1. Plant lover here! This post is everything 💚💚

  2. When I saw the title of this post, I thought it would be rather boring…… I mean, how exciting can houseplants be? Then WOW! Those pictures! Now I want to add houseplants to my rooms too! Thank you for taking the time to write this post. I am also hoping that you get some relief from your pain when the therapist comes today.

  3. Loved this post and all the plants!

    I am looking forward to the office reveal when it is done. I just adore all the things you do to your cozy home. You are such an artist!

    Jane in Florida

  4. Beautiful pictures…so fun to look at…cannot wait to see the office…it is so hard to get off the floor…our lives are changing…but we are still here!Spring slow coming to Wi….going to get snow storm…my sister in law in Jenks called to say the bushes are all in bloom down there …so jealous…but it will come…so ready to sit on our porch…💕🌻🌷

  5. I’m sorry Google is being stupid. Of course, you do what you must. I think we all understand. I did miss you yesterday, and I’m so glad you are ok. I admit, I was a little worried. Today’s post… I loved it! I can’t even pick a favorite! I want my whole house to look like that. Currently, I have all my plants in one room, I fondly refer to as my sun room, and it’s my favorite room in the whole house. I really, really enjoyed this post today! Thank you and I hope you enjoy your massage.

    1. Ok, yes I can… the reading nook, the bathroom, and the kitchen, in that order, lol! But seriously, they are all wonderful!

  6. Yes Brenda your health is always the number one priority. The other day you said something about realizing and having to adjust when you get older. I think you are doing a great job doing just that. We all have our challenges and accepting and finding new, simpler ways to enjoy life is a blessing. And this beautiful post has just sent me over the edge! I have been trying to get the courage to put most of my smallish decor away to focus on and add to my collection of plants. Spring is a good season to kick start this project. I will revisit these pictures and the last kitchen photo was my favorite. Hope you are enjoying the process of working on your apartment and I am glad you have help. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Thank you for the fabulous pictures featuring so many house plants. I only have a handful of plants, but I definitely enjoy having them in my home.
    No pressure regarding posting, Brenda. You do what you can when you can.
    Take care of yourself and enjoy today’s massage. Hopefully it will help with aches and pains.

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