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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Glad there is a tad of improvement in your ankle…some things take so very long to resolve!!

  2. I haven’t been sleeping very well so I’ve been most of the day dozing, napping and sleeping. Big sigh. I deal with an autoimmune disease so my doctor tells me it’s all a part of the health challenge. And, I’m there’s a different health concern right now. I’m not complaining just sharing that while I read your blog this morning, I failed to leave a comment. I’m glad your walker is helping you get out in the fresh air (soaking up Vitamin D, as well) and visit with your neighbors. I’m sad the birdie didn’t survive but it’s wonderful that your neighbor cared so much.
    Have a blessed and happy week, Brenda!

  3. It’s always a cat’s world and we just live in them:-) Sounds like the pipe cleaners are a hit! I am glad to hear that your nerve pain is calming down even after an outing. It seems that the movement may be good for it! Your car being closer sounds good – we have to make adjustments as we get older and simplify how we do certain things. I used to go go go all day but these days I have to be more careful – that’s just part of getting older I guess and I try to yield to it but sometimes it isn’t easy to do (or we feel disappointed in ourselves that we can’t do everything that we used to do in a day). My mother, who passed away in 2016 just shy of 94, used to say to me “I don’t know why they call (retirement) the golden years”! Now I get it:-)

  4. Poor birdie! I’m sorry the little guy didn’t make it. At least she cared enough to try. It’s such great news to hear your mobility is getting a little better and better every day! Hopefully, by this time, next year, this will all be just a distant memory, and you’ll be back to feeling like your normal, happy self! Love all the pictures and stories of Ivy. She is so precious and sure knows how to keep everything interesting and entertaining!

  5. I’m SO happy to hear that the walker is helping you so much! That means a whole new chapter is coming for you!!

    And thank you for all the education I receive from you about plants. This new Prayer Plant add to that! I really appreciate all the information.

    We’re getting a hard freeze here in Central Indiana tonight…I cringed when I was at a store today and saw all their vegetable plants out. But some had obviously already been nipped by too-cold temperatures.

    Glad to see and hear that Ivy’s newest toys—the pipe cleaners—are keeping her occupied and happy. 🙂

  6. I don’t read as fast as I use to nor can I prepare a meal as fast either but what the heck…I have 24 hours in a day and I will be sleeping when I pass on so guess I can take all the time I need now to do things at my own pace.

  7. Glad to hear you were feeling pretty good after doing some gardening. Everything is moving in the right direction. Animals hide their injuries or sickness by nature. Just like when my husband rescued a great horned owl. The poor thing was already to far gone and didn’t make it. Plants inside and outside make us happy but it’s early to put them outside. If we figured out how to eradicate weeds we’d be rich. Enjoy your day with Ivy!

  8. Kate Dudley says:

    Pretty new prayer plant! Ivy is so cute from any angle 🙂

    Being more mobile is exciting though I know you are cautious. Your herb garden will be so nice. You can even make small fragrant bouquets. I have wanted lemon verbena since you have talked about it. I hope next spring I can have a few pretties to tend indoors & out. I will need a sunny window!

    Enjoy your Sunday. It’s rainy & 56 here south of Tyler in East Texas. I’m going to read & watch a movie.

    1. We have not had the rain near Dallas that you have had near Tyler. This morning it rained and my water fountain is almost full from that rain.
      Some birds and animals that are protected. When they are found there are laws of where and how they are to be returned to a government agency that keeps records about them.

  9. So glad to hear that you are able to get out and about a little more. I know it wasn’t perhaps possible but its best to take sick or injured birds to a wildlife centre or call to see what can be done. We have one nearby and they do wonders with sick and injured wildlife.
    We are not doing much better with the weather here. It is too wet to get on the garden and next week it looks like we will have rain every day.
    Love the pictures of Ivy, I think cats in general do as they please.

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