1. Are you aware that candles release toxins and chemicals into the air when burned? I know that you are concerned with air quality because of Charlie’s health, so I thought I’d mention it. I really enjoy your blog, and have followed you since you lived in Tyler, Tx. (I live in Longview.)
    Blessings, my friend.

  2. I love this idea. It’s amazing how changing things around and giving them a new home can make a big difference. I also followed your link to “digging in my closet” and I have to say I love the pops of red and especially the truck painting above the red lamp. And those are faux lambs ears? I have them along my front pathway and I would’ve sworn they were real.

  3. Where did you get those matches? The pottery bowl and the matches are my favorite part.

  4. Hi Brenda
    I too have been puttering around and working on crafts and decorating. I try to avoid the news.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely post!

  5. It is amazing what cleaning out a drawer or box of treasures packed away does for your soul, especially when hearing these hoarding stories or methods on how to clean out. We spend half our lifetime collecting and the remainder disposing of it, I swear.
    I prefer simple now. Makes my days feel less stressed as just thinking of what’s ahead is enough to worry me if I don’t distract myself on other household projects. I came from a science workplace so have great respect for those who’s sole focus is on health and safety of us. I can’t deal listen to all these others on the news who think they have it figured out.

  6. I never watch the news on TV. I haven’t in many years. I remember saying to my husband years ago, “Why do you watch the news, it’s just all politicians fighting, gang violence, children dying, accidents, fires, murders, etc.” So much negativity which causes anxiety, at least for me.

    I see news stories come through on my FB feed and if I’m interested in the story, then I’ll read it. Otherwise, I just ignore.

    Puttering and rearranging can be so calming, I agree. I love taking moments of time to play around like you did. It’s even nicer when you can just shop the house, and rearrange what you already have.

  7. The news does not bother me because we do not really know what is happening. I do watch the weather.

  8. I avoid television and social media – no TV news. I don’t have a smart phone or a cell phone, I’m the old fashioned land line type of gal. I have Facebook that is limited to a few close friends and my family only. I have done as much on FB as I know how to in order to make my account private, block as many junk ads and news as possible. No other social media. I have my laptop and I can listen to MSNBC and other stations on it (I like smooth jazz while I’m working around the house). I am a news hound and subscribe to a couple of online newspapers that have longstanding excellent reputations and if I want to dig further into a story past or present, I can always find articles on items that I want to do more reading on. I keep myself informed and have the luxury of the time now to do it. I keep in mind the lessons of history, of which I have been a life-long student, “this, too, shall pass.”

  9. I have to limit watching the news. I was never an anxious person before, but with the state of our country at this moment, the news is upsetting. My diversion is books! Unfortunately, I will get engrossed in one and let the housework slide and then beat myself up over that. It’s funny, I can focus on a book and read all day, but I can’t get settled enough to watch a 2hr movie.

    Making little changes with the decor has helped elevate my mood immensely, and adding in houseplants gives my home some “life”. My furkids are my greatest joy.

  10. We are bombarded with too much news. Sometimes you have to break it down into simple thoughts centering on yourself. I am safe in my house. I have food, shelter, loved ones and my pets. It brings me joy to putter around the house with my fur baby companion. Stay safe and cool everyone. Enjoy the simple pleasures in your life today.

  11. You are absolutely right. I just moved and am having so much fun finding homes for all my treasures and I haven’t watched tv for over two years. I have fire tv, Amazon prime, acorn for movies and YouTube for help but no news. I can only control my own self.

    1. Brenda – what a nice table refresh.Gardening – as well as decorating are the best form of therapy for me.

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