1. Psycho is (oddly enough) one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies. Now The Birds~not so much!!! I still remember his Alfred Hitchcock Presents show from when I was a small child in the 1960s and his saying, “Good evening”. I now watch the old re-runs on Me TV late at night. I would have probably jumped through the ceiling if our Mochi kitty had done to me what your Ivy did to you in the shower~LOL!!! He does follow me to the bathroom every chance he gets, but I always make sure he is out and the door is latched before I get into the shower. He would probably try to jump in with me, otherwise. He is the most curious and water-loving kitty I have ever had~hahaha! Glad that you did not suffer any heart-related consequences due to your kitty’s antics. Hope you have a great week!

  2. This made me lol…Ivy is full of herself..so funny. I have not seen this movie, but I bet if you were to see it now, as compared to the horror now on TV….it wouldn’t be as scary. I recall my sis would love the horror flicks since childhood, but I would never watch them out of fear..but now have seen some old Shock Theater reruns and they are in this day and time…not as “shocking”… I still feel the same way, though and do try not to watch..unless hub is watching and I incidentally get caught up in something… ……. Well, at least now you are prepared for what might get you.?..and can now be on Ivy watch..lol bahaha.. (Maybe she knows Halloween is coming..she is so darn cute)……

  3. I think TONY PERKINS played Norman !
    Alfred Hitchcock did some weird stuff The Birds was one of his I think also it was freaky too ! Miss IVY IS SOMETHING !
    BEAUTIFUL FALL DAY TODAY IN TENNESSEE 63 here tonight ,I love it !

  4. My cat Sam Elliott will also reach in and grab me when I’m in the shower. He’s just the right height to connect with my ample backside. My other cat Dizzy calmly sits on the side of the tub waiting for me to pull the curtain back so he can get in and lick the water off the bottom of the tub. The dogs lie outside the door in front of the vanity. Wouldn’t it be so dull to take a shower all by myself? At least I know where they are.

  5. I agree with the comment above. You really need to watch the Bates Motel series !! Loved it !! I think you might too.

  6. I remember seeing that movie in high school and having to walk home up a big hill in the dark alone. Talk about speed walking and saying Hail Mary’s all the way?

  7. That was a freaky show. I read somewhere that Janet Leigh had ongoing complications from that and never took a shower after that- only baths.
    The sun’s arc has changed here, too–ever so subtly. xo Diana

  8. I don’t like scary movies, so I didn’t watch it, but my daughter told me all about it and that was bad enough!
    She would make me or her friend if she was there, to stay in the bathroom when she showered! At 1st, they left the door ajar and made me sit in the kitchen, if I left the room, they would holler for me to get back there!
    Then my oldest granddaughter saw the movie with her dad and I had to go sit in the bathroom with her too if she took a shower over my house! My daughter was mad bc she had gotten scared all over again, so both had to watch each other til they forgot about that damn movie! Lol.

    Beautiful fall day! I hope you had nice weather too!

  9. I think that scene has stayed with all women that saw the movie. After seeing it, I never liked the actor who played Norman Bates. I am having a senior moment and can’t think of his name but sure can see his face in my mind. LOL I thought I read somewhere that it took three weeks to film that one scene. Have to look that up. At the time, I was surprised at the length of time it took. Was a very scary movie for its time. Brenda, I probably would have screamed and jumped out of the tub at the same time or at least try. LOL

  10. Our present cat doesn’t do that to me. We did have a cat or two who would come and sit by the tub and watch me take a bath. I miss them and their love.

  11. Why not shut the bathroom door…so Ivy cannot startle you? I would be worried over falling…argh…we do not bounce back so well anymore!! Our dog would have come into the bathroom, but she learned to sit outside and door and wait too!! I did not want her deciding to lick my wet leg or something!!

  12. I am Canadian and this is our Thanksgiving weekend. As I am waiting in my sunny house for my children and grandchildren to arrive for the turkey, I also want to thank you for your daily blog. I don’t always agree with you, but you always give me a few minutes of quiet contemplation and, sometimes, serious food for thought.You are something else I can be thankful for.
    I do, however, agree with you about Psycho, and if you want scary, newer films, try ‘The Babadook’ and ’10 Cloverfield Lane’.

  13. One of my favorite movies of all time. Love Spooky/scary stuff. Thank goodness Ivy didn’t startle you too much, so that you had slipped in the shower. Miss Cleatus always wanted to sneak into the shower, or would always check me out in the tub. She never did jump in the water tho, but close enough some times.

  14. That reminds me…have you seen the Bates Motel series from A &E? I. Think you can watch it on netflix now. I loved it!

  15. It took me years to stop flinging open the curtain while I was showering to make sure that Norman wasn’t standing there with his knife.

  16. My “Merci Kitty” likes to sit on the edge of the tub while I shower; either to safeguard her tub or keep me company. So far no surprise swats from the other side of the shower curtain.
    Ivy is getting so big! Adorable.

  17. You are absolutely right about that movie. I think it was at a time when we hadn’t been enunciated with murder scenes forty five times a day on tv and the shock and horror of it has definitely resonated with me through the years.

    That Ivy is a real pip!!!!

    1. I meant to say NOT enunicated, but overwhelmed. Gotta love autocorrect.

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