1. Although you’ve been frustrated that you can’t get your garden into shape as you’d like, and that you miss your other garden, at least you have the beauty of the neighborhood as your daily backdrop. Not to mention friendly neighbors! And by hook or by crook, I know you will eventually figure out what to do in your own space. By next year, I’m guessing you;ll know all your neighbors, and they will be lining up to help you got things organized!

  2. Let me start by saying how beautiful your neighborhood is! It’s so nice to see all your neighbors taking such pride in their outside spaces. Very inspiring indeed. I also love that they feed the birds and squirrels with all those pretty feeders. You sort of lost me with the geese though. Not a huge fan. It’s not really that I don’t like them, as much as it is they poop everywhere, and there’s usually a lot of them, so lots of poopy! Gross! But I love everything else! All your neighbors are so nice and friendly. I just love that sort of community. And you, who usually prefers to be alone, are enjoying talking to and getting to know all your neighbors! It’s so great to hear!! And I’m looking forward to a “shipyard” post! It’s so nice he’s going to let you take pictures. And beautiful Ivy… she looks so comfy, stretched out, enjoying her nap. And I laughed imagining her getting all excited when you talked baby talk to her, lol! It sounds like it was a really nice day all around.

  3. I’m so glad your new place has so many positive aspects to it, Brenda. Think how depressing it would be if you were still in the old place with your ankle problems and not being able to do all the things you’ve always been able to do on that large patio, plus having lost Gracie and being so isolated. This new place and its surroundings, kind neighbors and good management are just what you need to heal both physically and emotionally. You sure made the right decision when you decided to move to this place. You can pat yourself on the back for that, my dear! Despite all the challenges in your life right now this place is a big positive. Enjoy every minute that you can. You are going to be okay.

  4. Brenda, I love seeing and hearing all about your neighborhood and neighbors. I am so happy that you are in this new place with kind, caring and fastidious people that enjoy many of the same things that you do.
    Thank you my friend for your always kind comments on the blog, I so appreciate that you take the time to read the articles that I find.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What a perfect spot for you! Everyone sounds so nice and the plants are beautiful. I’m so happy that you chose that spot to land!

  6. You are surrounded by beauty and friendliness. So awesome! My blood pressure got lower just looking at the pics.

    I follow a couple of gardening groups on Facebook & get to see so much creativity. Plus I can enjoy plants I love but don’t grow in my little flower garden.

    Think what a perfect fit you have found of like-minded souls. Drink in those blossoms!

    I got a kick out of Ivy enjoying you doting on her. Enjoy these lingering days of spring before the summer heat arrives.

  7. I loved todays post and the pics of all your neighbors and their patio/yards. It gives me a good feeling and stirs some yearning to live the same life. Small yard, good people around me and less home maintenance worries. I live in an area that is short on good senior housing options and then the rents are way to outrageous for my budget. Probably 2-3 times what I pay on my mortgage. I will live vicariously through you :0))

  8. I rarely comment, but enjoy reading your posts. I have to say your new living situation seems lightyears better than your previous one! Your neighbors sound so friendly and helpful. You have a real community now. Everyone seems to be at a similar stage in life, and seem to be very supportive of one another. Your larger apartment and smaller patio seem to suit you very well and I hope you will spend many happy years there. I was sorry to hear of your cat Gracie’s passing. That must be so hard. I know you and Ivy will adjust in time, even though you will always miss your pet. Best wishes from California for a wonderful spring!

  9. And what a beautiful view you have this Saturday morning! You must be feeling so peaceful in your home and neighborhood! I thought I saw a pool area in one of your pictures then you commented and confirmed on a second picture. Is there a possibility there are pool exercises that would help with your pain? I am no bathing beauty so I said the heck with it, got a 2 piece bathing suit that looks like a tee shirt and pants to my knees to get in my daughter’s community pool to be with the grands! Have a great day!

  10. It’s a beautiful complex and so nice to know you are surrounded by friendly and kind neighbors.

  11. This little community is great for u Brenda! There’s plenty of beautiful scenery around u to look at and friendly and caring neighbors to talk too and a safe place to live! I’m sooo happy for u! Have a fantastic weekend!

  12. What a lovely place you found, Brenda…sounds a bit like heaven really…so happy for you!! And at least you have beauty all around you to enjoy, until you can change your setting more. We have a nice little covered patio that gets sun half the day here…so we are discussing what to do…the wasps here are terrible…one thing I need to do is get a trap for them I think…the neighbor said he has one in order to have his hummingbird feeder be left alone…maybe we should set up for hummingbirds too. Thinking of maybe getting some mint plants to set near the door to keep ants away…at least I think it would help…and son says we need to get a citronella plant for the hords of mosquitos that will soon be out…maybe so. So I will keep an eye on your ideas here…was thinking to try to find maybe some hanging red geraniums too…cause I think most insects are not interested in those stinky things…it is what my mom had and would remind me of her.

      1. Yep…we sure did…been here now almost 3 weeks now. Our stuff has not left WA yet I think…but maybe soon. Today our grandson and our daughter came over to help us…they built several bookcases, cart for toaster oven and a small chest for one bathroom without much storage in it. Little by little we are making progress. I have NO IDEA where we will put all our stuff once it comes…but hopefully we can manage with most of it at least. We awaken each morning to bird songs…NO CONSTRUCTION NOISE from before dawn on…I can’t tell you how much this is helping my health. I have been on only half meds for my high blood pressure now for about 2 weeks…and doing fine!! Which will save us a lot of money as well as good for my health I think. Discussed this with doc…so not doing anything unsafe. Hubby is recovering more too..and relishing seeing several kin each week, even for a short visit it is a happy time for us. Our daughter in WA did all she could, but she is only 1 person. We hope she will be able to join us ere too long…praying so. And we are discussing how to best set up the porch area…son thinks we need a nice double swing…heh…incidentally the rent here is less than half what we paid in WA…about same amount of floor space. Not as new but some features I like more. People here have been remarkable…so kind and so understanding about our horrid ordeal in hospital with my Hubby etc…gives us hope that living here will be far better.

  13. What nice pictures of your area. It looks so safe and secure, something to treasure as we age in place. Such a wise decision you made moving there.
    Boston Ferns are so elegant and stately and many in my neck of the woods are hanging them out on porches so I have come to admire them more.

    1. The neighbor with the Boston ferns on the balcony was just on her balcony and I was on my patio and we chatted back and forth. Said she got the Boston ferns at Home Depot for $15 a piece.

  14. You and Ivy have landed in a delightful spot. Your home and surroundings are lovely! A perfect spot to enjoy your days and live your best life, Brenda.

    1. I think so too. I really like it here. Guess you get what you pay for, as my daughter says.

  15. Even though your own patio isn’t the way you want it yet, you can ‘borrow’ landscapes from your neighbors. One of my neighbors has a beautiful redbud tree on her side of the fence, and some of its branches hang over to my side. I consider it part of my garden, even though it’s not mine.

    1. There’s a red-leafed redbud tree (or that’s what my neighbor said it was) just a bit down from my patio. And the red leaves against all the other trees with green leaves is so beautiful.

  16. The complex is just so pretty with all the trees leafing out. It will
    be magical in the fall. Although the patios are small it does give people a chance to garden and enjoy their love of birds. Have you decided how you will water? I am so happy you made the move here.

    1. I’ve been watering by taking out gallon jugs of water and pouring water into a watering can. Haven’t figured out any other way yet. However, there is one spot in my yard that is part of their yard sprinkling system, and I’m kind of waiting to see how far that water sprays when the landscape people turns it on.

  17. I haven’t been here in awhile! What big changes for you. I love your new place and all the porches and flowers are so charming. ❤️❤️

    1. It doesn’t matter all that much what I have as long as I can sit on my porch and enjoy what other neighbors have. Everyone’s out and about sprucing up their yards right now.

    2. Everything looks just beautiful Brenda!
      All your pictures are so pretty and colorful. Easy to see that people love gardening! To be able to see results with time spent fixing up their outside spaces.
      🌷 🌻 🌴 🌳 🪴 🌱 🌿 🌾 🌵 🌼 🌸
      Always a breath of fresh air!
      Welcome to 🌞 summertime!!

  18. Oh Brenda you have moved to a lovely community! It is so full of nature, large trees and flowers everywhere. I Just love being around tress and plants. They make me feel good. Not forgetting the lovely, kind people that you have around too.
    Ivy looks very content laying on a lovely warm blanket. All you need now is for someone to get that ankle of yours working again, I do hope you can find that someone.

    1. Well, I’ve been being very careful the last couple of days and haven’t worn the boot or the brace. And as long as I’m not on my feet for more than a few minutes and don’t lift or push or pull, I haven’t had much pain. I’ll take that. But I haven’t gone anywhere. When I do I’ll have to wear one of them. And I did put together a casserole yesterday that I can enjoy all weekend.

  19. How about a picture of Boomer? Would John be okay with that?

    1. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. I’ll have to catch them when they’re on one of their walks and take his photo.

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