Chinese Money Plant Lore

Ivy is playing with her little black mouse. It is so funny to watch her scamper and jump and play with it. She’s a big cat playing like a little kitten and she kind of looks like a cow with her black spots lumbering after her toy.

Of course I wouldn’t say that out loud and maybe hurt her feelings.

For some reason she likes to take her toys in her mouth and put them in chairs, on tables, wherever. Then she will sit down, then almost immediately raise herself back up and retrieve them. I haven’t figured this one out yet.

Charlie is in his usual spot between me and the recliner chair arm. I don’t know what we’d have done without this recliner. Charlie and I both love it.

I did snap a good photo of her I think. Looking contemplative laying in the window. I wonder what she’s thinking about?

My back is still out from taking that cat to the vet, and the back stretcher I ordered now won’t be here till late Sunday it seems. That’s a week! Amazon is typically much faster than that. Guess it’s the holidays.

I’m thinking I might have to look into a mobile vet for Ivy, though I really love Dr. Poteet. We had a mobile vet for the dogs in Texas.

Have you ever had the Japanese money plant? It’s the one just above with round leaves, like coins. It is also called Pilea and is often seen in Scandinavian interiors.

The Chinese money plant, also known as the missionary plant, pancake plant, UFO plant, or just pilea (short for its scientific name of Pilea peperomioides) is originally from the southwestern Yunnan province of China.

Popular lore maintains that a Norwegian missionary, Agnar Espegren, took cuttings home with him in the 1940s, and shared them with friends and family.

Those plants were spread throughout Scandinavia, and eventually the world, as people passed cuttings between friends.

The Christmas stuff is all put up and my regular decor is back out. Like the candles and chimes hanging where the tree was.

I like the below vignette as it gets dark outside. It looks rather eerie, the Buddha sitting in front of the salt lamp, which could be construed as a crystal ball.

The plants are gathered around him as though he’s sitting in a forest.

Come January I will be hot on the trail of seeds I want to order. Last year, at Debbie’s suggestion, I ordered from Swallowtail Garden Seeds And I think I’ll order from there again. I was quite pleased with the zinnias.

Debbie, if you’re reading this, I can’t find a place on the website where you can either check in or find your old orders. I don’t recall which ones I ordered. Any info on that?

I have a doctor’s appointment in a little while. I’ve called the vet’s office to have them get one of Charlie’s medications filled because I want to pick it up while I’m over there in that part of town.

Then it’s back home to the pet babies.


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  1. Hi Brenda, I enjoy reading your posts. I’m a little behind because of this busy holiday week but I wanted to say how much I love your red & white drapes- at least I think they are drapes. I noticed them behind something you were highlighting. Ivy is beautiful! Wish I could have a cat but my husband is allergic to them. Have a lovely day. Marilyn

  2. Hi. I just found your blog via Pinterest and have enjoyed looking through past posts. It seems you really enjoying gardening too. I think you would really like
    I follow Tracy on Instagram as well and she is an amazing gardener and lovely person.

  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous portrait of Ivy. She really is a beautiful cat with her green eyes and that little pink nose and her black and white markings. And from what you have told us about her she is pretty darn smart, too! Very inventive with her ways of playing with various things. You got for sure lucky when you took her home I think!

    Oh, my gosh, your Christmas decor is put away already! I usually leave mine up ’til the middle of January, but that’s because I usually don’t get it put up ’til the week before Christmas! I am still enjoying my little silver and white Christmas tree and my greens and candles on top of my piano (in place of the mantle I wish I had). Every year I think I will get things up earlier but so far it hasn’t happened. Maybe next year–ha, ha!

    Since you mentioned ordering seeds in January I am reminded that it would be good to start planning early what I want to plant this next Spring. Hard to think about it when It’s still so cold, though.

    I’m sorry about your back still bothering you after lifting Ivy. Maybe you could get one of those pet strollers and then you could just wheel her out to the car and pop her in the carrier! Then you’d only have to lift her out of the stroller. Maybe she would even get in the stroller by herself, being the curious cat that she is! That’s kind of a crazy idea, but you never know what might work. Of course you’d have to get the cat carrier with her in it into the vet’s office, so this idea might not be worth much at all. I bet Charlie would like riding in a pet stroller, though. Or maybe it would frighten him. That wouldn’t be good. He probably likes to be held close to you when you take him out, doesn’t he?

    Hope you three are having a nice, cozy evening together.

    1. My family had a chihuahua that I would put in a wheelbarrow (an old heavy metal one) and ride around the yard – She also enjoyed riding in my bicycle basket (as long as there was a “blankie” in it to soften the wire basket feel) -Her name was Daisy Mae and she could nip at the heels of the dairy cows and get them in the barn for milking as good as any Border Collie herding his/her sheep!!! 🙂 b

  4. Miss Ivy,
    Your beautiful green eyes are mesmerizing❗️
    Brenda, thank & Charlie Boy for
    Giving her a warm loving home.
    Brenda may your back relax & you
    are more comfortable.
    Little CharlieBoy you pet & pamper
    mommy & sister.
    Martha p

  5. I saw this when looking up Pilea. Have You found the last part to be true? “Pileas are a part of the stinging-nettle family, Urticaceae. Plants in this family usually have stinging hairs filled with irritating histamines.” Ivy’s eyes are beautiful – She looks like she is planning her next mission, but trying to look like she is just being cool and calm. lol The pic (painting) behind the prayer & pilea plants is my fav in Your apartment so far. I really do like the wind chimes too. I have some, inherited from motherinlaw who passed in 2017. They are really nice. I bring them in during the winter and windy, rainy weather (whenever) to help them last longer. Are those capiz shells? Sorry for all the questions, but when I see a photo with a bunch of nice looking stuff in it, it is nice to have someone to ask what this or that is. Hi to Cutie Charlie! 🙂 b

    1. I couldn’t tell you about the shells. I am clueless. About the Chinese money plant, I have not read that, but maybe it’s true. I’ve handled it and never felt anything. I’ll see what I can find about it.

  6. Ebay has a pet carrier with wheels for only $32.99 and free shipping that looks really great.

  7. Our tree will stay up til New Years. We have a small pink aluminum tree i bought for my daughter one yr when husband was in the throws of his Alz it used to only come out at Christmas but the last few yrs she leaves it up and decorated it according to the holidays It’s seen some interesting stuff! This yr she put snowmen all around it and a white ribbon it is just lovely. Ivy is looking very contemplative. Assessing what she will do next! Feel better soon.

  8. I just take away any red or green on the 31st and leave the twinkling lights, white decorations up for at least through January. I really enjoy the “winter look” with white throws, pillows and lights.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    Where can I get one of these plants. I love it and the history and story around it. Since I am getting a little better with indoor plants I would like to give this one a try.
    Ivy is so cute in her picture. Hope your back starts to feel better.

  10. Ivy’s eyes are so beautifully green, especially with the plant right there to emphasize their color. If I had eyes that pure of a green color, I’d be ruling the world 🙂

  11. I think that there are pet carriers that have wheels that are pushed like strollers. Maybe that sort of thing would help with Ivy’s vet appointments.
    Does the Pilea require much sun? I want to bring plants into my home, but my windows are in strange places, and then there is LuLu. I’m afraid she would go after anything green. Right now I only have 3 small air plants.
    I will leave my Christmas things up a while longer. They are almost more winter by nature than Christmas. Next year maybe I will do Christmas again.

  12. Vet appts for cats are quite difficult. I can relate. Beautiful picture of Ivy with her little pink nose. I’m ready for Christmas stuff to be taken down and getting back to normal. I’m not much for all that hoopla and a tree taking over my house. I love the chimes as blue and green are my favorite colors put together.

  13. Hi Brenda – I can’t find a spot to log in and review past orders either, but they do have an email address in the upper right corner – I would send them an email with your contact info and have them look it up.

    As for the Pilea, I got one of those earlier this year and I love it….when I repotted it, I also potted up a tiny offshoot for my daughter, and gave it to her with her Christmas presents – she’s really excited about it!

    Hope you had a peaceful Christmas!

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