It is bright and sunny today. I took Charlie and drove to the drive-in pharmacy a bit ago. Only to find I was 15 minutes early. I knew Charlie wouldn’t be satisfied sitting in the car, so I drove back home.

In a few hours my daughter is picking me up so we can take Andrew to the park. It’s supposed to be in the high seventies today.

Dining room

One day it’s cold, the next it’s hot. It’s that odd time of year in between seasons.

A bulb company sent me a big box of double daffodil bulbs to plant. But I don’t have anywhere to plant them right now.

All the plants are still growing and some are still green and some are blooming. So I don’t want to dig around them yet, not that there’s any room in the pots anyway.

I’ll figure something out. Maybe some of my neighbors would want some to plant.

The new neighbor moved in Thursday. I’ll ask her if she’d like some spring bulbs.


Ivy has been with us three weeks now. Seems like it’s been longer somehow.

Boy, does she manage to get into things around here. You can’t leave a cabinet or door open or she’s in there getting into mischief.

I’m still almost in disbelief when she jumps straight into the air.

I mean, where are the physics there? Does she have invisible springs in her feet?

I could understand if she was running and then leaped into the air. But this befuddles me.

Here she is with that darned pumpkin stem. I’m glad I didn’t throw it away when it fell off, because she’s had hours and hours of fun with it.

Ivy with the pumpkin stem

At the moment she is lying on top of my magazines in the dough bowl in the sun. What animal doesn’t enjoy sunning themselves?

Charlie and Ivy in the living room

Ivy in the dough bowl of magazines

At night when I’m in bed reading or watching TV Ivy will come up next to me and then flop over on her back. This means she wants me to rub her tummy.

She’s still as long as I rub her tummy.

Isn’t it funny how quickly we learn their wants and needs? Animals speak to us, I suppose, just in a different language.

Ivy in the dough bowl of magazines

Another thing that puzzles me: How can her white fur look as white as newly fallen snow when she’s all over the floor? Playing on her back, her stomach, her side, yet somehow she always looks so clean.


Oh, how is it that these pets wrap themselves around our hearts so quickly?

They come to us and twine themselves around every aspect of our lives. And we wonder what we’d do without them.

Well,  my daughter just called and they’re coming early, so I’d better wrap this up.

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. – Martin Buber

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  1. Ivy is a charming little girl. I’m so glad you brought her into your life. I know Charlie seems happier also. The grief, while always there, is somewhat lifted but this change in your lives. Love the photos of Ivy in the dough bowl! I hope you had a lovely time with Andrew and your daughter.

  2. So nice to see that Ivy fits right in with you and Charlie. She is a very pretty cat. I have a dog that likes to sun herself in the sunroom!

  3. This post made me laugh out loud. Ivey is gorgeous – I am very partial to black and white animals. I bet Charley looks at her like she’s crazy sometimes! Especially when she jumps straight up into the air. 🙂 I hope you had a fun time at the playground.

  4. Brenda,

    Good evening to you Charlie and Ivy. I hope that you had a wonderful day with your daughter and your sweet grandson. I am sure it is a treat to see them. Did they meet Ivy? I am sure that they fell in love.

    I am not sure how these fury friends wrap themselves around our hears so fast. Perhaps it is because they love us unconditionally and we know that we can always rely on them for a smile. a hug and love even on days when we don’t love ourselves or feel loveable.

    I hope you have a great night.

  5. Ivy’s coloring is my very favorite! She is gorgeous! My 46 yr old daughter and I adopted a cat just like Ivy when my daughter was three years old, and she still talks about her, and her name was Daisy! She has a tuxedo male cat now. I just love seeing photos of your Ivy! Guess I’m a cat person.
    And oh, I look for your post first thing everyday, too. You are important to a lot of people!

  6. I laughed out loud when I saw Ivy in the dough bowl. I once opened my cupboard door on the bottom where I kept my canned goods and there was Hooper (long gone) —I don’t see how it could have been comfortable. ha ha And I still don’t know how he got in there!

  7. Brenda, your blog is the first thing I look for each morning. I just read your blog from JUly 16. Don’t know how I missed it before. I don’t always read all the comments, but I did today. I was so touched by ALL the comments. Something from each one touched me and I could see myself in them all.Thank you for writing this blog and sharing with us and for letting us share with you. I receive such complimentary comments from everyone I know who say such nice things about me, but inside i’m always thinking “you just don’t know the real me” , I fall short in so many ways.

    1. We women are hard on ourselves. Men never are held to the standards women are. Did you know that judges typically give harsher jail sentences to women? Be good to yourself. And thank you for the very kind words!

  8. I’m so happy things have worked out so well for you and Charlie since adopting Ivy! Cats are amazing creatures and often seem to contradict physics! My cats will jump straight up too and it cracks me up. I’ve read they do that because their hind legs are super strong and in the wild that enables them to jump up after prey or away from something that is after them. I love watching cats play as they can put on quite a show as you’ve discovered. I took a box and cut a door opening in it and then put it upside down kind of making a cave or house for my cats. They love it! They like to hide and then jump out or take a nap in solitude. I buy them toys but they always love the homemade ones.

    Enjoy your time with your daughter and Andrew! Have a great weekend and love Charie and Ivy for me.


    1. Next time I get a delivery with a box, I’ll do the same for Ivy. She’s chasing that crazy pumpkin stem all over the floor now. I’ll give them a kiss for you! Thanks for telling me about cats in the wild. Makes more sense now.

  9. Enjoy your time with family .My kitty has a UTI I think .Husband has been in hospital and Kramer got really stressed while he was gone .I have called the vet will see what happens it is so hard to get someone on weekends .
    So glad Ivy Lou is working out .
    Love all her antics .

  10. Have a fun day at the park with your family Brenda!
    Wow…in the 70’s! I woke up to hearing sleeting outside! Yup, you read that right…sleeting outside! My dog wasn’t happy and did his business fast! I had to bribe him with a treat! Lol. It works every time!
    The radio station said it will be 45 to 50 tomorrow. Crazy weather here!
    Have a great day with your pet babies!

  11. I agree it is quite interesting how we learn the needs and wants of our pets! Also as you have mentioned they learn our “moves” and habits. My dogs know I am leaving when I pick up my purse, and they know the bedtime routine. I am amazed too with how many words and phrases they seem to “understand.” They communication we have with our pets is fascinating.

    Have a wonderful time at the park!

    1. Charlie has it in his head that when I get a phone call, and maybe he can hear my daughter on the other end, he figures she’s picking me up. Then he starts to look upset.

  12. Our Lucy crawls into bed with us and keeps hitting me until I rub her. I have to shut the light off and then she finally goes to sleep.

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