Decorating Eggs & Patio Sitting

Yesterday my daughter and Andrew came over and we went about decorating eggs. She brought some and I made some as well.

Decorating Eggs With Andrew:

I got out a bunch of craft supplies. Glitter was everywhere. But it was fun and my daughter hid the decorated eggs on my patio a few times for Andrew to find.

She was going to come over last week to do this, but on her way to church her car got hit on the passenger side (no one else was in the car) by a man taking his wife to the ER. He was obviously in a big hurry and it totaled her car, but no one was hurt.

Andrew was with his dad in his pickup. They were driving two cars so she and Andrew could come over here after church and his dad could go on home.

So this week she had a brand new SUV. It does so many things I wouldn’t have any idea how to deal with it all. Practically does all the driving for her.

Sunday Outing:

Then we went out to eat at the KFC buffet in Jenks, and then went by Southwood nursery on the way home so I could get a bag of potting mix. And so Andrew could pick out a birthday present from me. His 5th birthday was last month but this is the first chance we had to go pick something out.

I always wait till all the excitement is over and then we take him out and let him choose something he wants. He found some kind of kid sprinkler thing with plastic worms that stick up. I didn’t look all that close because I was needing to pay so I could go to her car and get off my ankle. But it was what he wanted.

After they left Nathan and his oldest son, who just turned 3, came over and did some painting for me. He spray painted an outdoor table, and put clear coating on another one I wanted to use on the patio from indoors.

Painting an outdoor table:

The now green folding table was originally between the two chairs against the wall. But once he got it painted and brought it out here, I kind of liked it as a coffee table. Not sure if I like it better here or between the chairs.


I’m really enjoying my settee. It’s my favorite spot. The tree hangs overhead and provides a bit of shade and I can look out over my entire patio.

This time of year is so precious to me. I love to watch the plants grow and bloom. There are a few packets of plant seeds that just arrived that I’ve got to plant as well. Otherwise I think I’m done planting.

I really didn’t need to buy all that much this year because I was very lucky that so much came back from last year.

A purple table from indoors:

Here is the purple table I had indoors that I put between the chairs instead of the green folding table for now. I was going to put it over by the settee. Nathan coated it with something that makes it durable for outdoors.

I’ll have to mull over where I like the purple table and the green folding table best. It might take me a few days to decide.

The Pet Babies:

Charlie likes to go out on the patio with me while I deadhead the petunias and tend to the plants. He’s my little helper. Ivy watches from the French doors.

As you can see they both like the new couch and chair. Add a soft spot anywhere and they’re all over it. Can’t say as I blame them.

The purple, yellow, white and green colors of the patio garden is such a relaxing place to be. The two trees in pots add vertical interest to this outdoor space.

These petunias are yellow and purple, though the purple looked black in a post I showed them in last week. I’ve never seen any quite like this. But the colors of course are perfect for the patio.


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  1. Brenda, I love the green table but it blocks your beautiful red rug, I have those same petunias this year, they are beautiful never seen any like these before, your patio is beautiful,

  2. Brenda. Your patio is looking mighty spiffy. I know how you enjoy your garden because I love mine in the same way. I spent most of today outside, loving every moment. Enjoy.

  3. How sweet … Having a little Easter fun with Andrew!!! I love the patio …. that green table in front of the settee is just perfect !! Beautiful spring florals… gets me every time !!

  4. Wow, so glad your daughter and Andrew were ok, that’s scary!!

    Love seeing all your beautiful flowers, Brenda! Your patio looks wonderful – not much flowering here yet, just a few daffodils. There are lots of buds on the trees though – they should be leafing out soon! Don’t you just love the way the Japanese Maple glows in the sunshine? They are such a glorious tree!

  5. Beautiful relaxing patio. I love everything about the way you decorate. The green table fits right in.
    So sorry to hear your daughter was in an accident, but everyone is ok.
    Love the fur babies pictures.
    Have a wonderful Spring day.

  6. Hi Brenda…Have you tried the new Supertunias, Its a new petunia you don’t have to deadhead….and the colors are wonderful…….Proven Winners puts them out, going to try them this year in my pots.

  7. I felt very happy while reading this site. This was a really very informative site for me. I really liked it. This was really a cordial post. Thanks a lot!

  8. Thank goodness your daughter was not injured.
    Your patio looks lovely and lush. I like the settee and green ttable together. Can you get Nathan to put up a few strands of outdoor lights? Even seeing them from indoors is a pretty sight..An ad pops up on your blog showing lights on a patio.

  9. So glad to hear that no one was injured in the accident. Also glad that your daughter and Andrew were able to visit you yesterday! Hope you all had a great time with the Easter egg hunt! Love and hugs!

  10. Glad you had a fun time with your daughter and grandson. Fun to color eggs… I miss doing that with my boys when they were small. Love the color green used on the folding table, and the settee cushion. Kind of an apple green and so fresh and inviting. You are so lucky to have so many flowers already! It’s so pretty. Here in central Oregon, things are just beginning to bud out and there are a few daffodils and Scotch Broom.. that’s about it. I did notice I have one yellow tulip in my backyard, which is a “rogue” from somewhere else. At least I have a BUNCH of yellow dandelions in my yard to look at!! Have a nice week.

  11. Your patio looks mighty inviting!
    I recall coloring Easter eggs with my niece and nephews and it was great fun. Yesterday I went to brunch with my family and then visited my brand new 4 day old great niece, so precious.
    Charlie looks very comfy in the chair and Ivy is pretty “chill” in her spot!

  12. The settee is my favorite, too. Nice and shady and comfy. The babies look comfy, too.

  13. I’m glad your daughter is OK! Also, I amglad you got to have some fun with her and Andrew, I love to color eggs. This year I tried a technique where you put some food coloring into a plastic bag holding about a cup of rice. You then drop in the boiled egg and roll it around awhile. The result is a marbled or speckled egg. It was really easy and looked nice. Here in Kentucky we are having a glorious display of flowering redbud trees and dogwood trees this year. They are flowering at the same time, which doesn’t always happen. The redbuds usually are a bit earlier than the dogwoods. When we moved here a bit over two years ago I planted a redbud and a pink dogwood in different parts of the yard. I wanted a white dogwood but couldn’t find one at a price I was happy with. the redbud had a few blooms last year and quite a few this year. The dogwood is blooming for the first time this year with about five blooms. Right now the blooms are a deeper, redder pink than I was expecting, and I really like it, but it could change as the flowers open more. It will be fun to see what happens. That’s the fun part of gardening — you never know exactly what will happen with each plant and with each season! Your patio looks delightful. The greens, purples and yellows are refreshing.

  14. Beautiful patio and flowers! I need to get outside and paint my two small tables as the weather has worn on them. Andrew’s sprinkler sounds like lots of fun.

  15. Brenda everything looks so nice and inviting! My favorite spot would also be the settee. Enjoy your day with Charlie and Ivy.

  16. Aren’t those petunias? The flowers and leaves look like petunias to me, not daisies. We had a nice day yesterday, it got past 70 inside the house and the heat did not kick in last night, hooray! Next week it may snow again. We had 3 inches on the ground when I got up in the morning a week ago today and shoveled. I hope that is IT for the rest of the year.

    1. Yes, I just caught that and changed it to petunias before I saw your comment. I think it was 80 degrees here yesterday.

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