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  1. Call “Delta Dental”and get their dental insurance. It is cheap and pays a lot of your dental expenses.

  2. After the toilet paper shortage a few years ago, I keep a yearly supply of it now. No one will catch me without toilet paper!

  3. That’s interesting about not topping off your gas. I always like to round up to the next whole dollar. Guess I’ll stop doing that, if it’s bad for the car. I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling us! And I always use gloves when I pump gas. I started that when Covid began, and I’ve never stopped. Just thinking about it now wigs me out. How did I pump gas for so many years without wearing gloves?!! Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you create with your thrift store finds. I hope Steve and his girlfriend have a nice trip. Maybe he’ll share some nice pictures with you that he won’t mind you sharing with us.

  4. So Ivy came from a thrift shop…that is amazing…something I have not seen!! Well, she is cute!! I have had some success in dealing with managers by simply saying, “Well, I might could fix it myself…but then again, I am not an expert and it surely would look better whomever you had to send. Hahaha…sort of puts a fire under their belly…they all have said, “Oh no, no, please…we will take care of this!!” At the least I would get someone to tape up plastic over the open holes so no bugs or animals came in!!

    1. My daughter said if you bring your own people in you are violating your lease. Ivy came from Animal Aid, which was located inside the thrift shop. I haven’t been able to do anything yet. I had to order filters because mine is so dusty. I asked for one but no one brought it.

      1. The apts here provide filters, but so cheap they are worthless. Being we have allergies, we get our own from Walmart. Not cheap but very worth it!! Supposed to last 3 months but we try to change them out every 2. We buy several at a time and then its months before we need to shop again.

  5. Brenda, I am a dedicated thrifter so I was excited to see what you had snared at the thrift store. Looks like you came up with some goodies. I buy all my clothing at thrift stores. I’m not a clothes horse by any means but I do like nice things to wear and could never afford to buy them at retail stores but find great bargains on really nice things second hand.

    It seems like I haven’t been getting many posts from you lately. Are you not posting every day now or am I somehow missing them? I check my email nearly every day and just don’t see you. If you have cut back on posting I am not complaining as I understand the need to spend time on other things like taking time to rest and recover from illness. I just don’t want to miss anything you are posting.

  6. You need to check out the Oklahoma “Landlord Tenant Laws.”
    I also copied this from the internet:
    What is the repair and deduct law in Oklahoma?
    Repair & Stay: If the problem can be fixed for $100 or less, give the landlord written notice that if they don’t fix it within 14 days, you will fix it and deduct the money from next month’s rent.

  7. Yes Brenda the ladies are right. The ceiling has to get fixed. We’re entering bug season also when it’s time to turn the air on you’ll be cooling that area.
    Take care

    1. I’m a renter. I can’t force them to do anything. I think they will be retaliating by slow walking everything.

  8. Your comments about buying paper towels and toilet paper before you need them, is how we shop. Have always been that way.
    And today while shopping at Walmart, items not grocery related, we bought stuff we like to have on hand. And on our way home, we stopped for gas. And just like you, we only needed 1/4 tank.
    We just feel more comfortable, without letting things go to the last minute. And with the prices of everything today, we will buy something (like coffee) when it’s on sale, even if we have a full container at home.

  9. I would certainly press politely but hard about the open ceilings in the pantry and partial kitchen area, I see it as a major sanitary issue.

    1. I agree with Jan. My neighbor had a mouse fall in her counter while she was cooking from an open ceiling! ( she like you had plumbing issues. ). They need to prioritize this!

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