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  1. Loving the houseplant posts! I especially like the round leafed plant in the photo today – the one between the pony tail palm and the prayer plant – think I got that right. You take such good care of them and they look so happy!
    Just re-potted (for the second time)my rabbit-foot’s plant so hoping it will be ok. Those “feet”really cling to the pot!
    Hug to you, pats to Ivy

  2. Thank you for that list! I do have orchids and I do have a plant with polka dot leaves, but it doesn’t look like the one in the picture when I clicked that link. I appreciate you doing this post, as I’d like to make sure the next time I buy a plant, it will be safe for my pup. You’ve given me lots to choose from. Thank you.

    1. I’m sure there are far more. But this is a long list and I had to stop somewhere! Just Google the name of the plant you’re interested in if it isn’t on the list. Type in the name of the plant and “is this plant toxic to pets?”

  3. Thanks for all the recent posts on houseplants. One of the things I also love about houseplants is how well they clean your inside air, lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and just make you happy!

    1. Yes, those are reasons to have house plants. They release serotonin by digging around in the dirt, and the other reasons you mentioned. I am trying to satisfy my urge to go crazy with a garden because I will be very limited this year. When I get my office set up I will try to get Steve to take me to the place where I don’t have to walk very far to choose house plants. One thing at a time. Something I’ve only recently accepted doing!

  4. Years ago, the local paper ran a sad story on a sweet cat poisoned from an Easter lily and how a young couple spent thousands to save her. I hadn’t known about those plants.
    What I’m still confused about is poinsettias. Have read that the common idea that they’re poisonous is not true. Does anyone know the facts on those? Still, I will not buy either item as long as my kitties are in residence. Silk blooms will do just fine!

    1. What I read said poinsettias are mildly toxic. But to me toxic is toxic and I wouldn’t take the chance.

  5. I am starting to try some inside house plants. I was always good with my outdoor plants but never with house plants. I have two now and am trying to keep them going. I heard watering them from the bottom was good too. So far it is working well. Happy New Week.

    1. Oh good! Getting your hands dirty in the garden can increase your serotonin levels. And since you’re living in a condo, you don’t have the same access to outdoor gardening. So that’s what I’m doing. Trying to satisfy my urge to garden with house plants.

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