that I also love to watch Netfix?!

    I’m catching up in one comment over many posts. And that picture of Charlie is adorable!

  3. He is taking PawHealer’s Hound Honey which was highly recommended by a friend who has given it to her elderly Pug for over a year. It’s a mixture of Chinese herbs, don’t think it contains Hydrocodone ?? He doesn’t mind the taste when added to his am & pm feedings and his coughing/honking spells are almost a non issue since using this, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it continues working. Best price I have found for it online is Wal-Mart.

  4. I also have an 11y old Yorkie who has an issue with flying bugs, if a fly makes it inside he will run and hide under the bed. I have often wondered if he was exposed to the old Vincent Price horror movie (I think it was titled The Fly) by his original owner LOL.. Capo has collapsing trachea which is worse in our South Texas heat so I try and limit his outdoor time to early morning and evenings, which along with his trachea soother syrup helps keep the condition under control for the most part.

      1. It’s Paw Healer’s Hound Honey-Chinese herbs, don’t know if it includes Hydrocodone?? Has made a big improvement on Capo’s coughing/honking issue; keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue bringing him relief. Best price I found on the internet was at Wal-Mart.

  5. Brenda, the article about grie- is excellent. I was thinking about printing it out and putting it in the -older with my will. I just tho’t it would be a good thing -or my daughters to consider a-ter I am gone. Sort o- a permission slip, i- you know what I mean.

    I also love those green Mason jars. Great color and would look so pretty beside the blue ones. Or with -lowers in them.

    That Ivy is a puzzle. A de-initely unique little creature. Such a good source o- entertainment. I am keeping my daughter and son-in-law’s dog Bentley while they are taking their boys to a water park today and yesterday. He’s a boxer and normally rather nervous but he’s been quite calm since he came. Tomorrow I will add my daughter’s boy-riend’s dog, Bamswell–I call him Bam-Bam–who is, we think, a boxer-pit bull mix and very sweet. The two get on pretty well but sometimes are a little too rough and tumble. Anyway, I like them both and get my doggie -ix when they visit. They’re not my Tavi, but they’re the next best thing.

    How is Charlie’s breathing? I hope you both stay cool over the weekend and that the heat breaks a little out there in the Wild West. How about some cooling rain -or Tulsa. I- only we could just order some online, right?

    1. He’s perfectly fine the day of acupuncture. And he coughs more inside than outside, which I’ve read is normal because indoors is more toxic than outdoors. If he gets excited he coughs. Thanks for asking.

  6. You are so right about the heat, it is absolutely suffocating!! I can’t stand it down here. We live close to a park and lately, it has been all but deserted. No one wants to be out in it. Hope the acupuncture is helping Charlie! I’m with you on the bugs being protein…and YUCK on eating bugs…LOL Animals eat the darndest things, that’s for sure! Love the green mason jars, they have such a pretty color! Have a great one!

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