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  1. A nice space. The kitchen looks well appointed, with a good amount of cupboard and storage space. I wonder about how other storage needs are addressed. Such as, are there bedroom clothes closets? I very much like the living room, especially the brick fireplace. I am considering selling my, what I consider small, house and moving to a retirement development where I wouldn't have nearly as much room as I do now. I don't like the idea, frankly. I react to small spaces with caustrophobia! Maybe because I grew up in the country and while our farmhouse wasn't especially large, we had the openness of the fields to look at outside. Spatial issues are definitely an obstacle for me! But who knows, maybe I can overcome my dislike for small spaces. Anyway, I enjoyed the tour to see what how others are using their small spaces.

  2. I can imagine walking in and taking right up with living in this home. The decorator of this home knows a lot about balance — the black and red accents are noticeable but not overpowering, the plants and the wood accents bring in some nature, and I just noticed the jewel tones scattered about. Gosh, I like this place!

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