Yesterday I had groceries delivered, so the kitchen is pretty well stocked now.

They came to get the chair. They charged me the $99 delivery fee and 10% restocking fee.

Plumber Prices:

A plumber came to measure and give me an estimate for a taller toilet and a hand held shower head.

The original guy that does work for another house flipper Kendra knows had to back out due to being too busy. So I called a plumber that had 5 stars. Didn’t know much about them except their name.

They came out and measured. Then came back with a price of over $1200.

I was about to sign on the dotted line, but decided to call Kendra first. She said: “Are we talking twelve hundred dollars.”

I said yes. That infuriated her. So I handed the plumber the phone so he could talk to her. Obviously she told him no.

I still had to pay them $100 for coming out and giving me an estimate.

Kendra rounded up a plumber and said they’d both be here on Monday morning.

She said she’d go out herself and buy the supplies (tall toilet and handheld shower head). I suppose if she can move a 300 bathtub she can probably manage a toilet in a box. She does have a good dolly for those kinds of jobs.

Night 2 Sleeping In My Old Recliner:

Night 2 I slept again in my chair. It really isn’t bad to sleep in. Much better than the couch, I found.

Of course to inflate the mattress we had to have Wifi, and the cable guy came out yesterday morning.

The manager from the moving company said he’d come yesterday to try and get the bed inflated. And he did.

He got the whole thing set up, and then helped Teri move 2 pieces of heavy furniture. Thanks, Jeremy! For going above and beyond.

Teri told Jeremy that she was not aware that beds had to have Wifi these days. He told her that she’d be surprised at how many they make now that do need it.

This morning, on Day 3, the kitties are now both eating, exploring the apartment and sniffing everything.

Ivy’s back to hissing. They fight over my lap from time to time. Both of their cat towers/trees are in my bedroom in front of the patio door there. And there are lots of squirrels and birds for them to watch.

Bird Feeders Positioned All Around Me:

I’ve already seen several bird feeders in neighbors’ yards around me.

I’ll bring out the bird bath when it’s warm enough. Then the birds can dine all around me and then come get a drink and bathe here.

Teri doesn’t come on weekends, but Kasi is going to be here around noon. I’ll have her help unpack and break down boxes for the dumpster.

Mostly what I do is roll around on my little ancient rolling garden cart and take things out of boxes.

I had forgotten to take the gate remote to the manager’s office when I left last Wednesday. So I did that yesterday afternoon.

I got a gate remote for here that now works. The first one didn’t. So I’m now parked inside the gate.

Sleeping In My Bed:

I slept in my bed last night, which was nice.

There is still lots to do.

I don’t know how on earth I managed to cram that much stuff into a one bedroom apartment. Because it looks like it’s going to be hard to fit everything into this two bedroom apartment.

Teri jokingly calls me a pack rat. And I suppose she’s right about that. She said the next time she travels she may have me pack for her because I can sure pack a lot of things into a small space.

Teri has a boyfriend with a big motorcycle, and they join other couples with motorcycles and travel the country from time to time. In all kinds of weather. She’s braver than I am.

I ordered a small set of red pots and pans yesterday.

Still haven’t found my camera case. It has my camera and lenses in it. It’s not small, so I should come across it pretty soon.


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  1. Brenda, we love you. Apologizing for discussing anything that’s going in unnecessary. Being true to who you are and what you’re feeling is what is important. I appreciate you sharing your truth and vulnerability. So many people only show the perfect stuff and I’m so over it. I’ll take real life over the fake stuff every time. That is why I follow you and have recommended your blog to many friends. Be yourself. You’re wonderful just the way you are!!!

  2. Slowly things will come together. You are lucky to have your daughters and Teri to help. Good to hear that the cats are settling in, too. As far as fitting things in, my money is on you, that you’ll figure it out.

  3. Well, you’re in your new place, Brenda! Hallelujah! You’ve come a long way since a week ago when you didn’t know how it was all going to get done. Things do work out in ways we can’t predict, don’t they? Help arrived and tasks were accomplished. Thank goodness for all those helpers, especially Kendra and Teri. And I am so computer/electronics challenged that I don’t even know exactly what it means that a bed needs WIfi! Glad yours got hooked up and you’re sleeping in it now, though.

    So now you can begin to relax and enjoy putting your new “house” together. And, of course, keep us appraised of your progress!

    Oh, yes, and good to hear that the kitties are becoming acclimated to the new space.

  4. So glad you made it thus far…with some excellent helpers!! Gives me hope that somehow our move will work out!!

  5. How exciting that you are finally in your new place. No matter how much we think we have streamlined our lives and purged -it seems we always have way too much stuff. That is absolutely crazy for a plumber to charge that much. We have done this many, many times over the years. A standard toilet installation be NO MORE than $500-including the toilet. Hand held shower-$75 to $100 (plus shower head unit you pick out)

  6. Yeah! I’m so happy you finally got moved in, and your bed is set up. Wifi… who knew?!! I’ve been reading about your progress the last few days. I actually typed something long the other day, and accidentally deleted it, so I was too mad to retype it, lol, but I’ve been thinking about you so much these past few days. Lots of companies charge you restocking fees. I think it’s there way of trying to encourage people not to return things. I’m assuming the $1200 included the cost of the toilet, shower head and labor. That does seem like a lot. I’m so glad Kendra can do that for you. And it’s so nice that Kasi will be there this weekend to help you unpack. I’m glad she’s feeling better! What are you the most looking forward to doing, once you’re all unpacked?

    1. Decorating! A tip: if you accidentally delete your text, don’t do anything else. Just hit Control and Z and the text will be replaced. But you can’t do it if you’ve done something else in the meantime. A trick I learned from another blogger.

      1. That is interesting to know. Thank you. That particular comment I was writing was from my cell phone, so I don’t think I can do that trick, but that’s great to know for my desktop computer. Thank you! I’m looking forward to your decorating too!

  7. Sounds like things are moving along nicely…

    That’s crazy that that plumber was going to charge you over $1200 to change out a toilet and a shower head. Both are easy jobs and don’t even require a plumber; a handyman could do it much cheaper.

  8. I’m glad u kept all your garden stuff bc it’s easier to sell or give away than buy new things that aren’t so sturdy nowadays! Now u will be more relaxed and Ivy and Gracie will be too!

  9. Brenda, adding a hand held shower is literally one of the easiest things in the world to do you can do it yourself, I’m sure Kendra had done it dozens of times . I’m glad she told that plumber what he could with that quote. Give the kitties space and time and eventually they will come to an agreement.

  10. My vent hood over the stove is Wi-Fi enabled but I’ve never tried to use it that way. I’m glad things are settling down with most things working. Now we can look forward to decorating and the photos that will follow! I’m looking forward to seeing the red cookware!

  11. We just installed 2 of the taller toilets in our house and they were in stock at the home improvement stores. Our son and daughter actually put one in for us with no problem replacing our existing shorter toilet and my husband installed another one with new pipe to a new bathroom and it certainly didn’t take him long at all. No way should a contractor charge for giving an estimate if he wants the work. Thank goodness you have Kendra and Kasi and dear Teri looking out for you. I have so enjoyed how you are adapting to your new home and so glad we don’t have to think about snakes falling on you anymore. Now you can read and relax and be happy.

  12. It is so fun to hear about your settling into your new home. Sounds like the kitties are settling, too. Hope you find your camera soon!

  13. My dear Brenda, thank you ever so much for taking us along on this journey! I am grateful to read you got to sleep in your own bed – but I am certainly NOT ripe and ready for a world where you need WiFi in order to have one! any more than I am with jobs nowadays where you log-in via SmartPhone, etc, etc, etc.

    And GOD BLESS YOUR HELPERS YOU HAVE!!! I am half-wondering if the quote the so-called 5 star plumber gave you was b/c you are an older woman, single. Then again …. the other day, my landlord and landlady crunched the numbers to get a sit-down tub (which my landlord needs like you need a tall toilet) and – considering parts of a wall would have to be removed – I think the grand total was somewhere around $15,000 ;– My landlord took one look at that and said, “I’m just fine with the chair in the tub!”

  14. Brenda, you are in your new abode at last!!! Having the extra room will be nice for both you and the kitties. Keep us posted. Even the events of the day are of interest as we all face the challenges of our own lives.
    All this unpacking, etc. is probably beginning to stir your creative juices and it will be fun to see what you come up with,
    Take good care of yourself and the ‘girls’. We are all cheering for you.

  15. Holy cow, the plumber charged you $100 to come out to give an estimate? I’m glad I live where I am, businesses still advertise to come out and give free estimates. I would not pay for somebody to come give me an estimate on anything, that smacks to me of money-grubbing and maybe means they’re not getting enough business so they have to “cheat” their business model by forcing a person who says “no thanks” to pay something anyway. That is a travesty. If you got the name of that five-star plumber from an online service, perhaps you should consider leaving a warning message for people who may be looking at that particular plumber that he charges for estimates. That kind of information should be disclosed beforehand, not after the fact. It’s good news that the kitties are starting to settle into their new surroundings. Ivy will grow calmer over time. She was used to living in your former apartment for a lot longer than Gracie, and being older, it can be a little harder to adapt – we do like our routines and don’t like it when they’re disrupted.

  16. I know the prices have gone up??? in a lot of things, but dear Lord, where does it end? Are some toilets that difficult to get, or was this a scam?
    Our middle son, and his family are planing to build a home up North, near Lake Superior in WI., where they have a cabin, and usually travel up,every weekend. They now live on the Big Ol Plain Flowage, (water front) which is a 25 minute drive here to (Marshfield), where he and our daughter-in-law work. Their two boys have both ,now graduated from HS, and the move was planned, for after graduation Anyway, the prices are so outlandish on lumber, supplies now, just about everything, and even finding someone to do the contracting/building has been on-going. They have the property,bought 10 years ago, so are good to go in that respect.
    Anyway, back to that toilet, you just don’t know, is that price for real? Thank goodness for your daughter, Kendra, who knows about this type of thing, and knows what is going on. Even picking up the new recliner to take back, a cost of $100 + restocking fees. A couple of years ago, the charge would have been $50.00, which we paid,and no restocking fee.
    But, so far, so good, the cats are able to settle down, you have food stocked, and a comfortable bed to sleep in, good neighbors, and pretty soon you can receive Medicare….Life is good, keep smiling Brenda…. now just to get the pain under control, I am praying for you, that will happen soon, also. Sending hugs to you, Ivy and Gracie….

  17. I once saw a crockpot in Wal-Mart that said WiFi enabled,kind of scratched my head on that one.
    Sounds like everything is falling into place for you and the furries!
    Don’t forget to get some rest.

  18. With every box you open your mind must be in overdrive planning to make this space your cozy home! Have a wonderful weekend and take time to rest.

  19. Wow $1200! That is insane. So glad Kendra has somebody to help you out. Sounds like it is falling into place. And the kitties are out and about too-yeah!

  20. Things are obviously settling down! Awesome news! You and the kitties will soon be enjoying your days with much contentment, peace and gratitude.

  21. Despite the issues you still have to sort out, it sounds like you’re getting settled in nicely. Glad your bed is filled and you got your first night’s sleep in your own bed in your new place! Yay!

  22. Glad to hear everything is coming together for you! It was very nice of the moving company manager to help with the bed and to help move furniture for you! Boy! I can’t get over how so many things are dependent on WiFi to work, even beds!

  23. Thank goodness that you have your daughter to look out for you so that you’re not taken advantage of.

    I had no idea that many beds nowadays require wifi.

  24. Sounds like you are moving along nicely. OMG about the plumber that is insane what he was trying to charge you. Terry switched out our toilet and shower head and it took him all of maybe 20 minutes. So that guy was really going to rake you. Glad Kendra stepped in. No one is worth 1200 dollars and hour! Glad you got your bed up and were able to sleep in it.

  25. Brenda, it sounds like you are getting settled in . I have never heard of a bed that needs wifi, that is so interesting. As for the plumber!!!! That is ridiculous! Thank God you have Kendra! Have a great day and thank you for letting us know how you are. Can you email me your new address? Thank you

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