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  1. Great collection of ideas. I love the ladder in the corner and on both walls. How creative. Now I want one for Christmas!
    I love the tool box too. Fabulous ideas. Thanks for sharing. Hope your Sunday is blesssed.

  2. All of these ideas are clever.. I especially like the more "prim" style ones with the tool boxes. Love the big oval basket hung on the wall.

  3. I love all the shelves you featured Brenda, hopefully some day I'll be able to do some creative decorating again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Teresa @magazineyourhome

  4. I love every idea here, Brenda! Wish I had all those colorful suitcases to make a wall of shelves, but would I really have the nerve to cut them up? Probably not….

  5. I like the good old Coca-Cola crate best. I love the charming mix of plants and containers in colors that go well with the color of the crate wthout being too matchy-matchy. I'm going to share the gameboard idea with my daughter. I think she'd like to do something like that in her new apartment. Thanks.

  6. I love the ladders for bookshelves..the Coke case..the tool boxes…the game boards are such fun and so easy..I love the look of the old suitcases but I wouldn't have the heart to cut mine up like that even though it looks so cool..OK…I officially think I just love them

  7. The gameboard shelves are so cute.

    My favorite are the tool boxes. Ingenious IMO. I'll have to be on the lookout for one now.

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