1. Those are all wonderful ways to spend a Winter day Brenda..I do most of the same things…The Goldfinch is beautiful..I love it when they come back in the Spring…They and the Bluebirds are my favorites! And now everyone has me hungry for meatloaf..lol..

  2. yes, please, put out your recipe for meatloaf. Mine is terrible, so I would like to try something tried and true.

  3. I don't do anything as relaxing or creative as you do, Brenda! I am always doing laundry or cleaning floors or the bathroom, etc., etc. My daughter and her twin 6-yr.-old boys are living with me presently and I care for them much of the time during the week. I'm always behind with the necessary things. I do read a few blogs, though, and have a stack of books on my bedside table. I've read most of them so it's time to find some new ones. I just read Maeve Binchy's book called "Tara." A very engrossing novel if you haven't read it.

    One thing I've been doing on some of those grey, grey days is looking over the flower and seed catalogs that have come. I have knee problems right now so I don't know how much I will be able to dig in the dirt this spring. I'm hoping the knee joint thing will be resolved before warm weather–or at least improved. It cramps my style big-time! I am so anxious to plant things!

  4. Meatloaf is one of my favorite comfort foods. Winter usually finds me fixing a lot of soups. Also casseroles and other foods which I cook in the oven…something I don't like to do when the weather warms up. Bird watching is a favorite activity. That is a beautiful photo of the goldfinch!

  5. When it's cold outside, with the wind blowing, I enjoy making chicken soup, bean soup, or chili. Like you,I always make enough to freeze for two extra dinners. I made a meatloaf last week, and there was enough left over for sandwiches for the following day. Tomorrow I'm making pigs in the blanket, and I'll have enough for two days, again. I guess I've never gotten over,cooking for 5, but it's so nice to go to the freezer, and have the meal ready to heat up. Anyway, I spend time on my Pinterest, page, going through the boards and deleting old stuff that is no longer of interest to me. But mostly,I have a pile of probably 30 books that I bought, on a used book buying spree,on Amazon, so I've been deep into those, and that is my favorite pass time..oh and reading blogs like yours, and today, making a Birthday card for DH. Spring will be here in WI, in a couple of months,(I hope) and I'll be spending time out doors planting flowers, herbs,and weeding too, of course, so every day, every season, there is always something to do. I enjoy it all, cozy winters, and warm breezy summer days.

  6. Hey Brenda,
    Here in the south we have some nice weather most of the time. It has not been too cold so we go hiking, gem mining and making jewelry from our finds!! When it is too cold to get out I piddle around the house doing different stuff, on the computer reading blogs and emails, and learning new jewelry techniques although I am new to it!
    We love meatloaf here with mashed potatoes! Sometimes we have sandwiches the next day from it.

    The idea to clean your filters is a good one. Never thought about the soot from candles affecting it!! I change my filter every month due to the animals hair clogging it so I guess it is the same.

    If I read, I fall asleep!! I have not finished a book in years but I can read magazines and others media!! Funny, a book just puts me to sleep!! I love the flowers!! It does brighten up a room especially on a gloomy day!! Wish I could do some of the other things that you do Brenda!! Love your stories. Hope that you and the pupsters stay warm and have a great week~~~

  7. All the things you mention are what I like to do too! In England, the term is "faffing" and that makes me smile. Plants, faffing, reading, candles, baking–all lower my blood pressure and make me happy.

  8. Reading! I brought home so many books from the library the other day, I could barely carry them. But now at home I'm happy as a lark working my way through them. Warm, cozy, and books – a perfect combination.

  9. I get cabin fever easily so I end up going to craft stores and spending too much money. Boo!
    The first poster today mentioned salsa in meatloaf. Sounds wonderful, I wonder how much. Mild salsa would enrich the flavor…I think.

  10. I start to get cabin fever and end up re-organizing closets and cupboards. And then I change out the living room curtains. Yesterday I took down my heavy dark green drapes in the living room and put up white ones, even though it is only February and so dark and gloomy and rainy outside. And I move things around like the wall art and candles, etc. Like you, I must stay home way too much and I get bored with the same look every day.

  11. Working on decluttering! Also, I've been on a kick of making quick breads, usually containing cranberries. I still am craving that flavor after the holidays! I try to take a walk each day around the neighborhood. And, the biggest thing is, applying for jobs. Ugh.

  12. Oh, how I wish I had quiet winter days to putter around my home! On the rare day I am actually home for the whole day, there are a billion chores that need to be done. But somehow I always find time for a good book – this week it was "After Anna" – you would LOVE it!!

  13. Oh I am coming over to your house ~ meatloaf, birds, books, lovely candles ~ lovely post and photos ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Week ~ ^_^

  14. Share your meatloaf recipe! There are so many variations and my husband is a big fan. Even on crappy weather days like today I have to go out into the farmyard at least twice a day to do barn and coop chores – bleh. Inside I work on photos on the computer, do my part time editing job there as well – catch up on cleaning the house, bake something like banana bread. I find I can't sit down to read a good book until I'm in bed ready to fall asleep.

  15. Make quilts – read – and cook – always some time for exercise and a walk outside even if that is only a quick walk back and forth on the front porch for some fresh air

  16. Hi there…please check your furnace filter often when you burn candles. I was burning: them every day and the soot blocked my furnace filter, in a month!
    I love meatloaf too. I mix the meat with bread crumbs, egg and salsa for a great flavor and little work. I like to draw and paint with water color or color pencils, or both together….cheap…you can do journal pages and cards this way too. I usually sew, but this winter I am stuck with a broken wrist and surgery on it….so no sew….and just when I water to start embroidery!

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