1. That cat of yours is not only gorgeous but she’s hilarious! I would definitely let her have the heart. Obviously it brings her much joy.
    It is freezing here as well. I have a small dog, so I still have to go out with her, but its for very short periods. Hopefully it will warm up soon.

  2. Good evening Brenda,
    I hope that you are staying warm by your heater and cozy fire. You are doing the right things staying home when it is cold and icy, you do not need to fall or slip on the ice, it is not worth it unless there is an emergency.

    Ivy is adorable! I love that she loves the little heart. Our pets are like our children and it is nice that you spoil her.

    How wonderful to have your daughter for lunch. I am sure that she loves it as much as you do. How are your grandchildren? Happy to hear that your neighbor is back home.

    Have a great week Brenda! Stay warm.

  3. Ivy is such a special cat. I often think when I hear your stories about her that she has an almost human quality, though she is very much a cat! I’m so glad you have this precious companion. I love the pictures of her with her precious heart, so very sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The little heart may have a certain smell that Ivy is attached to. My female cat does that with something new and small I may bring to the house. she’ll carry it all over and I’ll find it at my bedroom door in the morning. She reminds me so much of my girl who was abandoned by her mama around 5 weeks old.
    I watched The Fall twice too and thought it was excellent. Gillian Anderson is such is such a good actress.

  5. I agree with you. I think Ivy thinks the heart is her baby. Very sweet. So glad Ron is okay. I think it’s so great that you and Kasi get to spend that time together. Good for both of you. I wish I had a fireplace. Don’t think I’ve seen a picture of yours in awhile. Not sure I remember what it looks like. Could have used one this winter where I live. Temps below zero at night and barely above during the day. Brrrr. Supposed to be a bit warmer this week here.

  6. Been housebound for a week due to the frigid temperatures and tons of snow and ice, as I only walk or take the bus to get around, I do not drive. We are due for a “heat wave” tomorrow for a week with highs in the 30s, and – flood warnings. With snow shovelled, snow-blown and plowed snow piled up 4 feet and taller in the neighborhood and everywhere else in the city, and the ground frozen solid because of the week long sub-zero temperatures, where’s melting snow and ice going to go. No way am I thinking about spring and my garden beds, it was only a few days ago the last chore of taking the lights off the Christmas tree was accomplished and it was finally put in its place of rest in the basement until November 2024. Wondering what Ivy would do if you bought her a toy kitty???

  7. It made me say Awwww…💕
    I love Ivy stories. That picture of her lying there next to the heart was so sweet! She just melts my heart! I’m so glad Ron is ok! The poor guy was just trying to take a shower! I’m glad they were able to get him to the hospital fast enough and get his pacemaker working properly again! That must have been really scary for him and Pat. It was so nice of Kasi to bring you lunch. It’s nice that she does it regularly, so it gives you something to always look forward to. That time spent together is so important for both of you! The description of your fireplace sounds so cozy. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, while your weather is cold and yucky outside. It’s the little things that can make you feel all happy and cozy. Definitely a blessing to count! And before you know it, you’ll be working in your garden, instead of just thinking about it, lol! I tend to enjoy a little lighter reading. I want to read about and watch tv about happy things!

  8. Cutest story ever…Ivy and her heart…that will make everyone’s day…and make us say Awwww…💕

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