Yesterday evening I was warming a bowl of beans in the microwave and toasting two pieces of wheat bread in the Breville oven. I had tuna ready in a bowl to make a sandwich.

While my food was getting ready I stood at the kitchen sink and washed up the pet’s dishes after their meal.

After I turned off the water I saw something moving out of the corner of my left eye.

Well, I thought, that’s not something you see every day. A loaf of bread moving.

I fully turned around and faced the kitchen cart that holds my Breville oven and coffee maker.

The remainder of the loaf of bread was slowly moving across the surface of the kitchen cart. I watched for a few seconds and then walked around to the end.

There was one of Ivy’s big paws on the other side pulling the end of the bread sack. She almost had it. Until I stepped in and moved it out of her reach.

Her eyes were round and innocent.

What would have happened if a few more seconds had passed and she’d pulled the remainder of the loaf of bread to the floor? Would it have ended up in the bath tub? In her red toy box?

She’d just eaten. And somehow I can’t see her eating big pieces of bread. But then you never know.

How much bigger is this cat going to get?

Ivy is such a mischief maker. She’s sweet and endearing and smart as a whip. And she’s full of feisty fun.

Such was the mystery of the moving loaf of bread.

Now here’s an entirely different scenario. This is sweet Charlie in his usual spot in my chair.

While his cat sister is looking for things to get into, Charlie just waits for his mama to get back in the chair with him.

Just another day with Ivy and Charlie.

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  1. What a little mess that Ivy is…she is just beautiful.. It would be funny to hear what Charlie is thinking to himself…going oh, we go again….lol Such cuties. Enjoy enjoy. Your sofa looks warm and inviting for the Fall weather.

  2. How funny. Ivy just doesn’t miss an opportunity to get into trouble, does she? And Charlie-boy is so the little gentleman. Opposites if ever there were. You are lucky only one of them is a mischief-maker; how would you cope if they both were??

    I love your fun stories about the fur babies. Give the pats for me and a hug for yourself.

  3. I can’t help but laugh, honestly. When my three doggies were still alive they never for sure tried anything like that, but they sure could beg with their big brown eyes! Coincidence, I’m sure – I was out cutting my front lawn shortly after 9 this morning and when I was just about done with the larger front area of the law and about to shove the mower along the side (north) border between my house and little bit of land and the lot line dividing me from my neighbor’s driveway, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and lo and behold, a very large black and white cat was trying to escape my attention by slinking behind the plants in the front bed across the front of the house! I hadn’t seen this cat before and was immediately reminded of Ivy and her distinctive colors. The cat high tailed it along the front of the house, turned the corner at the driveway and disappeared toward the rear of the house where I couldn’t see it. I’ve no idea whose cat it is or where it came from, but it didn’t look like a stray. There are a lot of birds flying through in flocks right now, and a lot of them flock to the tall pine trees along my driveway and in the towering arborvitaes and smaller shrubs in the back, hanging around the bird baths for a day or two before flying further south. So maybe the cat was “bird watching.”

  4. Ivy is one curious fun-loving cat and she is so pretty. Charlie is his usual handsome self.

    Love reading about the antics of Ivy. I know you must wonder each day what she will think to get into next. And it seems that Charlie is somewhat predictable and just needs to be close to his mom.

    Each member of my furry crew is so different — my older cat, Pawz, is 16 this year and is the sweetest cat and always has been. He spends all day sleeping on the guest bed and most every night sleeping in his cat bed on the back porch. The two stray cats I have “taken in” are still quite young and into everything. Both are females and have cat spats often. My dog, Gemi, is 75 pounds of nuttiness and love and ignores the two new female cats but he and Pawz are best buddies.

    I am so grateful to have this furry crew to share my life with.

    Take care and have a wonderful day.

  5. So funny! I think having a curious and active cat would be more fun than one that ignores everything . . . most of the time, anyway!

  6. That’s so funny and it reminded me of my cat, now gone, who used to constantly take my bread loaves and take off with them!! Go figure!

  7. just by the title I knew this would be an Ivy story!
    I think she looks at things as a ‘Challenge!’ LOL!!!
    and that sweet Charlie Ross tiny face! oh be still my heart.
    I love your fur babies.

  8. Oh gosh, what a funny sight that must have been. Our late gray cat Hattie was a bread bag grabber. If we left a bag of bread on the counter, we’d come back to find it still in its place or perhaps on the floor, with a hole torn in the bag and a few bites taken from a slice or two. So we learned to store the loaf of bread in a cabinet she couldn’t get into. Our current two cats aren’t that interested in toys, but they will turn a plastic bag of bread or cookies into a play thing if they can get at it. One will get on the counter and knock the bag to the floor, then hop down and they both will bat the bag around a bit. They don’t seem too interested in what’s inside!

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