1. I deadhead daily and water. We need rain desperately as we are getting close to drought conditions. Supposedly, we are slated for rain later today.
    Great tips here. Have a wonderful Sunday, Brenda. Diana

  2. Wondering about the best way to freeze herbs, please:
    Is it just to put water in an ice cube tray and drop some herbs in each opening?
    How many months will they stay good?

    Thanks so much—again!

    1. I think the easiest way to freeze them would be in ice cube trays. I read to place herbs loosely in the cubes and cover with olive oil. Should be good up to 6 months.

  3. Thank you so much for all the reminders, Brenda! I need advice, please, and I know you an expert:

    1. I have Sun Impatiens for the first time. It’s in a hanging basket, and in the sun, but is acting more like regular impatiens, though—needs deadheading, and needs it every day.
    — It’s in sun for 7 hours or more day. that may be the issue, correct?
    —Do you have any experience with this plant?
    —Do any of our friends here have experience with it?

    2. Re: Zinnias—They’re one of my 2 favorites. Cosmos is the other; had both (with roses) in my wedding bouquet!
    My question is about how far apart to thin Zinnias, please:
    The seed packet says 18 inches apart; do they really need to be that far apart?
    My only flower bed with enough sun is smaller than I’d like, and I’d like to get as many blooms as possible! Last year I tried growing them in a container, but the blooms were much smaller because they were so crowded.

    Thank you very much, Brenda—and anyone else who can help!

    1. I don’t have any experience with this plant. But maybe that’s a little too much sun, depending on how hot your climate is in summer. In terms of zinnias, I have mine thinned to just about 3-5 inches because I like to see them close together.

  4. Hi Brenda – lots of good tips here. I love deadheading and talk to the plants as I work.
    I just got this post today and see it was dated 6/23. Hmmm.
    Hope you are doing well and feeling so much better.

    1. I actually went ahead and posted it last night, as Greg was going to be here for PT early. Feeling a little better.

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