1. Beautiful table, Brenda ! You always find the best decorating ideas. Happy Birthday to your daughter !

  2. Very lovely table. I too like a round table…at least for this point of our lives. When we got it, we lived in a super small apt so this table has 2 sides that fold down which is how we mostly had it for that almost 2 years we lived in that place. Every since however, we leave the sides up…I sort of wish I had one that did not fold up now.

  3. Love your new round table. I can understand how much better it’d be to get around than a rectangular table. I hope you can figure out how to use your former table somewhere else though. Or maybe a neighbor would be interested in buying it from you. We have an eat-in kitchen, no dining room. Our table is an antique (100% wood) oval one with drop-down leaves. Got it for $100 about 10 years ago. It seats four, though pretty close together. It’s perfect for the two of us.

    So sorry to hear about your girl’s dad. Cancer is such a horrible disease. And happy birthday to Kasi.

  4. Beautiful table, I like the finish/color. I’ve bought several items from Wayfair over the years, never been disappointed in my purchases. I love a round table, especially in a small dining area like I have. My retirement home that I downsized to in 2014, has a smaller dining area (around 10 x 10), so I purchased a 42″ round table. I have 4 basic ulpholstered chairs with nice tall backs. The nice thing about a round table is that if you have a narrow/smaller scaled chair, you can fit in 1 or 2 more chairs to seat six, although you may sometimes find yourself bumping elbows 🙂 Best of all, I don’t worry about poking a hip into sharp corners with a round table in a smaller dining space.

  5. My sister has a round table and I have a rectangular one. I wish I had a round table instead. And when you can’t get around all that well, it would definitely be safer to have a round edge rather than a sharp corner. Plus, yours is so cute!

  6. Looks very nice and the tablescape is beautiful…love the green with the white pumpkins and the green pumpkin…sorry for the girls…it is hard to deal with all the emotions that come along with our parents being ill…💕

  7. Love the table Brenda. After the holidays I really need to look into something like this. The one we have now is round and has a leave so it can be extended which we need at times. I’ve ruined the table trying to paint it 🙂

  8. I love the new wood table and the dough bowl on it! I like the quilt ladder under the clock. Today my daughter turns 38! Have a good day everyone.

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