My Office Is Now Also A Craft Space

Last time you saw this space, I’d just gotten everything I needed for my office into this area. Now my office is also a craft space.

But my desk chair scraped the sides of the table. So I knew I was going to have to come up with a different strategy so I didn’t end up with a scraped chair.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest and the internet ever since. I quickly decided that if I was going to have to get something different to put the computer on, then I might as well get something that would extend the flat surface space to accommodate doing crafts.

This is such a wonderful light-filled area. I don’t have this kind of light any place else in the apartment. 

It took me a month to figure out what to do. I went back and forth. Get file cabinets and put a door over them? Unfinished kitchen cabinets that I could put a big board on? I looked and looked at handmade desks online.

But all those turned out to be expensive. So here’s what I ended up doing.

I got an eight foot folding table that is strong and durable for $109. 

I wanted a red one that I found online, but just couldn’t afford the shipping, which doubled the price.

Plus, I really wanted to see it myself first to make sure the top was sturdy enough for a heavy computer.

Did you know there are online sites that sell very durable and similar tables to places like schools and prisons? I didn’t either until I started looking at every conceivable need for such a table that was sold online. And they would have to be sturdy! 

I considered those. But it was the shipping once again, and they were a bit more expensive than a folding table.

The coffee bar is right behind the desk/craft area. How convenient is that?

It’s really hard to get photos in this narrow space. I did the best I could.

I took most of the craft supplies and put them in here, freeing up the space where they were before.
I bought this eight foot folding table at the Office Depot right down the street. Luckily enough, it fit in my Pathfinder and I could shut the back!
I could have gotten a slightly cheaper one, but it needed to be sturdy. If it wouldn’t hold up to what I needed to put on it, then it would end up being useless.

Buying this folding table for $109 was far cheaper than anything else I came up with. I saw them online everywhere, but this way I didn’t have to pay shipping.

When you live in a small space or apartment, you have to think hard before you purchase things. They either need to serve more than one purpose, or be something that can be put away easily if the need arises. 

A folding table can be used in various ways, plus it can be folded up and put aside. Or even put outdoors.

I love working in here and being able to look outside to the patio. To watch the squirrels and birds, and the leaves falling from the trees.

I have my office things at one end, and my craft supplies at the other. I can spread out and actually make crafts if the whim hits me!

My chair can roll easily from one end to the other. It’s no longer getting scraped by table legs. 

Have you come up with a good way to have an office or craft space without breaking the bank? Would you share your ideas and suggestions?

Also, as you know, when you move one thing, everything else usually ends up getting shifted around. So now the living space looks a bit different. More on that later.


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  1. This looks fabulous, Brenda! What a great solution….and I do love a big table like this…I makes me want to sit down at it and make things 🙂 Love the colour scheme here too.
    Helen xox

  2. Hi Brenda, great idea for your office. Did you try Shipping is $2.95, no matter what you buy, even if it's a fridge and a sofa. They have everything, and cheap shipping always makes it a good deal.

    1. Sometimes it helps to check the Q&A…I saw a 6' table there, and someone questioned how much it would hold, the answer from someone who had already purchased it was 350 pounds. I frequently get emails after I buy something on Amazon and Overstock, asking if i can answer a question about the product.

  3. Great solution. Have you thought about painting the metal legs red? It looks great. I'm in the middle of a craftroom desk redo too. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  4. That is a great idea! I love it! Everything looks so good. I love the gallery above the desk, and i love
    your curtains too! I love it all!


  5. Yes…a long table is just perfect. We have a couple in the basement…though I have not set them up to work well. I had one set up in a spare bedroom…with all of my desk/office stuf, printer, etc. I loved it…and my rolling chair let me scoot from one end to the other. You will love your new setup I believe. I do not have a spare bedroom now, and the basement is unfinished. Yes…space for stashing stuff! Ha.

  6. Brenda,
    Your new work table is a great solution for your space and for moving your chair back and forth as needed. I like Mitzi's idea of painting the table red.


  7. If you liked the red table so much, why don't you paint your new one red? I too love reading your blog-you are very multi-talented.

  8. Brenda, I have one like this too! I have a heavy printer on one end, and when I sew, I can put my machine on the other end. It's so darn sturdy. I just have to say that I love your red and white check curtains. It really makes your place very comfy and cozy looking.

  9. Brenda, You created a great space for office and crafting. I love those tables and have several for my studio too. I did make a skirt and used velcro to attach it. Gave me lots of under storage.
    What a bright and cheery spot to be. Love your wall decor and organization.

    1. I can't have a skirt with Charlie. He tends to "hike his little leg." I might put an oil cloth on it that dropped down quite a ways or something.

  10. Love it! I have a small folding table I got to use as a craft table and I really like it, except I got a small one to make sure it would fit into a place I had. Now I wish to rearrange my spare room and get a larger one. I'll check out the one from Office Depot. That seems like a great price for an 8ft table. Good job as always Brenda.


    1. Well, I looked extensively, believe me, for the best deal. And I believe this was it. I would love to have had the red table I saw online, but it just wasn't feasible.

  11. That is exactly what my son uses for his computer..I also used a smaller one for a desk for a while..they are so practical and if you do use the underside for storage it's doubly good..I also love that your coffee bar is right there for you to enjoy..I wonder if I could make space in my office here for mine….now you have my brain thinking which is good cause it kinda needed a kick start today…lol..

  12. Great solution Brenda! Love all of your colorful accents. If you have an IKEA near you, they have adorable rolling cards with three shelves (vintage industrial style) for $29 each (they come in at least three colors). I bet they would fit beneath your table if /when you need more storage!

  13. Love your solution and your happy wall. The yellow and red look so good together. You have a knack for putting objects together flawlessly. I love your posts.

  14. Great solution! I used to have one I used for my cutting table in my sewing room. I don't know what happened to that table since we've moved! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  15. Very clever! I'm happy you found something durable, saved the shipping costs and solved your problems. I like the comment about the table skirt and then being able to store stuff underneath. Brilliant!

    Happy Weekend!

  16. Hey I have one of those tables also!! I have a cloth and a skirt for it and use it as a buffet for parties!! Great solution, Brenda – you've been a busy lady!

  17. What a great idea, Brenda, using a folding table as a desk. Your apartment is so cute. I wish I could decorate like you – lots of cozy little things to look at and enjoy, but whenever I try decorating to achieve the same cozy look, it just looks junky. So I stick with being more minimalist, like always. -sigh-

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


  18. These things are great, aren't they? I have a 8 ft one in my attic that used to be my sewing table at the last house. We keep the Christmas trees on top and trunks of ornaments underneath. I am working on the garage/studio — a never ending project — where I do all my artsy-fartsy stuff. I keep a drop cloth over my old dining table which I have no room for in this house (it's the one I painted red). I can do all kinds of projects on it, and there are boxes of wood scraps, a rolled up rug, and heaven only knows what else under there!

    1. I remember the days when I had stuff crammed in garages and attics. But those days are no more! The less space you have, the less you can cram into it!

  19. Great solution! I plan on buying one to use when our family all gets together for meals. As we grow, we are running out of room for everyone. 😉

  20. I'm so glad you found a solution and could keep everything there in the light filled area. I used a table just like that, also purchased from Office Depot back in 1996 when I set up my very first office space in the apartment I lived in before meeting my husband. It was the perfect solution for me also since I was unmarried which made me a 'one income' household. I still have that table. It is now in my husband's tool and workspace down in our basement. It's a great table? Perfect for any use a person needs it for. Great choice, Brenda!

    1. I literally spent hours every day for a month trying to find a solution. I didn't realize you could get folding tables that were this strong and durable.

    1. I once had a folding table for my sewing machine, and it wobbled. I hated that. So when I'd call online, I'd ask how thick the top was. But that still didn't tell me much really. So once I saw it and felt the surface, I figured it would do the job. And it's really strong!

  21. What a great solution!! And if you ever want to dress it up, you could use Velcro to put a simple skirt on it. (Maybe to hide more storage?)

    Good job, Brenda!

    1. great idea, bobbie! but I don't mind the basic table with stored items below. We need to have what works for us. I told my sister yesterday, "we need to put things out where we see them and use them, we can't have our spaces company perfect when we don't have much company!"

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