Today is bright and sunny outside. It’s been raining a lot. So I’m hoping the sun will perk the plants on the patio back up.

Fast Spreading Sedum:

See that sedum in the top galvanized container below?

I went around the patio where this sedum was just growing freely on the patches of dirt along the fence and pulled so of it up. They have very shallow roots and even grow along the concrete and out from under pots.

Then I filled the galvanized container with what I pulled up and sprinkled a bit of soil on top, and now you see how it’s growing.

Then I bought a couple of different kinds of sedum and put them in the long brown containers up higher. And added more of the sedum I had from the dirt.

Once you get sedum and it starts spreading around, you don’t really need to buy more. It’s a prolific and robust grower.

Need To Replant In The Driftwood:

The harsh winter killed the sedum in the driftwood, so I’ll have to put some back in there.

I bought the brown rectangular containers last year from and made the mistake of putting petunias in them. The containers were down closer to my settee then. So I thought they’d be okay.

But the containers just weren’t deep enough to keep the petunias going in our heat. They fried. So sedum it is. And if sedum doesn’t grow in them, I’m done with these containers.


The hostas are growing in leaps and bounds. Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups are growing underneath.

Since the hostas are giving them a bit of shade, maybe they will grow a bit longer. Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups are cool weather plants.

English Ivy:

The English Ivy I planted in spots along the fence a few years ago is growing like crazy now.

When I walked around this morning I saw that it’s now encroaching on the blue bed and I will have to trim it back.

I will have iris flowers quite soon. In the next couple of days if we have enough sun.


The yarrow is forming blooms. I recall last year someone said they consider yarrow to be a weed and they pull it out.

But I’m very fond of the yellow flowers it forms. And since it’s contained, I’m not worried about it spreading.

If you look closely you’ll see little bits of sedum growing in the same pot, and it will probably take over before the yarrow does.


I originally, a few weeks ago, thought the above plant was a daisy. But it’s a salvia.

And I’m glad because I didn’t purchase salvia this year and the air critters (butterflies and bees and hummingbirds) love salvia.

A male cardinal serenaded me the whole time I was taking photos this morning. I guess he lost track of his female partner and is calling her home.

Here is the patio from another angle.

Vines Are Growing Quickly:

I see buds on the mandevilla, so it will be flowering soon. It’s tendrils are reaching out and winding around everything within reach.

And the galvanized pot next to it has plenty of morning glories I can spread around the yard once I thin them.

Look how thick that Lamb’s Ear already is. I’ll probably have to divide it before long.

The purple verbena is starting to flower and form vines in the green pot.

The Blue Fountain:

I so enjoy listening to the fountain while I’m outside. The new pump I put on it last week seems to be better than the one that came with it. The water coming out is a bit louder than it was before.

And here are token photos of the babies. I need to clean Charlie’s eyes, I see. But he fights me like the devil when I do.

And Ivy is busy bird watching. She didn’t turn when I called her name. Her eyes are on those birds in the bushes just outside the window.

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  1. What a lovely and fresh sight! Your patio garden is inspiring me tp do somethimg similar next year. Love the way you are giving the volunteer sedum a place to shine. Joyous oasis you’ve created!

  2. The garden already looks so pretty. I do love Iris blooms. Hostas are one of my favorites. Last year for my birthday I bought myself Empress Wu and I think she’s the biggest hosta of all. I’m hoping to see growth on her this year. I’ve pulled muscles in my right shoulder and I’m on a walker but I have to play in my pots and garden a bit although very slowly. I found some very lightweight hoses on Amazon that helped me with watering but I have to admit they only last about a season. One trade off I guess for another. All of my family is vaccinated and were waiting to get my 12 year old granddaughter vaccinated. She’s so wanting to go to camp this summer and we’re in hopes it will be available before that. I had no reaction after the shot. Happy gardening, Brenda.

  3. So good to see things growing green. I live in IL and we might be getting an inch of snow on Tuesday. Can’t wait to plant my pots and see if my potted hosts survived another winter. You do have a green thumb! Enjoy the garden pictures so much!

  4. I love enjoying your green growth and flowers till ours blossom around here next month. Our tulips are pretty here though!
    I hope you feel better today but you should be one proud momma that both of your girls believe in the vaccines effectiveness and willing to do their shared part to bring this virus under control. In my immediate family of children, spouses, grandchildren and significant others – 15 total- all have received the first and second vaccines and J and J one. I am grateful they all believe in science and none of them ever said cowardly “ we’ll see how you do with it first” – they just knew it was needed to stop the spread cause people can’t behave properly. I am so proud of all of them.

  5. Oh I do envy you Brenda being able to garden so early, we haven’t pulled the leaves off of the garden as yet and probably won’t until next week as we may get some snow next Tuesday or Wednesday! It won’t stay around but it means that it is going to be cold for the next day or so. Although we are in lockdown we can still go to the garden centers.

  6. Peaceful and beautiful. I can only imagine how much you enjoy your patio. I can’t help but smile when I think of you wandering around checking everything.
    By the way, did you experience any thing after your second shot?

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