I’m more tired this morning than when I went to bed last night. I’m kind of sleep walking through the days much of the time.

I give him his medications shortly before we go to bed. Two are supposed to help him sleep. One is for his allergies.

I recall giving him a bit of hydrocodone syrup and later a partial dropper of a different cough syrup during the night when he couldn’t stop coughing.

It wakes him right up when he starts coughing and becomes scared. He just wants to go outside and breathe fresh air. Certainly I can’t blame him for that.

I’ve tried all kinds of measures but the fact of the matter is that when you panic it wakes you right up. Same during the daytime.

Daytime Sleepiness:

I stumble around during the day after I drink my cup of coffee just wanting to get done what needs to be done.

Thus is the life of a pet parent with a sick dog. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I’d do anything for my Charlie boy.

Ivy is a bit upset with me.

I warmed up the last of the cornbread for supper.

She came running to the table and perched there waiting when she could smell it in the microwave.

I stood at the kitchen counter to eat because I couldn’t bear to sit at the table and see her stare at me. Wondering why I wasn’t giving her the cornbread crumbs she so loves.

Then I gave Charlie a Composure treat and Ivy a few of the dental chews she likes, hoping to appease her a bit.

As soon as she heard me start to put the dishes in the sink and run water to clean up she jumped down. She headed down the hall to the bedroom.

I could here her chomping her dry cat food.

Poor Ivy.

Mere crumbs!

As much as I love cornbread, I don’t know if I’ll cook it again for awhile. Because then Ivy will get all excited only to be let down.

I’d give them to her but I don’t want to upset her tummy again.

Geez Louise, all this over cornbread crumbs that I denied my baby girl. And it made me feel awful.

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  1. Oh Brenda,
    I think poor Ivy had a hairball in the making; it doesn’t have to be much hair either. Are Charlie’s breathing issues worse because of heat and humidity? I will send a prayer for comfort of Charlie and you. We worry for you and your pets; your readers care!


  2. Don’t feel guilty; it’s not good to give pets people food, so you’re actually doing her a favor. The only food I give my cats once in awhile is a lick of butter or coconut oil off my finger, because it’s good for their digestive system (so they don’t get hairballs).

  3. If Ivy eats canned catfood that has corn in it (which most do) then she must not be allergic to corn? Maybe like someone said, it was just a coincidence about the crumbs. Do you butter your cornbread and then give her the crumbs with butter on them? My old cat (16 yrs old) LOVES the butter! If I have a potato with butter on it, and it melts on the plate, I give it to her and she loves it. It sure hasn’t hurt her as she has been doing that for years and she’s very healthy for her age. Some people say don’t give your pets people food, but she’s been eating my people food (what she likes, which is any sort of meat bits, butter, cheese and of all things, my cream cheese dip!).. and she is fine and never had any digestive issues or anything. So maybe try again with a little bit of the crumbs.. maybe it’s the mix you used, something in it? or maybe it’s just butter she’s loving? I would try again maybe with a different mix or if you made it from scratch, a different corn meal. Just some thoughts. We hate to deny our fur babies what they love (as long as it doesn’t hurt them)!! Marilyn

  4. Have you checked what is in the dry cat food you give her? The cat food I gave my cats had whole ground corn and corn meal both. Her upset tummy might not be related to the corn

  5. I can just imagine what you are going through! Our pets mean so much to us.It is like having a child, you are always listening for them. It brings to mind when my children were little, my husband would be coughing in the same bed as me and some times I didn’t even hear him, but one of the kids could make a peep in their rooms and I would immediately wake up ! Hope you get some good quality rest tonight!

  6. Brenda, I am sorry that you are so tired, you are right it is the life of a pet mom, we would do anything for them. Maybe try taking a nap?

    Ivy is a character. I think it is funny that she ran off over some corn bread crumbs. My pups get mad at me for the same reason.

    Take care of yourself, stay cool and have a good day.

  7. Oh, I know how hard it is to NOT give some people food to those fur babies when they’re staring at you with those big beautiful eyes and you can just visualize the “Please please please please please!” in one of those cartoon bubbles above the fur baby’s head. It may have just been coincidence that Ivy had an upset tummy after she ate some cornbread crumbs. Maybe check with your vet and see what he says about the odds of Ivy being allergic to products containing corn. Evidently a lot of kitties go ga-ga over cornbread crumbs. I would encourage you to try and make up some of your sleep deficit. I found that in my case, even though I am by no means sleep deprived, during the long daylight hours of summer and especially when I’ve been outside for awhile and the heat/humidity just sap the energy right out of me in a short period of time, a nap is very refreshing. I sometimes will zonk out for a couple of hours, but it’s more usual that I just really relax and sort of am in a semi-sleep state. Then 30 to 40 minutes and I’m up and feeling good as new. I’ve taken naps as late as 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and my night’s sleep has not been interrupted. I don’t think you have to worry about not waking up immediately if you hear Charlie coughing or needs to go outside – it’s a mom’s instinct to do so. Amazing how that works.

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