Well, I got so tired of wearing the old blurry glasses that I resorted to wearing the glasses that now have only one nose piece.

Progressives have layers of prescription to them, which is why they’re so expensive. 

So wearing a pair of these glasses with one nose piece means I can see pretty well out of one side, but the other eye is looking out of the wrong spot with no nose piece to anchor my vision. 

Which means you’re mostly okay with one eye, and blurry with the other.

So I’m doing as little as possible until I can get my new glasses, which should be (I hope) Monday. Going to be a long weekend looking out of this pair.

However I still have a meal or two from the leftovers my daughter brought over. And I can put together various meals from what I already had. 

So I won’t be going out. Driving would be a bit difficult.

A sweet reader sent me the above gift. There is a pretty table runner with rick-rack and colorful striped dish towels. Along with paper napkins and a little notebook. All beautifully color coordinated. Thanks Pam!

I will probably finish the book I’m reading this weekend. I’m really enjoying “Only Child.”

It is written from the viewpoint of a first grader who was in an elementary school when a gunman came in and started shooting. His older brother was killed, and this tragic event changes his whole family.

I would think it would be hard to write a book from the viewpoint of someone so young. Rhiannon Navin handled this task splendidly however. 

I am not one to go out during the weekend after Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t get out in those crazed crowds for love or money. 

Do you go out to shop on Black Friday weekend? If you do, I consider you a very brave soul!

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  1. The new glasses will be great. Glasses are such a big thing……..i couldnt get used to progressives. I have a pair for reading and one for distance UGH. I dodged Black Friday too 🙂 I don't even like regular weekend crowds – much less Thanksgiving weekend! LOL

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  3. Hang in there with your glasses…it's no fun not being able to see correctly. Hopefully, your new glasses will be in tomorrow. How wonderful to get gifts in the mail from a reader! That runner looks really pretty. No, I don't go out shopping on Black Friday. Nothing I need that badly where I want to be out in those crowds. It's mostly online shopping for me. We went to B&N today for some magazines, but that's it.

  4. Black Friday is a day…or weekend that I avoid and have since it became a "phrase". Crazy people out there! Not being able to see properly is stressful. As one of the bloggers said, be careful with your depth perception.

  5. Sorry about the glasses situation, Brenda. I know how annoying it is not to be able to see what you want to see when you want to see it. It makes doing tasks so frustrating. Crossing my fingers that you get the new ones on Monday.

    I absolutely NEVER go shopping on Black Friday! I hate crowds in stores. Too many people too close to me! Or "in my bubble" as some say. No, I don't get crazed about sales and promotions. Often I wait 'til the last minute and find great sales! But, these days, without my own car, I am shopping a lot on-line. If you can manage to find things with no shipping fee, it's as good or better than schlepping all over town and wearing yourself out.

    Glad you got to enjoy some Thanksgiving "fixens". How's your ankle doing? Take care.

  6. Sorry to hear about your glasses!! I have been working this weekend, and avoiding the black Friday rush at all costs. One of my friends went shopping today and he said it was unbearable with all the queues!

  7. I'm with you, Brenda ~ I won't set foot in a mall from Thanksgiving till after the New Year. I hate crowds and crazy people!!
    I hope you get your glasses ASAP

  8. Your vision. Is so important. Please be careful, when vision is blurry in one eye it can really throw things off. I am blind in one eye and have problems with depth perception. I have to be. So careful when I walk or go up and down the curb on sidewalks.
    Rick rack! Sweet memories of my mom letting the hem down on a dress and sewing Rick rack over the faded hemline..

  9. I hope your new glasses are ready by Monday. There was a time when I shopped Black Friday but I was still working and there was no online shopping. Now I shop online and everything is delivered to my door.

  10. Wow, what a nice gift from Pam. No, I don't shop on this weekend. I don't like the crowds and traffic. We will visit with some relatives and do a bit of hiking at a state park. Hope you can find great places for your new items.

  11. If I do go out on the few days after Thanksgiving it's only because I need something – get it and get home! People are crazy under normal conditions. Hope your glasses arrive on Monday.

  12. I hate to hear of the glasses. I fell several months ago and scratched mine really bad and just have not been able to get them fixed yet. My husband is on to me about it but the money has to be there to fix them. I also do not shop during this crazy weekend.

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