Finalizing Ivy’s Adoption

It has been raining most of the night and is still raining this morning. It is overcast with no sign of sun. I sit here and watch the the rain drip off the roof from my seat on the couch.

Ivy is sitting at the door waiting for the sparrows to descend on the bushes just beyond the small porch. This is where the sparrows flit and fly and chatter much of the day.

My desk with farmhouse decor

I have been reading “Listen To The Marriage” at night. The entire book is a ten month period of marital counseling sessions for a couple, Gretchen and Steve, in San Francisco.

They are separated. The have two young children and very demanding jobs.

It is about listening, really listening, to one another. Hearing what the other person is saying, not what you think they mean or what you want to hear.

This couple is in crisis and the counselor tries to get them to see each other again as the person they once saw.

This book is an exploration of marriage and busy couples trying to make life work.

Book Listen To The Marriage

I see Ivy now coming down the hall toward the living room with a folded paper towel in her mouth.

Where on earth did she find that? Oh, Ivy is quite the sleuth.

Ivy with a paper towel in her mouth

She will of course not stop until she’s “killed it”, torn it to shreds. And that’s exactly what she sets about doing.

Ivy with a paper towel in her mouth

Charlie and I sit here on the couch, our theater seats where we watch Ivy’s daily performances. She pounces on it mercilessly.

Oh no, she’s managed to find another one. I must have had two folded up together somewhere. She’s dragging it up the pet steps to the couch.

Ivy with a paper towel in her mouth

Ivy can sense with precision something she isn’t supposed to have.

She unrolls the toilet paper. Drags my things under the bed where the only way I can get them out is to get my yardstick and swipe at it.

She is under every stick of furniture she can fit her head and body into. Chasing at dust bunnies and bits of this and that that has ended up underneath.

I once thought my home was fairly clean until Ivy came to live here. She has shed light on everything I’ve missed by bringing it out to show me.

Charlie watching Ivy

Charlie can’t figure out why she is so fascinated by whatever is under there. It obviously never occurred to him to paw it out.

She tires of the paper towel and goes racing toward the living room window. I think she’s settling in to watch what’s outdoors.

But then it’s as though the thought has struck her that the paper towel might not be finally and truly dead.

She makes a few leaps and is on it again, ripping even more ferociously at the bits on the floor.

Oh, what I’d give to know what is going on in Ivy’s head.

She seems to decide that she’s finished her task.

Now she’s on the pet bed, eyes closed, sleeping. She can change from one thing to another with the greatest of ease.

One minute her ears are bent and she’s racing from one room to the next.

And then she’s sleeping. Looking oh so innocent.

Ivy sleeping on the couch

She stretches out her body and rolls to her back. She likes to sleep this way for some reason.

And all is fine in the world until she wakes up with another big spurt of energy looking for something to get into.

I never know what I’ll find when I come home. But at least Charlie is not as nervous as he was when I go out. I’m not having to give him a Composure pill. I’ve slacked off on that.

I wonder what they do when I’m gone?

When I open the door neither one of them is ever in the living room. They come down the hall, first Charlie and then Ivy, from wherever they’ve been. I imagine Charlie has been sleeping on my bed.

I can’t begin to guess what Ivy was doing.

Ivy on her cat tree

In about 10 minutes I will leave to meet Kelly at the animal rescue thrift shop, where I will get the papers finalized for adopting Ivy.

Such a short time Ivy has been in our lives, and yet, she has brought new life into this place. She has injected fun into the atmosphere with her crazy stunts and antics.

And Charlie and I sit here, spellbound in our theater seats on the couch, and watch her dance through the air, fly like a bird, pounce like a lion.

It has been a wild but fun 2 weeks with this silly kitten. And I wouldn’t trade them for the world.



  1. Ivy Lou truly is a breath of fresh air for you and Charlie. It’s wonderful that he isn’t as upset when you leave since Ivy’s been with you. Animals are so interesting. What they are aware of , the habits they form, the antics they perform. Ivy’s exploits are wonderful entertainment. I certainly enjoy your accounts of them. How very fortunate that she has found a wonderful, safe and caring home with you and Charlie. A “happy ever after” story.

    It’s raining here again too and is pretty cold. We had one sunny day this week when I wanted to plant some tulip bulbs but didn’t get to it. Now I’m wondering if I will get them in at all before the snow flies. I might if we have another sunny day and it’s not too windy. I can deal with the coldness if it’s not coupled with a freezing wind.

    Hope you three have a lovely weekend. Hugs and pats, as usual.

  2. Ivy and Charlie are so adorable! We have a WiFi camera to keep an eye on pup when we’re gone. Love being able to just use a phone app to see what she’s up to in real time. It was under $50. Would be interesting to see what Ivy is doing while you’re away from home. She’s hilarious!

  3. LOL- There is nothing like a kitten to put a spark in your life. I so miss having a cat. Our last two cats were “kittens” until they passed…playful and funny and endearing.
    Enjoy every moment as her “cat mom”. I bet she perks ol’ Charlie right up, too. xo Diana

  4. So lovely to hear joy in your posts since Ivy arrived! I know the grief is still in your heart, but now it shares space with pure joy! Please keep writing about Ivy’s antics, and Charlie too of course!

    1. I just cleaned the whole apartment because my daughter and family is coming over this weekend, so I’m not in any shape for a happy dance. Glad you can do it for me!

  5. Congrats and best of luck with Ivy!! She is one lucky fur baby. We have two cats and love them to pieces. Each has their own personality.

    Enjoy, wishing you the best, Janie

    1. Thank you! Yes, she is precious and so loving. She wants to love on Charlie, but he is not a snuggler, so he always gets up and moves away from her.

  6. Keep the updates and photos coming. Her antics have given me something to look forward to each day. She has taken over not just your household, but has perked up a lot of computer screens across the globe. Don’t we wish we had her energy?

  7. Maybe Charlie is so busy trying to keep Ivy out of trouble that he is not focused on your absence when you go out. When my little poodle growls, we have learned to go see what the shih tzu pup is up to, and it is usually naughtiness! Our fur babies bring us so much pleasure! Congratulations on Ivy’s adoption finalization.

  8. Ivy is a doll, thank you for sharing her with us! My kitty Bella’s favorite toy is a laser pointer, it is her mission to catch the red dot! She has two speeds, Tasmanian Devil and unconscious. And wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

    1. I got one of those last week, but I can’t see the writing on the tiny batteries well enough to put them in. Waiting till my daughter comes over this weekend and maybe she can see it.

  9. I truly enjoyed your blog, even more so today than usual. I just had to smile or laugh till I read it all. The energy of Ivy is just so cute..I can just picture her killing the napkins, unrolling toilet paper, trying to get her tiny body into the tightest of spaces. And then of course run through the house, like she is being chased by a ghost, or maybe running a marathon, and after that falling asleep, to dream of who knows what next..Love it all, and so happy to see the three of you being happy, happy, happy……….So perfect that Charlie and Ivy do so well together. A marriage of three, meant to be!

  10. Miss Ivy is just a bundle of energy and utter entertainment for you and Charlie. She tickles me having to “kill” everything that comes in her path; she is a little toughie! I’m glad you are finalizing the adoption today. You three are a wonderful trio! Enjoy your weekend.

    Carol and Molly

  11. I am so glad Ivy has settled so well into your family Brenda. I think it is a great idea giving the animal and human 2 weeks to see if they are compatible. When we got Dexter there was none of that, once he was in he was in, but it was fine, we loved him from the start and I think he was a happy boy too.

  12. I so look forward to your lovely pictures of the two kids and the way you narrate the story!
    To see what really goes on while you’re gone, I’d suggest a wildlife trail camera. There’s a nice one for about $100 on Amazon that I have and the grandkids love the pictures and videos of raccoons, squirrels, birds and more we capture snacking on treats we leave for them. I can direct you to the one I have if you’re interested!

  13. Reading this put a big smile on my face… Congratulations on the 3 of you officially becoming a family ~
    Welcome home, Ivy Lou!!!

    1. She’s been on a tear for about an hour. She gets behind the couch and scratches. I chide her and smack my little ruler against something wood to scare her and the only one it scares is poor Charlie.

  14. I’m so enjoying reading the antics of Ivy. Your stories just make me smile. Thank you for that.

  15. The two weeks have flown by! Congratulations on making it official today. Ivy could not have gotten a better home.
    I too have wondered what Charlie and Ivy are up to when you are gone. Ivy and her antics are probably a good distraction for Charlie!

  16. I love hearing about Ivy’s antics and Charlie’s laid back observance. It would be fun to have a security camera to find out what they are up to when you’re gone. And the fun goes on. Looks like even the rainy days are fun now. Sandra

  17. I’m enjoying it as well. A daily show! What fun. Congratulations on your new family member being official.

    1. YES me too! Such fun. Ivy is very lucky. She can play/sleep to her ❤ heart’s content! Pictures are adorable Brenda! You do excellent in capturing daily events! Love the shot with Charlie watching Ivy going under sofa! Let’s keep laughing. Good for our health! P. S. You are a lovely writer.

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