I’ve been disappointed with the veggies I’ve grown and picked so far this summer. There are quite a few tomatoes, but they’re rather tasteless tomatoes.

I am giving them a substance that has calcium in it to keep the rot from the top that I’ve been getting every year, a tip Southwood Nursery gave me.

And two big cucumbers formed, but before they turned all the way green, they got mushy and turned white. So I didn’t even get to taste them.

I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.

However I am still waiting for the peppers. Maybe they’ll surprise me.

The zinnias are perfection. Well, as close to perfection as can be expected.

I’ll have to ask Debbie from Mountain Mama where she suggested I order those seeds, because naturally I’ve already forgotten. Since I don’t always have much luck with seeds, I want to try that place again.

The cosmos is starting to bloom. I’ve never planted cosmos seeds before. The flower is a bit irregular in shape, but still very pretty.

The rose bush has grown tall, despite my cutting it back from time to time already. I’m beginning to think I might have to find a home for it in the ground someplace.

I don’t know as I’d plant it in my front yard because the yard guys are pretty careless. It is due to their leaving a hole next to the sidewalk that I sprained my ankle.

Don’t know as I’d trust them around my yellow rose bush.

However it is in the biggest pot I have. I believe it’s 24×24. I don’t know if I can find a bigger pot.

Reader Jan emailed me with a question. She said someone commented about a rug cleaner that a professional cleaner told this person to get. I don’t recall, but wondered if any of you did.

Jan said she really wants to try this product because her dog got sick on her rug and she can’t get it clean.

So if any of you recall the name of this product, please leave it in the comment section. Or if you have other suggestions for Jan.

I may be taking Charlie to a vet acupuncturist Monday afternoon. He does okay a day or so after my vet gives his back a laser treatment, but it doesn’t last long.

Of course a vet acupuncturist won’t be cheap. But I’m willing to try it to see if it will help him. They do lots of other kinds of therapy there.

As usual I have to weigh his anxiety about going to places with the quality of treatment he might potentially get. Due to his heart condition, I try not to stress him. But I think I may give this a shot though. Poor little guy.

And here’s a photo of Ivy Lou. She lives a life of relative luxury in my book. I give her lots of latitude about her constant exploring and getting into things because I know she must sometimes get bored being inside.

I think her favorite place in this apartment is the bathtub. She takes her toys in the bathtub. She stands next to it while I’m showering so she can drink the droplets left after my shower.

But then she loves to kill bugs and chase shadows and…uh-oh. Look where she is now.

“Ivy Lou, get yourself down from there right now!”

She got down and headed down the hallway.

I just heard a crash. I’d better go see what she’s into now.

I go to physical therapy in a bit. Probably be my only outing of the day. I don’t go out much once it gets hot.

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  1. i’ve had veggie gardens for 40 years. Cucumbers are ripe from the time they are2 inches long. They are always green when they are ripe. If they turn colors they are over ripe. I pick mine when they are about 4 inches long for the best flavor and texture , If they get much bigger than that they get pithy. Try that . A fresh picked cuke 3″ long is the best ever.They very seldom get into the house because I eat them . as soon as I pick them. Kitty

    1. Wow. Didn’t know that. Last year my cucumbers were picked at about 8 inches long and were delicious. Mine this year just didn’t get all the way green. I think the rain nearly killed the plant in the container. It doesn’t seem to be producing after the first two that I can tell.

  2. Ivy keeps things lively. And I’m a poet and I don’t know it, har 🙂 Seriously, she’s a hoot. Sweet Charlie. Getting old is tough on/for all of us.

  3. Poor Charlie. My little Fuzzy gets such anxiety when we leave the house thee days. He never was this bad with it before. Maybe it comes from him being old( 14 1/2 years), deaf, arthritic. He gets upset so badly. I have been having a lot of doctor appointments making sure all of my systems are doing good enough for my upcoming total knee replacement. One day when we got home, Fuzzy was just dripping with drool from his mouth. He is not, and never has been a droolie dog. I think he was doing this weird huffing and snuffing at the front door trying to catch our scent. He does it when my husband leaves the house, but I make him stop after a couple of minutes. I’m wondering if he spends his whole time we are gone snuffing at the door trying to gt our scent. He is so old I would be afraid to give him any kind of xanax product for dogs.

    When we get home he is so excited to see us, and then sleeps for most of the rest of the day and evening. I turn the air conditioning extra cold for him to try and keep him from overheating from huffing and snuffing.

    I am not liking even leaving the house with him acting like this but I have to. I hope my husband will be able to coax him to eat when I am in the hospital for my knee surgery. A few years ago when my husband was in the hospital, Fuzzy didn’t want to eat, and ended up eating just the smallest amount he could get by with. Fuzzy is a weird little dog. He likes to eat at the same time as my husband and I do, and doesn’t want to eat if one of us isn’t there. I guess we are his pack, and he likes his pack to all eat at the same time.

  4. So disappointing on the tasteless maters..after your hard work. :0( .. maybe it is the variety or species..sometimes the ones in the store are also tasteless.. /most of the time.. But on the carpet cleaner, I have had some success in the past using Spot Shot for pet stains..I find that the throw up from pets is more likely to cause stain..not sure why..enzymes or something? You are a great gardener and hope the veggie production gets better for you… Here in NC its so hot and humid..not fun to walk to the car..so I understand the heat factor..yuk..Have a great upcoming weekend and hope Charlie will find relief.. :0(

  5. Sorry about your veggies. Could it have anything to do with all the rain?

    It’s been hot here the last couple of days and the mosquitoes are here in droves. I went outside this afternoon to tie some Irish Spring soap chips onto my rose bushes and they just swarmed around me. I beat it back inside lickity-split. The Irish Spring is supposed to deter the deer from eating my roses and the hostas. My sister uses it in her gardens. We’ll see if it works here. It sure is aromatic–it is quite overpowering. I’d never use it to bathe with.

    The picture of Ivy give her such a regal look. Belies her true nature, doesn’t it? I sure hope the acupuncture helps Charlie’s back. Sweet Charlie–give him a pat or two and tell him we all love him and want him to feel good.

  6. Brenda, my veggies are the same way. Always are it seems. I haven’t grown a really good tomato or cucumber since moving to Tulsa some 22 years ago. Pots or garden, it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s the seed/plants we are getting. My squash always grow really good but before I can’t get one veggie, the squash bugs, ants, or some other nasty bug get them and kills the entire plant. I’ve pretty much given up.

    Grace & Peace,

  7. Brenda,
    That is so bad about your veggies not having flavor. How weird. I wonder if it is the new stuff you are putting in the soil? Maybe all the rain too. I hope you get an answer so this does not happen again. Maybe the later things that come on the plants will taste better.

  8. FOR JAN,

  9. I don’t know why your homegrown tomatoes would be tasteless…hmm. Our tomato plants are just now starting to grow and develop flowers. Our weather is now finally in the high 80’s – low 90’s and sunny and humid, so I’m sure the tomato plants are loving it. This is what they need to grow – even though we may not like this weather so much!

    Poor Charlie…it is so hard to see our fur babies grow old and suffer like that. I hope the acupuncture treatments help him.

  10. I will be the first one to say I’m not much of a gardener. But maybe the veggie issues are due to all the rain.

  11. Good morning, I believe in acupuncture for myself and for my two dogs. It should calm Charlie also. One of my dogs-Ella-fractured her knee. The regular vet. wanted to do surgery–Ella is probably about 13 yrs. old so I called the acupuncturist who gave her cold laser treatments and collagen supplements instead of surgery. It worked. I took her for several weeks. I hope this works for Charlie. Best wishes to you and Charlie.
    Linda, Ella, and Simon


    1. Thanks Leslie for suggesting this product! I had someone help me bring out the rug and I put borax on it. Then I waited a couple of hours and cleaned it off with a push broom. Still smells gross, so it’s on my porch rail! After I washed my floor, I gave him his blanket back, then he was happy! Have a great weekend!

      Thanks Brenda for caring!
      Have a great day and weekend coming up! ?

  13. What a disappointment about the veggie garden.
    My guess is all the extra rain you have been getting.
    My dad always said make the tomato plants beg for water, and they always grow and taste to perfection. But sadly the dag gum weather has an attitude. Kind of like an unruly teenager.
    Blessings to you

    1. I agree. The problem is probably too much rain – I put so much work into planting my vegetable garden this year – but I think its going to be a flop.

  14. Just throwing out a wild guess here,could it be Nature’s Miracle?
    My grandson got sick in my car,I got this can at Auto Zone and those spots disappeared.
    It’s a blue and silver can with auto carpet and upholstery cleaner on it.
    I keep forgetting to go and grab another can,I brought it in the house to clean up a cat accident and then gave it to a friend.

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