Taking Stock Of House Plants

I’m taking stock of my house plants right now. I’ve been doing a bit of maintenance to groom them (snipping off wayward parts of plants) and washing the dust off their leaves.

Click on the plant links to see how to care for each plant.

Snake Plant:

My snake plant, properly known as Sansevieria Trifasciata, is doing well. It grew quite a bit during the summer outside in the shade.

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema):

The pink and green Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) is just above.

The aglaonema is known for its huge variety of colors. This plant can display colors from bright white to a stunning deep red. And all variations do well in low light spots. Although I give mine more light and it’s doing great.

It’s one of the house plants that I’ve had the longest. And it stayed indoors during the summer.


This golden Pothos plant’s leaves grew much bigger while spending the summer outside. It is so lovely right now, trailing down the cupboard.

I find the pothos especially easy to grow and nurture.

Here are a few of my plants in the bedroom in front of the window. I never can seem to get a good clear photo of them regardless of what time of day it is.

What you can mainly see are two other types of Pothos. One is the neon pothos. The other is actually a philodendron.

Pony Tail Palm:

A Pony Tail Palm is just to the right of them. But you can’t see much of it in this photo.

The native environment of Pony Tail Palms is Eastern Mexico.

You can propagate the Pony Tail Palm, I’ve read. But I’ve never tried it. Once the palm has matured, it begins to grow smaller versions of itself that sprout from the base of the mother.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Ponytail Palm Propagation. And also Happy DIY Home.

Marble Queen Pothos:

This Marble Queen Pothos, the leaves of which are green and white, is getting good light from the French doors. I just adore two colored leaves on house plants.

It took me some time to find one of these types of Pothos. I finally ran one down in a plant place I’d never been to here in town.

Spider Plant:

And above this pothos is my hanging spider plant. Otherwise known as Chlorophytum.

I haven’t had it very long but it’s showing growth with those plantlets hanging down. I had to cut off the ones that Ivy could reach.

Thankfully some of the runners tend to grow up instead of down! You can take the plantlets (or babies) and create even more spider plants. Here is how to do that.

Then you have more spider plants to pot up or give to friends.

Although there is a pure green variety, the most common variety seen in garden centers in the green-and-white striped ‘Variegatum.’ Mature plants have small white flowers.

The Pet Babies:

I had to add this sweet photo of Ivy sleeping at the top of her beloved cat tower. She looks so peaceful. Not even a hint of mischief!

And here’s one of Charlie sitting on the couch.

I keep talking to him, trying to get him to look at me. But he’s stubborn that way.



  1. Your plants are beautiful. Years ago I had maybe 50 plants. I had a bay window with a window seat. Perfect spot! I babied those plants for a year and killed ALL of them😬 Think I’ll stick to fake ones!!

    1. I replaced one of my plants that I had for 16 yrs. when it died with a fake one. When the rest of my plants die I am going to get fake ones to replace them too!

  2. Good afternoon Brenda,
    I have NO LUCK with plants. I was so proud of myself because I kept a plant alive for a year and this month it took a turn for the worst. I think I am better off admiring other peoples plants.

  3. I have the pothos plant, some succulents and crassula argenta, also know as the jade plant. I bought little, inexpensive timed lights for the jade plant and the succulents. Really nice, the pole extends for tall plants and is on a timer.

  4. Do you have a problem with Ivy nibbling on the plants in your apt? My cat won’t leave mine alone and then pukes. I only have one plant left that is up high enough she can’t reach it.

  5. I am terrible with my houseplants, I seem to over water them especially in the wintertime when I bring them inside. Thanks for giving the care instructions. I have several of the same plants you have and that gave me what I needed to do as far as watering !

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