Ivy Chasing Dust Motes

It is funny to watch Ivy take such enormous delight in the simplest of things. This morning her preoccupation is dust motes.

She is bug-eyed watching them float through the air like snow flakes drifting down around her.

It doesn’t take a lot to entertain Ivy. Dust motes, shadows, anything that catches her eye.

And she knows if one thing is different in this apartment. One little thing.

The other day I was looking for some checks I knew I’d ordered. I really only use them to pay rent, thus I forgot where I put them.

I was digging through the cupboard where my crafts are and found a few small plastic baggies, the kind used for beads. They were only a few inches long. I set them up on the top of the cupboard because I didn’t need them and planned to throw them away. Then I forgot about them.

Ivy was not in the room and the cupboard is high off the ground.

But wouldn’t you know I was sitting here in my chair on this computer less than an hour later and here came Ivy into the room with one of those baggies in her mouth.

She likes to take the things she finds and place them somewhere. Often it is the bathtub. She decided to put the baggie on my new boho table. Since it a small surface and she’s a bit uncertain of it, she very daintily rose up on her hind legs and placed it at the edge of the table.

She will leave it there awhile and then retrieve it and take it somewhere else. Well, I got up and threw it away, as well as the others I forgot to toss. She doesn’t need small plastic baggies.

I just can’t for the life of me figure out how she knows one little thing is different. That one thing has been moved.

Right now she’s watching the slant of the sun across the floor. Yeah, she’s quite easily entertained.

This weather is crazy. Last week it was really hot and tonight it’s supposed to freeze. I had to get up in the middle of the night and turn the heater on.

And yet I have not seen one tree with leaves turning. I thought the leaves started turning first and then it got cold.

Where is our fall weather? I love fall and I miss it. I hate going from hot to cold in one fell swoop. I hope this is just an aberration and we will have our fall weather yet.

Charlie doesn’t acclimate well anymore to the changing of weather. It’s harder on him.

We went to acupuncture and land therapy yesterday morning. Now I’m to do some of his exercises with him at home.

One exercise is where I sit in my rolling desk chair and raise him up by holding his two front feet. I then roll backwards so that he is forced to use his muscles in his back legs to walk. We then reverse and I roll forward, forcing him to walk backwards.

He can walk backwards better than forwards because the muscles he uses to go backwards are different from the ones to walk forward. And his biggest deficit is in the muscles that move him forward.

This is the kind of thing they do at land therapy. They isolate which muscles are declining and work on them to strengthen his legs in order for him to walk. He tends to drag his back right leg. They work on that at land therapy as well.

It is amazing all that they do. And interesting to watch other dogs going through their own specialized rehab. I like to watch the dogs in the big rectangular water chamber. They fill the water about halfway up the size of the dog, then turn on the treadmill so that the dog must walk.

I’m having lunch with daughter/daughters today. The younger daughter and I never know if her big sister will show up because she’s flipping another house. Sometimes she has deliveries or plumbers or someone coming to the flip house and can’t leave.

Sometimes she runs across a problem she wasn’t expecting and can’t leave in the middle of fixing it.

I never envisioned my probably 110 pound daughter at the age of 44 (45 next month) scraping popcorn ceilings or tearing down walls. But that’s what she’s taught herself to do and I admire her for just jumping in and teaching herself the ins and out of the structure of a house.

Sometimes she makes videos showing what she does and how to fix a particular problem. She could give a man working in construction or an architect or designer a run for their money. She strips a house and then goes in and remodels it. She is also a realtor.

So whether it’s daughter or daughters today, we shall have a fun lunch and catch up on the last two weeks. That’s our usual meet, every two weeks on Friday.

Then I plan on a quiet weekend. I’m on the third year of watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. And it’s such a great show. It would not have been a show I’d have thought I’d like. But the acting is so superb.

Last night I watched the episode with the fly in the meth lab. That was a funny one.

There seems to be a never ending supply of series and movies for me to watch on Netflix. I don’t miss cable TV at all.



  1. Brenda, the top photo of Ivy is beautiful. She is certainly a unique cat. Super-aware of her surroundings and most curious about everything in her environment. A live-wire if ever there was one. You really lucked out when you adopted her. Just think, you could have adopted a much less smart and interesting feline and how much more boring would your life be?? Anyway, she is definitely one of a kind and is really lucky to have a mama who appreciates all her peculiarities.

    Your description of Charlie’s land therapy is really interesting. I had no idea that sort of thing was available for dogs.
    It’s so important for him to be able to stay mobile. Better for his whole body and bodily functions.

    I’ll close as it is approaching bedtime and I have been so tired today I need to get to bed. Hope you are having a pleasant evening with your fur babies.

  2. Ivy is so beautiful, the first photo of her today really is the best. I really enjoy the stories you have to tell of her antics. Wish Charlie was better, but know how the cold has a lot to do with pain for all of us and our pets. Wishing you a wonderful lunch today, and a happy weekend with your two babies..Hugs from 39 degrees COLD WI.

  3. I’m glad you are enjoying Breaking Bad. I also did not think I would like it but my son kept encouraging me to watch it and I’m glad he did. You are right, the acting is excellent. I remember that episode with the fly – it was funny! I think I mentioned this, but don’t watch the Breaking Bad movie when it comes out until you have seen the entire series of shows. The movie comes chronologically after the series and it would ruin the end of the series for you.

  4. I wish I could get some therapy like Charlie, it sounds like it would be very effective! I admire your daughter very much for being able to flip houses, you should get her to flip a small one for you! Also, Breaking Bad is excellent. Have you started cheering for the criminals yet? That show was so well done, as you watch you may change your ideas and perceptions of the characters and their activities. I really enjoyed it, and like you, I thought I wouldn’t like it at first. I just finished Happy Valley because you mentioned it in a post and I really like that one, too! A third season is in production now, and I’m looking forward to it.

    1. Yeah, I’m now cheering for the criminals. I was trying to tell two of the therapists at Charlie’s therapy about the show, said I began to root for the meth makers. And they looked at me like I was nuts.

      1. I loved Breaking Bad and also would never have expected to like it, but….I used to spend a lot of time on the Food Network’s message board. A member(?) asked if anyone had decided what they would be watching this fall and wanted to mention that her nephew was producing a new show called Breaking Bad and gave a brief description. I was hooked and shocked within an hour!. Who knew? Now a movie is coming out and I really, really liked Better Call Saul.

  5. Charlie’s therapy sounds so interesting – how wonderful that they take such care with him. Your photos of both Charlie and Ivy are wonderful. Have a good lunch and a happy, peaceful weekend.

  6. Ivy is such a pretty cat and goodness how she has grown! And Charlie is as handsome as ever. It is amazing what physical therapy can accomplish for our furry friends as they age.
    Although I have not been commenting lately, I do read and enjoy your posts daily. I am usually sitting outside on the back patio these days reading the daily post on my phone. We are in the midst of having our master suite (hard to actually think of it as a master suite because the closet, bedroom area, and bath are quite small) renovated. The house is in a state of chaos and my furry crew is not happy with the construction crew in the house. And it seems like with this ole house (built in 1925), one never knows what will be encountered when you tear into these old walls.
    I really like your new boho table — love the shape, color, and the design.

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