1. Your plants are beautiful. Years ago I had maybe 50 plants. I had a bay window with a window seat. Perfect spot! I babied those plants for a year and killed ALL of them😬 Think I’ll stick to fake ones!!

    1. I replaced one of my plants that I had for 16 yrs. when it died with a fake one. When the rest of my plants die I am going to get fake ones to replace them too!

  2. Good afternoon Brenda,
    I have NO LUCK with plants. I was so proud of myself because I kept a plant alive for a year and this month it took a turn for the worst. I think I am better off admiring other peoples plants.

  3. I have the pothos plant, some succulents and crassula argenta, also know as the jade plant. I bought little, inexpensive timed lights for the jade plant and the succulents. Really nice, the pole extends for tall plants and is on a timer.

  4. Do you have a problem with Ivy nibbling on the plants in your apt? My cat won’t leave mine alone and then pukes. I only have one plant left that is up high enough she can’t reach it.

  5. I am terrible with my houseplants, I seem to over water them especially in the wintertime when I bring them inside. Thanks for giving the care instructions. I have several of the same plants you have and that gave me what I needed to do as far as watering !

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