1. Brenda, you talk about such good tv series, I am thinking of getting subscriptions! I did find “Unforgettable” free on Youtube BUT it was in some eastern European language, dubbed with an AI voice – completely unwatchable!

  2. Was the color “periwinkle”….I enjoyed Ridley, and I loved Nicola Walker in Unforgettable & wasn’t sure about this new replacement but I grew to love her & respect her because of all she was dealing with personally & trying to start a new job attempting to filling big shoes…
    I do hope they continue with this series…I know there is a second season of Annika coming to pbs in October, I think starring Nicola Walker…I’ve loved her in everything I’ve watched her play in…

  3. Lots of interesting tidbits today, Brenda. I hope you’re feeling better and able to get around with less challenges. Enjoy your day.

  4. Hope you are feeling better. It is nice that Ivy has lots to look out at to keep herself busy. In response to the door knob jiggling, secure your sliding glass doors even if you put a piece of pipe or wood in the track. If your car is close keep your key fob by your side to hit the panic button if needed to make your car horn honk. My Aunt has her house phone by the bed but someone could cut the line outside. Keep your cell phone beside you. I hate to see people with earbuds in or walking and looking at their phones. Pay attention. Safety first.

  5. I was thinking fuschia or magenta too. I’m currently watching an old series called Brothers and Sisters. I’ve only watched 4 episodes so far, but I’m looking forward to the rest. I have a rose bush that is still blooming, and the best part is, they smell wonderful! The cut ones in the stores don’t smell at all. I love your Miss Ivy. She’s so cute! Happy Sunday everyone!

  6. I’m finally starting to get back online more bc I’ve been grieving over losing my Mom! It will be a month this Tues that she went up to heaven. It’s been sooo hard to deal with!

    1. J, I’m so very sorry to hear about your mom. There are no words when we lose a loved one.

    2. Cindy, Kimberly and Laura thanks for your kind words! It’s deeply appreciated esp at a grieving time like this bc it hit my family hard!

  7. Magenta or fuschia – both shades of pinkish/purpleish. I think (but didn’t check it online) magenta leans more purple and fuschia leans more pink. My flowers are still blooming. My petunias also are developing a sad look along the oldest parts of the stems, but new flower buds are still being set. Some of the geraniums that share the pots with the petunias have stopped sending up new stems of flowers. It’s hard to believe, we’ve already lost more than 2 hours of sunshine compared to just a month ago and along with cooler temperatures at night it’s just a matter of time. My Roses of Sharon are still blooming, some daisies still hanging in there, the black-eyed Susans are mostly gone, but the sedum have opened up their lavender flowers. I can’t believe how quickly September has gone by, and I missed the Autumnal Equinox! Walking to and from the supermarket today, the leaves are falling like rain in a southeast breeze off Lake Michigan – sun is still hot, breeze was nice and cool. Somehow it seems too early for leaves to be falling like rain from the trees, but then, it’s September 24, not too early. Yikes!

  8. Your post make my day….. as an animal over who has two kitties/ makes me smile at pictures of Ivy… do hope you are feeling better….

  9. Is “fuchsia” the color you’re looking for? Sorry about spelling! Spell check keeps changing it to all kinds of bizarre words!
    Ivy on the march! Firmly in charge of her personal routine! I love her!

    1. Lol… when I first typed fuschia on my phone, it changed it to fishies! 😂

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