1. Love the Fall post, beautiful rooms to give us great ideas and wonderful recipes!
      Love your posts, they are so beautiful! Thank zyou👍💕🍁🍷

  1. What a cozy autumn post! My favorite is the library room with the table.

  2. Brenda, I am loving another Fall Array. Thank you so much! I’ve already changed my phone’s wallpaper to a Fall picture and I plan to bake the apple cake tomorrow. I’ve also been accumulating candles as well as making others. Again, thank you!

    1. I wanted to add that today I made the Three Ingredient Apple Cake. I did make a change, however. I used 20 ounces of my freshly made chunky applesauce. The cake and frosting are absolutely delicious.

  3. I enjoyed your post today. I especially liked that you showcased some of your own decorations this time. You usually just show other people ideas and decorations, but your decorations are just as beautiful as anyone else’s you show us! Fall is definately my favorite season. The sights and smells are all wonderful. Cozy is there perfect description!

  4. I really enjoyed your post today. All the ideas and recipes were awesome!

    1. This was a beautiful post for autumn 🍂. Great ideas and recipes.

  5. Beautiful and interesting blog. Enjoyed the fall decor. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. You sound up beat. Just take it slow and easy.

    1. I’m trying to. I drove one mile today to get gas. I had to either put my car in park at stop lights or use both feet to use the brake. Not hardly worth it going out anymore.

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