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  1. The hospital gave me special bags to put over my cast when I had my ankle/foot operation. They were heavy duty. They went halfway up my thigh. The cast was almost to my knee. It sounds like you are having some of the same work that I had done. I couldn’t put any weight on it for 12 weeks. Then physical therapy. I hope your operation goes as well as mine did.

  2. Ugh on the delivery of essential items – fingers and paws crossed that the items get to you before your surgery date. Hopefully, you’ll get a tracking link to watch? I didn’t realize that you lived so close to St Francis. After the recent shooting, my husband and I drove up to bring my Molly the Therapy to visit with the staff. They had therapy dogs scheduled throughout the day on the Monday after the shooting. We ended up visiting with staff in the Adult ER and the Children’s ER. I hope that your surgery goes well and that you get the pain relief you need! Take care!

  3. We’ve encountered instances where our Amazon items show to be in transit and then the tracking disappears completely or stalls at one location for days on end. When that happens, I just reorder without waiting on resolution because we always get a confirmation notification that the items have been cancelled and were refunded. I wonder where items end up that were shipped but never delivered?

    1. So wonderful that Ron is on the mend! Answered prayers!

  4. Yay! So glad that Ron is starting to feel better now!
    Hopefully u get your much needed things from Amazon sooner than later Brenda!

  5. When you encounter such an issue, with Amazon anyway, I have learned to INSIST on talking to someone in USA…because it will usually not be resolved otherwise. So far that has worked. Part of the stress level some of us face this year is due to just such as this…no matter how well we do our job, our part of the story, things will not go well. No wonder some of us have high blood pressure. Mine has been higher recently, even though I am not dealing with as much stress now. Still some however. I think my adrenal gland has had quite enough. Sad place in history we are. I wish I was not surprised by Ron’s experience with the hospital. Most of them are incompetent at best these days, sadly. At least it sounds like Ron is recovering…my hubby came close to loosing his life in January due to the extreme incompetence. I so wish we could choose to go to veterinary docs…they NEVER EVER mistreat their patients so!! I hope your needed items do arrive…at least you might spend some time online hunting for local places where such might be obtained, just in case it is needed.

  6. Corn meal will dry roly polys out. I never realized they look like tiny armadillos.

  7. Best wishes for a successful surgery, Brenda.

  8. Remember, truck drivers are scarce and the ones that are working-work hard hard to deliver everybody’s Amazon package orders. Things happen. 62 orders in 3 months? Wow……. There has to be a medical supply store in your city for you instead of relying on Amazon.

  9. Oh Brenda! I’ve discovered that when I order from Amazon these days, I check to see if the item is from another vendor than Amazon. There seems to be more problems in delivery from these “associates.” thinking of you these days, fran in OKC

  10. Deliveries seem to run smooth unless it is something you desperately need or want. That has been my experience. I hope Amazon will be true to their word and your order will arrive on Sunday. I like to plan ahead too and when there are snafu’s out of my control, anxiety goes way up. I was going to put some of my house plants outside on my porch, but so far haven’t gotten the old wood dresser I wanted them to sit on, painted yet. May have to rethink that as I surely don’t want to have to deal with bugs when it is time to bring them back in. Dealing with health issues leaves energy and pain levels unpredictable, and I worry about being able to be able to do what it takes to ‘de-bug’ them
    at the end of the summer. Hubby got a pneumonia vaccine today at the doctor’s office. I plan on getting one this fall at my next appt. With Covid still hanging around I figured it will be a good idea.

  11. Pneumonia – that’s not something to mess with. Wow. I hope Ron has a fast recovery. I hope you get your deliveries before you go in for your surgery. I don’t have a Prime account with Amazon but I have noticed that it often gives a delivery date and then a day later I get an email telling me that the item will be delivered sooner than expected. That is limited to items Amazon already has in its warehouse, so they can get things out quickly for delivery. If an item is coming from a third party vendor and isn’t in stock, or the third party vendor uses a third party service (UPS, FedX, USPS) for delivery, items could be delayed.

  12. I hope the things you ordered arrive by Sunday. That is frustrating for you.

    I truly dislike bugs and the flies are horrible this year for some reason. I’m wondering if our little feral
    Cat is taking her treasures under the workshop thus causing all the flies.

    How awful the ambulance took so long to show up. Glad to hear Ron is on the mend.

    Wonderful picture of the squirrel on the chair. Do those chairs go in storage for winter? I’m not happy with my patio chairs and will probably get something else next year.

    1. No, I wouldn’t have enough room to store the anyway. They have sat outside year-round for about 3-4 years now.

  13. So sorry about your deliveries being messed up. But your attitude remains good! We are having a terribly hot summer already here too. Been hot and humid for weeks. Really have to keep the plants watered. Hope your delivery shows up today.

  14. Brenda, your mention of the amount of Amazon ordering you do makes me wonder if you have a Smile account? If not, would you consider creating one to benefit my favorite charity, Crash’s Landing Cat Rescue and Placement Center? These are simple to set up and cost nothing. Every order you place returns a small percentage to a non profit. This organization operates a building where cats roam free with care from the founding vet, Dr. Jen. She takes in cats from the most dire trauma and fixes them for eventual adoption or a safe and secure life in the shelter.
    There is a chance that the rescue Ivy and Gracie came from also are listed as Amazon Smile beneficiaries.
    Thanks for thinking about this!

      1. Oh wow, thank you! I looked at my account and see it shows Crashs Landing with no apostrophe…..just wonder if that would make a difference?

    1. I have a Smile account that donates to a similar organization in Central Texas called Shadow Cats. They are angels with what they do .

      1. I love this! My Texas daughter has Dallas Street Dog Advocates as her charity. Smile will notify you quarterly of the amount your organization received…as well as your individual total. It’s amazing how quickly it adds up!

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