1. So many super talented people out there sharing their talents and inspiration with us for Christmas. Love them all…

  2. I don’t understand decorating a bedroom for Christmas. I go to bed in a dark room, get up an hour or more before sunrise and am not in the room at all other than to undress (in the dark) and get into my PJs, sleep and dress in the morning. The room is empty for the rest of the day and evening. Am I somehow missing out counting millions of Americans who live a life of luxury and spend their entire day hanging around their beautifully Christmas decorated bedroom?
    I would like to see some suggestions about how to decorate a fireplace mantel when there is a 24″ “smart TV” plopped on it, which I only bought for my sister and BIL because they spend a lot of time watching programs on their streaming smart TV and it’s much more comfortable for them to watch their programs in my comfy living room than then 10×12 guest bedroom. I like the idea of adding some Christmas decorations to the kitchen, but nothing that takes up counter space. I sound like a Grinch, don’t I. I can’t think about Christmas yet when I’m still fighting Mother Nature and trying to keep up with raking up and disposing of fifty thousand tons of leaves!

  3. What really caught my eye was the simple green and white decor in the corner of the kitchen counter. I’m into simple and no-fuss these days, especially when it comes to Christmas decor.

  4. So much fun today. I don’t think I even have a favorite, they are all pretty good. Thanks for finding all these for us to enjoy.

  5. I like the lamb ears trees and the white ceramic house, but I think my favorite was the bells above the fireplace! Wow! Where was the Christmas decor in the barely there Christmas baking station? I looked and looked, but didn’t see any added Christmas decorations. Just normal baking necessities.

  6. Thanks for sharing these today. I love going on Christmas House tour blog hops but haven’t found any this year. I used to start with Jen Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk but when I checked her blog it seemed quite different and I doubt she’s hosting it this year. And now that there’s no Bloglovin it’s harder to find others. Your post reminded me of some bloggers that were on tours in the past so I’m going to start checking them out.

  7. Great ideas. What is that added to the back of chair on the Tibits and Twine dining room? What a great name and lovely dining room.

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