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  1. What a lovely and fresh sight! Your patio garden is inspiring me tp do somethimg similar next year. Love the way you are giving the volunteer sedum a place to shine. Joyous oasis you’ve created!

  2. Love all the pretty plants and flowers!
    Where did you purchase the blue water fountain?

  3. The garden already looks so pretty. I do love Iris blooms. Hostas are one of my favorites. Last year for my birthday I bought myself Empress Wu and I think she’s the biggest hosta of all. I’m hoping to see growth on her this year. I’ve pulled muscles in my right shoulder and I’m on a walker but I have to play in my pots and garden a bit although very slowly. I found some very lightweight hoses on Amazon that helped me with watering but I have to admit they only last about a season. One trade off I guess for another. All of my family is vaccinated and were waiting to get my 12 year old granddaughter vaccinated. She’s so wanting to go to camp this summer and we’re in hopes it will be available before that. I had no reaction after the shot. Happy gardening, Brenda.

  4. So good to see things growing green. I live in IL and we might be getting an inch of snow on Tuesday. Can’t wait to plant my pots and see if my potted hosts survived another winter. You do have a green thumb! Enjoy the garden pictures so much!

  5. I love enjoying your green growth and flowers till ours blossom around here next month. Our tulips are pretty here though!
    I hope you feel better today but you should be one proud momma that both of your girls believe in the vaccines effectiveness and willing to do their shared part to bring this virus under control. In my immediate family of children, spouses, grandchildren and significant others – 15 total- all have received the first and second vaccines and J and J one. I am grateful they all believe in science and none of them ever said cowardly “ we’ll see how you do with it first” – they just knew it was needed to stop the spread cause people can’t behave properly. I am so proud of all of them.

  6. Oh I do envy you Brenda being able to garden so early, we haven’t pulled the leaves off of the garden as yet and probably won’t until next week as we may get some snow next Tuesday or Wednesday! It won’t stay around but it means that it is going to be cold for the next day or so. Although we are in lockdown we can still go to the garden centers.

  7. Peaceful and beautiful. I can only imagine how much you enjoy your patio. I can’t help but smile when I think of you wandering around checking everything.
    By the way, did you experience any thing after your second shot?

  8. Hi Brenda, I was just wondering if the hostas and irises winter over in their container ok.

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