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  1. I also enjoy the three YouTube channels you mentioned. I’ve been following your blog for over 12 years. We are around the same age, so I thought maybe a good topic for your blog might be to address things that help make life a bit simpler as we age in place. This might be things that can be purchased to help do some of the tasks we now find not as easy as they once were. I love my long handled shoe horn and grabbers to reach things up high or down low. Maybe even address some garden tools that are more ergonomically helpful for the older age group.

  2. Garden answer is truly my favorite YOUTUBE video. Laura is awesome and full if information!! she gardens in Oregon. check it out. I drink my coffee every morning with Laura.

  3. You should watch Canterbury Cottage on YouTube. Sherry does very creative flips and crafts. My husband calls her Lady MacGyver. I have watched all the ones you mentioned with Mary being my favorite of the three.

  4. Glad you are having better days with your ankle. That is great progress. I have gotten some of the white cottage company candles and they are so nice. Have a good week.

  5. Your garden is coming along nicely. The one you had created at your former apartment wasn’t done in a few years, it took many years, and was a very different space. You’ll get to where you want to go, just not as fast as you’d like. I’m still in the cleaning up the garden beds from last winter stage. We’ve had rain the past 2 days and may get some “winter mix” tomorrow, I hope not, yuk, but it depends on what our temperature does. I have the front garden and the two beds on either side of the house cleaned out, but a larger bed on the other side of the driveway still needs a good cleaning. When we had a stretch of days getting up to 80 and 81, I was out on my stool clipping dead foliage, raking and spraying weeds, but there is still much to do. I’ve been concentrating on getting the front and back lawns into shape. This past winter was hard on them, I had a lot of snow mold damage. Raking (endless raking, it seems) is good for my abs, LOL. I’ve done second cuts on both lawns, weed and feed has been put down and Friday evening I went out and over-seeded by hand. What a chore, but I knew the rain would come Saturday and right on schedule, there it was. I hope it works. I pace myself and take lots of breaks, especially when I’m shoving the lawn mower around. I’m one of those perfectionists who does “cha cha” mowing (back and forth, back and forth until I’m satisfied with the row I’ve mowed). Don’t be hard on yourself. I enjoy what I can still do without risking my neck, and leave the heavy lifting to others for hire. It all gets done eventually.

  6. Please don’t compare your patio/yard to others! Soon you’ll have your patio looking lovely, as well. I do the same thing with my hobbies and such – why can’t I stitch, sew, quilt, crochet, etc as fast as so and so? When I try to do as others do I end up unhappy and the journey is not fun. I keep telling myself “you do you, Darlene”. So today I’m going to say “Brenda and Darlene you do you”. Enjoy the process because it’s fun, as well.
    Spend a little time in your beautiful and delightful craft room – make something easy and fun. Set aside a couple of hours, one day a week to just make a mess on your cute yellow table. LOL
    Big hugs, Brenda!

  7. There’s one quote I’ve found especially appropriate for me, and helpful to remember as we age…Don’t focus on what you cannot do, focus on what you can do.

    Since you love plants and gardening so much have you ever watched Garden Answer or Gardening with Creekside? I’ve been following Laura and Jennie for years and have learned so much from them.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I am happy to hear that at least you have some days you can do things!! We are like that too. We also watch youtube shows…we enjoy ones of young families who are building their own homes or other such…as we once did. Hard to believe we are already old…it came quite quickly for us!! Glad you have neighbor yards to enjoy and those who you have more in common with than at your previous apt…wish we lived in a similar type place. Enjoy!!

  9. Isn’t that funny about using the cane on your opposite side? I learned that a few years back, when I was having some hip pain. I was told the same thing- use it on the opposite side. I thought that was so weird. Your garden might have it’s difficulties, but I think you’re up for the challenge, and I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Maybe the landscaper will have some good suggestions. I’m sure your garden will be just as lovely as your neighbors. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos of the first lady you mentioned. Mary. She is pretty amazing. I also checked out her Etsy store. I’ve never heard of the other two you mentioned. I’ll have to check them out. You’re still my favorite! 😋 I’ll miss you tomorrow, but have fun crafting!! I can’t wait to see what you make! Maybe you could start an Etsy store! Just a thought.

  10. Mary in PA says:

    Brenda, I think you’re doing so well. Yes, slow and steady is best.
    Your herbs look beautiful! I have a curly leaf parsley and a basil and my old rosemary which is now two years old. I started it from grocery store rosemary that is sold in those little plastic clamshell containers. Such a thrill to watch grow. I sowed my portulaca moss rose seeds in early March and they need to be transplanted into pots for the summer. Soon time to leave the windowsill.
    Thanks for the blog tips – they sound good.

  11. I love Drew at Lone Fox. The floors he installed himself are AMAZING!!! The other 2 aren’t familiar to me so I’ll have to check them out.

  12. Happy to see you’re getting outside with your camera. The garden pictures are beautiful Your plants are really coming along and look so healthy. That hosta is getting big so quickly! I just started a dedicated shade garden last year and see a few small shoots. Supposed to get 3″ of snow tonight. Hope it melts quickly and spring continues 🤞 Have a fun Monday creating!

  13. Your next day so-so ankle is a good sign (I think!) – your muscles and tendons need to slowly regain strength and flexibility so using them a lot one day will be felt the next day! That’s why it’s good to not overdo things as you are more prone to injury as you bring the strength and flexibility back. You will grow accustomed to your cane in a short time I think:-)
    I think your patio/yard will be wonderful w your potted plants. Love the herbs! Question: is there a way to connect a long hose and keep the section that reaches your patio on a hanger or in a pot that you can just reach for? You would need to keep the water turned on but you can turn it off at the nozzle. A lightweight flexible hose might work well. Just wondering:-) That would make watering plants so much easier for you.
    I follow Drew at LoneFox on IG – I love his new Spanish style home! I am going to look at McCenna too- I may be building some cabinetry for my primary closet (we will see if I actually do!).

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