1. Ivy is such a busy bee, what a happy cutie.. Perfect weekend. I love not being in crowded places, also, these days.. love shopping when only a few around.. I think thats always a plus..when you have access to yummi food, and they are generous portions to have another meal.. cheers..have a blessed day..

  2. Gosh, Brenda, I can’t believe how hot it still is where you live. Of course some Falls it is much hotter here in mid-Michigan than it has been this Fall, but never 100F. before 9 am. We think it unbearable at ninety-five. We do have the humidity here, though, which makes it feel hotter at a lower temperature than it does in a dry climate at the same temperature. I’m feeling grateful for the cooler weather this Fall, though, as it allows me to work outside in the yard in hopes of getting things more readied for the Spring.

    Charlie is such a little gentleman and ivy such a mischief! Her escapade with the craft supplies is very funny. She is lucky to have such a tolerant mama as you or she might get scolded quite a bit! I think her life, from her perspective, is just based on what she can explore or examine next. She is definitely one of a kind.

    I have the spot all dug up where I am planning to plant my hollyhock seeds this Fall and today I got it mulched so the weeds won’t reappear before I plant the seeds. I guess you are supposed to wait until after the first frost when you plant them in the Fall so they won’t germinate until Spring. I’m really excited about finally being able to plant them. They are one of my favorite flowers and I have wanted to grown them for years. They remind me of my grandma because she had them growing behind her garage and I used to pick them and make little doll dresses with them when I was a child.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is peaceful and that Ivy takes a break from all her mischief!

  3. Brenda, whatever happened to that BEAUTIFUL Boho bedspread you purchased a couple of years ago? It was sooo beautiful! It would fit in with your present Boho look…

  4. That Ivy is so unlike any cat I have heard about…way beyond curious of most of them!! Wonder if she will slow down any with age? WOW, your heat is so awful…so sorry…when it got that way in NC, I hated to leave the inside of the house whatsoever!! Even indoors with AC I found it was not all that comfortable too. But there are other things I do miss about NC as well…and even though the weather here in the NW is near perfect, some things like medical care here are back in the dark ages!!

  5. I don’t know if it would be too much for Charlie but maybe a kitten buddy for Ivy would enchant and intrigue her. She’s a beautiful cat for sure and Charlie looks amazingly handsome too. You are a wonderful Mom and Grandmother too to your daughter, Andrew and your furry babies.

  6. Ivy really is a character. I am staying inside today, too. I’m enjoying redoing some things in my apartment and listing some new items on Etsy. The time seems to go by really quickly. xo Laura

  7. Ivy is the most inquisitive cat ever. Our little orange guy is a strange one. His favorite toy used to be two bread twist-ties twisted together to form a spider. Now I toss him one, he looks at it, then looks back at me to see what else I might have that is more interesting. Lately his favorite toy has been a paper sack that he has torn to shreds. It makes a crinkly sound that must sound good to him. It’s a good, cheap toy! Your Mexican supper sounds delicious and a good price!

  8. Those chicken nachos sound delish – and that is a good deal, lots of fresh and two meals for the price of what you’d pay for one meal when eating out. Even McDonalds can be pricey these days unless you hit a special deal. I am wondering if this year you are even going to get a winter in the part of the state where you live. I don’t know how you can stand it. I’m a wimp when it comes to weather. Seems to me the older I get, the more sensitive I get to changes in the temperature and humidity, from no energy to high energy, with very little in-between. I guess we can expect this just about everywhere in the USA with global climate changes here to stay and getting worse with each passing year. I worry about the future generations. Government is doing little to nothing to help people cope, and at some point it’s going to get too expensive to keep spending billions every tornado and hurricane season in the US to give people money to rebuild! ENOUGH! There are better places to live. I would prefer to see people move voluntarily while they can still find nice properties further north, near good fresh water supplies and further inland, away from the encroaching oceans. But I may live long enough to see people literally forced to move and get nothing for their properties once they are being swamped annually by salt water along the coastlines. Like the poor (literally) people in the Bahamas, and millions still suffering in Puerto Rico too. Sometimes I just want to cry.

    1. This may be one of the most ignorant things I have ever read. Too bad you didn’t warn Barack Obama about the encroaching oceans before he dropped a cool 15 million in his swanky property located 300 feet from the ocean. By the way, oceans aren’t encroaching.

  9. Hi Brenda
    Just wanted to share something my cat used to do. He would swallow string. I don’t know if Ivy has done anything like that but just wanted to make you aware. I caught our cat doing it and pulled it out of his mouth. He won’t believe how much he had swallowed. He was gagging. Just thankful It didn’t cause any harm. So then I had to watch him closely for that. I’m so sorry to hear about the hot temperatures out there. We are finally getting some relief. I know it will cool off soon for you. Have a great weekend!

  10. Your weekend plans sound perfect Brenda. I have a few books to read, maybe I’ll start one today. We don’t have anything special to do today. If we don’t get showers this late afternoon, husband will grill hamburgers. Other wise we’ll have a frozen pizza. Not much cooking going on here on Saturdays. The pictures of Ivy and Charlie are so cute. Charlie is looking good, I hope he is doing as good as he looks. Love the stories about Ivy. Especially about her being upset (?) after you cleaned her toy tub. How cute is that… wish we could understand cat “talk”. Cool here in Wisconsin, 64 degrees. Sweater wearing weather. Very different from your 100 degrees!!! Hugs to you and your lovies…

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